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  1. Newbies With Attitude AKA **NWA**
  2. [EU] Arkane - New Clan
  3. Looking for fellow older gamers
  4. looking for clan.. i'm a dedicated older gamer, [PC] East Coast/NC
  5. Southern Rebelion ( Guild Server Usa Habla Hispana )
  6. VexX Gaming - Gaming United !! PvP/PvE
  7. Bay Area Disciples wants you!
  8. Fate is recruiting, PvE/PvP
  9. Looking for clan/guild with:
  10. New clan <Friendly Fire> recruiting
  11. Frontier Police Force
  12. LF Active East Coast Guild
  13. New to game looking for Team speak channels
  14. <FTH> Filthy Top Hats ( Australia )
  15. LF a fun adn friendly clan.
  16. Shadow Hunters Recruiting.
  17. Insert witty Guild Request here.
  18. {PC} Elite Gaming Crew Is now recruiting
  19. SMC is recruiting. Lan together and watch the show. Est. time zone guild SW FL based.
  20. Hells Black Aces Recruiting
  21. [RECRUITING] All Stars US based PvX guild!
  22. Looking for clan
  23. Looking for a good social casual guild!
  24. LF NA PVE oriented clan
  25. Looking for a nice EU guild (PC)
  26. Looking for Italian Guild
  27. Desron.Net Gaming
  28. BroTaTO ChiPZ
  29. Looking for Casual/Hardcore US PvP Guild
  30. The Outcasts
  31. <BroTaTO ChiPZ> Recruiting for pvp and pve
  32. <Unknown Destiny> Aussie Casual / social Guild
  33. Looking for EU clan
  34. <Crusade> Recruiting
  35. LF Swedish guild.
  36. <Hope Remains> Social/Casual Multi-Game Community is Recruiting!
  37. Looking For MMORPG Background Guild
  38. "Kolat" Looking to recruit mature active people!
  39. Viral - Be a part of the insanity.
  40. Lets create a Clan!
  41. Looking for EST end game guild
  42. Master of the Arts is recruiting!
  43. Evocati(North America Server)
  44. <Avalanche> Mature, Active, experienced, play-together-clan LFM
  45. (Very) new player looking for social guild.
  46. Elite Gaming Crew New Face Book Page Check us out
  47. Quebec Battle Clusters
  48. Looking for social and helpful guild!
  49. Operation Grief [16+] [Gaming Community] [Active TeamSpeak]
  50. Frontier Police Force
  51. LF Guild
  52. [US Server] Any New Zealand or Australian guilds?
  53. Clan inviting members w/ YouTube Website Teamspeak
  54. Dignity[US][MST] - Now recruiting PvP oriented players
  55. Shadows Hand is Recruiting.
  56. -:- Vigilant Addiction -:- Mature MGC Since 1999 - Ages 21+ Only
  57. The Last Resistance looking for members
  58. Looking for a English European Clan
  59. NewClan Hollygans 220+ Ego rating Just for now// Spanish & English
  60. Looking for clan!
  61. [AG] Allegiant Gaming (NA based both PvP & PvE)
  62. Elite Gaming Crew Is recruiting
  63. LF Large Active Ventrilo Clan! (North America)
  64. looking for clan
  65. 312th Black Trident Regiment [Recruiting]
