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  1. Who has terrira?
  2. HELP !!!!!!! please
  3. Playstation 3 server issues?
  4. How many beers your had
  5. A new lesiban antidepressant on the market today?
  6. Omg
  7. soo many good and lost memories
  8. Woke from my slumber like 7 times today
  9. Xbox you scoundrel
  10. I couldn't resist it...
  11. Nya!
  12. dose any one else
  13. The other Trion Game
  14. I Was Dead...
  15. wtf
  16. You stole my fish sticks.
  17. just found this out
  18. A thank you to the Defiance Team
  19. Sums up today my frustration with Defiance today Holy....
  20. Zeno Clash II
  21. Can someone tell me what 'cholo' means?
  22. Official Destiny Gameplay Reveal Video
  23. Wilson come back
  24. What day did you buy this game
  25. Fenrir lives?
  26. tag are you online right now? or anyone my friends list? this is I InFamousDj I
  27. Man this sucks so much
  28. Just returned from 30 days of tank gunnery
  29. Last laser show you went to?
  30. Booty
  31. Blood Letter Does Not Fall Down
  32. We need to put the fun back in funeral.
  33. R.I.P Kidd Krad****
  34. So in Dragon Age 3...
  35. Monopoly
  36. Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Oh.. wait.. NO!
  37. Will trade 3 orange weapons for one orange saw
  38. List of Console MMOS
  39. DW Eight
  40. Ultimate Edition Messenger Bag
  41. Most awkward situation ever
  42. don't have to spend 20+ thousand thank god
  43. I love you off-topic! But I think it's time for me to go!
  44. not spending any bits or any cash on this game
  45. Lets talk refund options
  46. a movie you should all watch.. :)
  47. Two of Off-topics finest and a dude name L Y?
  48. Shenanigans in August
  49. Rift
  50. Transformers?
  51. A community written story
  52. lol
  53. streaming
  54. What Gizoogle.net says about Datak Tarr.
  55. Cool looking photo i thought you might want to see...
  56. Some Vids for Defiance
  57. SOOOOOO in love!
  58. MEKA G-Unit Red Switch Edition Review
  59. EverQuest Next?
  60. We are Defiance
  61. Sigh..
  62. Abney Park - Steampunk band (should be on the show!)
  63. just called a plummer leaking toilet sucks
  64. I lied. Sorry.
  65. When Duskky drinks too much...
  66. How should be a arkfall
  67. Reaper has gotten to popular for Us...
  68. Cya around Off Topic!
  69. How much more smooth is it on pc over Ps3?
  70. If they are all leaving us.
  71. who has it better ATM PS4 or XBOX1????????
  72. Houses for defiance maybe?
  73. Defiance VS Destiny?
  74. Free Gfx Signature (Xbox 360)
  75. Say it three times Fast
  76. Didn't finish Arkfall in time before servers go down :(
  77. Seriously who has NOT seen Pacific Rim? such a great movie.
  78. Guess who??
  79. through the looking glass
  80. opps..
  81. The Midnight Train has left the building....
  82. Anyone played demon souls on the ps3
  83. ( ‾ʖ̫‾)
  84. Unicorns must booty clap for the clowns and post witty remarks.
  85. Whos waiting for GTA V ATM? once that hits, im GONE!!!
  86. A simple question.
  87. I will never go hungry again mmmm..Roadkill
  88. Other shooters
  89. Random
  90. Ducktales
  91. So who is getting pay day 2?
  92. My sort of kind of non super but superhero favorite movie clip
  93. does anyone else know??
  94. Bored what music do u like?
  95. New Complaint
  96. Ohh nooo'z
  97. STAXX you are AWESOME!
  98. oops
  99. The kingdoms are Missing Their Queendoms
  100. Hi a all
  101. Just got up and thinking ?
  102. Defiance peoples cars + trucks!
  103. Unicorns only
  104. Can midgets sell anything
  105. Superman Thread
  106. anyone "watch with out a trace"
  107. I have found a new home!
  108. Beverage choices
  109. Any fans of stop motion video/Good music?
  110. R3ap3r Is Back Once more
  111. Searching For All Unicorn Gif's
  112. Have you registered your 3DS XL to club nintendo recently? Free Animal Crossing Offer
  113. Something Happier
  114. Announcing my love of Off Topic
  115. Well I messed up
  116. Anyone also playing FFXIV?
  117. Annnnnddd Imma star
  118. Defiance first world problems.
  119. Ongoing PS4 Presser, some funny things...
  120. HD .PNG Formated Images!
  121. X-Rebirth
  122. Battle Music....
  123. uuuuuugggggg!
  124. why are nps allowed to use "profane" language and we are not ?