  66. Casual Gamer LF Clan
  67. Looking for a specific type of Clan
  68. Looking for people to play with :O
  69. Element: Recruiting Strong PvPers
  70. LF a above casual Clan
  71. Looking for a clan
  72. Team Player lf like minded guild
  73. Pax Fatalis - 18+ Australian clan.
  74. How do I LEAVE a clan?
  75. Quixotic Folly Clan community Recruiting for Defiance
  76. Noctis Sanctoris Lookingfor More PPL to run with
  77. [NA] [CORE] 18+, Mature, Ready 2 Play
  78. Looking for a mature clan
  79. Sunder Syndicate - http://www.twitch.tv/baconarmour - Bacon's Live Stream Clan!
  80. Seeking Clan
  81. Looking for some BAD***** people to play with!
  82. Carpe Nukem is taking random people.
  83. Clan "Direwolves" (West Coast Clan)
  84. LF Active, Friendly/Helpful NA West Clan
  85. Looking for large NA clan for missions, arkfalls, etc.
  86. Looking for EU timezone clan for fun times maybe more.
  87. Looking For EU Clan (English Speaking) for PvP, Arkfalls and other social aspects
  88. Praetorian Security Services
  89. Looking for a unique type of clan
  90. The Last Resistance looking for members
  91. DrunkenOath! Our vows are sealed with a pint!
  92. New player LF Clan/Guild
  93. euro clan anybody is welcome
  94. Aging gamer looking for clan
  95. FBI clan anybody's welcome
  96. Looking for people to play with?
  97. Demigods are Recruiting
  98. Noen Nordiske klaner der ut? Norsk/Svensk/Dansk
  99. Wolverines now recruiting (pvp, pve, mature 21+)
  100. New Eu Player looking for clan
  101. Order of the Crimson Cross- NA Server
  102. Are you an immature brat with the mouth of a 13 year old crack runner?
  103. Anyone from South Africa out there?
  104. EU Player looking for a clan
  105. The Road Warriors clan is recuiting/ mad max theme
  106. Beck's Privateers: Recruiting All Players
  107. Synergy - An Online Gaming Community
  108. < Archetype ELITE > Now Recruiting
  109. Looking for Mature Clan
  110. Alpha Imperium - 10 years of community drive gaming
  111. If your looking for a fun guild thats going to make a difference check us out
  112. Algum Clan Br ? !
  113. The Defiance Militia
  114. LF Clan
  115. <FLAG> Recruitment
  116. Noobs United - A Casual Australian Gamers Community
  117. The DiStUrBeD No0Bs vet gaming clan
  118. Seeking EU clan
  119. Seeking NZ clan (or OZ)
  120. Looking For A Mature Guild.
  121. Join DoWG!!!!
  122. LF West Coast US Clan
  123. Steel Battalion Recruiting Members (Casual West Pve & Pvp)
  124. [CLAN] [NZAU] We Are Defiant - Recruiting
  125. Geezers In Arms is Recruiting Casual, Mature Players (25+ years old)
  126. Vanguard ( Positions Open )
  127. Ego 400 experienced player looking for a west coast group
  128. Step Your Game Up
  129. (PC) Knights of the Blood guild now Recruiting!
  130. Shepards Of The Ark (SOTA)
  131. Twisted Legends LFM
  132. Looking for a clan or some gaming buddies...
  133. <Frontline> is currently recruiting for total world domination (EU)
  134. LF pvp/pve guild
  135. Nigerian Embassy - Welcome Everyone
  136. [EU] Looking for family friendly and RP-friendly clan
  137. Looking for a Clan to join US server
  138. Clan Attero Dominatus [PL]
  139. Another mature looking for others
  140. The Browncoats [USPC]
  141. Looking for group. xD
  142. A Finnish guild
  143. Wanting a large chatty clan
  144. Looking for Clan, US Mature
  145. PC Clans - Alpha Strike / Omega Strike
  146. New Clan Forming: Metal Militia
  147. Pacific Coast Project <***>
  148. Pacific Coast Project <P C P>
  149. Join the fbi clan
  150. looking for EU based clan
  151. |:www.team-defiance.com:| LOOKING FOR PLAYERS!
  152. Looking for casual EU clan
  153. STOIC GAMING-Recruiting!
  154. Looking for group / clan
  155. [***] Kool Kids Klub Recruiting
  156. Looking for Active, Established NA Clan/Guild/Team
  157. Any guild that plays during the morning and daytime?
  158. {PC/US} Knights of the Blood is Now Recruiting!!!!!
  159. Looking for mature noob friendly clan
  160. MOG Nation Militia
  161. 28 year old gamer looking for guild pvp and pve
  162. [Executive Outcomes] PvE Clan is recruiting, all boosts up
  163. Seeking PvE focused Clan
  164. Looking For Clan
  165. You Want me?...
  166. Looking for a guild/group
  167. Hysteria-Multi Gaming Community-Casual
  168. Death Dealer Mercenaries Recruiting
  169. Looking for a Clan
  170. Join our website
  171. LF Clan to PvE/PvP West Coast play time
  172. Recruiting! Coldwell Elite PVE/PVP
  173. clans are pointless at the moment.
  174. Looking for PvP focused [EU] 18+ with voip
  175. Looking for REAL CLAN.
  176. Clan ROFLMAO, is recruiting. Multi-gaming, 18+, social, hobby to hardcore, PvE, PvP.
  177. Casual 40+ mature gamer looking for Clan
  178. Last Rangers recruiting
  179. EU player (age 28) looking for clan.
  180. The Renegade Brigade - US - PvP/PvE
  181. Looking for LGBT Friendly Guild
  182. Looking for a clan
  183. Looking for a clan
  184. Looking for a clan
  185. Frontier Police Force wants you
  186. Looking for Guild [EU PC]
  187. Looking for clan
  188. active
  189. LF Clan
  190. LF Oceanic
  191. LF NA Clan
  192. [EU][EN][PvE/PvP]<Groundace> Recruiting
  193. cTx Is Recruiting!
  194. House of the Dead is an available clan
  195. rnMIVIMrn Clan recruiting!
  196. LFC - Lustly in other MMO's
  197. Looking for Canadian Clan
  198. Looking for Multi-Gaming Community
  199. Angels of Death are Recruiting
  200. Digital Undead Inc. recruiting
  201. Dogs of War (RU Clan) Recruit
  202. New [PC] Clan looking for recruits <Canadian RedNecks>
  203. Youtuber looking for a clan (UK pref)
  204. EU based clan? TS3?
  205. Looking for a PvE clan (co-op missions)
  206. Paragon is LFM :D
  207. Geeks (UK Clan with TS3)
  208. Fallout (+7% Exp Bonus) 18+ Mature Players
  209. swedish pc gamers!
  210. New Clan Defenders of Defiance (Русский клан)
  211. Looking for a good casual Clan
  212. EU Ts3 Clan
  213. LF British Clan
  214. Votanis Collective - PvE, Roleplay oriented EU Clan
  215. The Strangulated Beatoffs are now recruiting :)
  216. Gamer 22+ LF active clan!
  217. SkeletalGaming is recruiting-simple clan-new-family friendly
  218. Gamerscove inc. Sponsoring teams and individuals now!
  219. Gamer 23 Looking for EU Clan
  220. Looking for a clan (NA)
  221. TFD Recruiting
  222. TFD Gaming Community is now recruiting!
  223. Shift Six Gaming ^
  224. N7 Operatives (NA Server)
  225. EU player lf clan (done with story)
  226. clan (Bloodbath and Beyond) looking for new members
  227. Gunslinger gaming is recruiting.. Pc, ps3, 360! Become a member of a great clan here!
  228. Judgement Gaming looking for recruits.
  229. UK Clan (Geeks)
  230. LF clan
  231. AOD (Angels of Death) http://www.clanaod.net
  232. Epic Failz clan recruiting
  233. Looking for a clan?
  234. BoricuaInc. Gaming Community.
  235. Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  236. Any Clans Recruiting?
  237. LF Clan PVE possible PVP
  238. <Nerve>
  239. UK player looking for Guild
  240. The Combine is recruiting
  241. [EU] Looking for English Clan on EU server.
  242. <Bastion> Recruiting
  243. Saints (with short video)
  244. Looking for an active Night time clan (PST time zone)
  245. MettiFrags Youtuber LFC PvP and PvE Pref EU
  246. Seeking NA Roleplaying Clan - Can be PVE, PVP, or Both
  247. Ghostbusters
  249. Clan JkZ - Recruiting
  250. [EU] [18+] Doqqel is looking for new people to play with