  125. What if...
  126. Chat/Mic
  127. Defiance deleted
  128. Final fantasy xiv
  129. My PC got pushed to the limit today
  130. The Medusa Cascade
  131. Im so happy
  132. If you think Defiance is crap -
  133. Who Played Phantasy Star Universe?
  134. Stop Playing Defiance!
  135. Why is it?
  136. Saints Row IV and GTA V
  137. i think trion took over payroll where i work lol
  138. Destiny Vidoc Shows major promise
  139. if i make a EU account on ps3 can i buy dlc and ply it
  140. This Unicorn now has a blue mane.
  141. Kill some time while I wait on a ticket
  142. Make Mine Marvel
  143. Ben Affleck as Batman?!
  144. The NEW 52
  145. do you think bacon is good?
  146. The Meaning of Life.
  147. I figured it would be safe. About Destiny
  148. Worked was a bunch of crap today
  149. gameshare ps3
  150. Dragon's Crown Coop
  151. Leaving R3ap3r!
  152. Defiance Comic Strip
  153. favourite hate mail
  154. Dear Pandora, STOP SUCKING TODAY!!!
  155. Hi, just droping in with a I'm new type post
  156. Someone breathe life back into off-topic (sad)
  157. does anyone play eve?
  158. help
  159. Not allowed to advertise other games
  160. thanks
  161. Free games for gold (xbox 360)
  162. diablo 3 will kill Defiance
  163. Well ok off topic (if you insist)
  164. pc elites have you checked out Star Citizen?
  165. Has any one ever wondered?
  166. Duskky Is this true?
  167. A morning in Defiance
  168. Da Vinci's Demons
  169. red rocket
  170. Routine.
  171. The New Defiance Off Topic Battle Hymn
  172. Borderlands 2 anyone
  173. word game 3 word story
  174. Red Dawn
  175. Reasons FFXIV Will Fail
  176. this is who he is
  177. A question for all you off topic people
  178. I wish...
  179. need something cleared up
  180. So, like, has anyone tried Diablo 3???
  181. Veni Vidi Ego resurrexisse
  182. Looks like Trion are implementing new rules
  183. It's ok Brad
  184. (BLACK OPS 2) Off topic!!! COD players only please!!
  185. Fear thy Brutalcorn.
  186. oh now we have inbox phishing scams going on on here
  187. The Joke Thread.
  188. Help me out please!
  189. Hello, I'm new here.
  190. Ouch!
  191. Just a fair warning. ♥
  192. so america
  193. Australian politics - WE'RE DOOMED!
  194. I have the hiccups
  195. Anyone play Sniper Elite V2?
  196. Hey it Killsz Looking for new clan
  197. 9 days till GTA 5 :D
  198. I wouldn't mind joining you 'Off Topicers'
  199. TNT & Little Orbit to follow Trion/defiance footsteps with a Falling Skies game.
  200. Driving
  201. Off-topic is slowly returning.
  202. 1111
  203. Why does my computer lag a lot when it comes to games?
  204. Looking for black ops 2 players (xbox 360)
  205. What are you doing, right now!!!
  206. !!!!!!!!!!read me!!!!!!!!!!
  207. All Logic is now Void
  208. I've just tried a demo of Diablo 3 while the servers are down...
  209. Signature maker?
  210. Need help with Legacy of Kain: Defiance performance issue?
  211. Lmao, Spambot took over General Discussion!
  212. What kind of headset are you using?
  213. What if
  214. I would like to see a new Terminator game.
  215. Clan boosts-hardcore game grinders
  216. Whats your favorite Sci-Fi weapon?
  217. Need Info
  218. GTA V who is buying.
  219. What's y'alls strange addiction to Unicorns??
  220. After watching the first 2 episodes of Defiance
  221. Who here is getting GTA 5?
  222. Requesting Sonic Rain Boom
  223. Dodged a bullet
  224. What is everyone gonna be playing on tuesday....stealing cars?
  225. Whats your favorite Game/Movie Hero(s) and Villain(s)?
  226. patch notes
  227. Can someone give me a basic rundown on how to use photoshop?
  228. Wait, So...
  229. bears
  230. I just wanted to post this.......
  231. idea for real life dark matter jacket or hard plastic suit and helm
  232. By the Maker
  233. lookin for a clan
  234. Do you believe in life on other planets?
  235. Off Topic seems to have slowed down
  236. Traded this game in...
  237. sasha lemora
  238. I ate a teaspoon of Peanut butter
  239. Good oranges
  240. Off topic, you bore me today.....
  241. @Forumdesigner: forumtimes
  242. Im getting really mixed up!!!
  243. Lol
  244. another Forum 3some
  245. Do not get overweight
  246. Can someone explain to me what Ego is?
  247. Third World Tactics expanding into GTA:Online
  248. dexter last episode
  249. Tool fans might appreciate this
  250. You can post in off topic as long as you dont talk about another game?