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  1. [LF] Machibuse looking for Dutch Clan/Guild.
  2. [EU] Lambda Syndicate Authorities [LGBT]
  3. Join Malicious Entent! For better or for worse!
  4. Hey looking for group!
  5. Redwood Original Recruiting...Social (english speaking)
  6. 2 Peeps looking for a Guild
  7. Looking for EU Clan
  8. LF clan
  9. ****Death Warrant****
  10. Swedish clan!
  11. 5-10 Active/Experienced MMO Vets Looking for a Home.
  12. Lf clan
  13. LF Clan: PC, Teamspeak
  14. Looking for an interactive clan
  15. The Keepers ( EU) Keepers (US) RP PvE Focused Clan
  16. Looking for PvP Team.
  17. Australian player looking for a casual group.
  18. Epic Failz recrutent!
  19. <Arkitects> looking for more EU members
  20. Looking for English Talking Clan
  21. knights of chaos
  22. Exoria Gaming [ExG] is now Recruiting (age 16+)
  23. Phoenix Company
  24. Clan Brasileiro (Brazilian Clan)
  25. any english speaking pc clans out there i can join ?
  26. any RP clans?
  27. SGGaming Guild Figmation Recruiting (South East Asia GMT+8)
  28. Eu player looking for clan and belgium players
  29. [Midnight Massacre] UK Based Clan -PvE/PvP-
  30. Looking for fellow Singaporens
  31. Looking for one!
  32. [genericklan] uk 18+, regular casual play
  33. Desron Gaming
  34. Join Wasted Dayz Today
  35. Välkommen till klan SOG
  36. Looking for an Active Clan
  37. Looking For Clan!
  38. Looking for a clan (PC)
  39. Hex Gaming is recruiting in Defiance!
  40. Looking For A Clan
  41. House of Rahl.
  42. Looking for a CLan
  43. Looking for small clan
  44. <Ktash> Ventrillo Users (though others welcome) Large Group Progression
  45. Any night time West coast clans recruiting?
  46. Order of Cymbrogi recruiting.
  47. LF EU PC clan.
  48. Yet another player looking for a clan
  49. Looking for an active clan
  50. Nexus Gaming Recruiting 18+
  51. US player LF a clan
  52. New player looking for a clan
  53. Looking for clan ego rating 241
  54. Wotans Norsemen
  55. Swede looking for clan
  56. Looking for a Clan (EU)
  57. Looking for Clan to Enchance my Defiance...EGO-507
  58. <Champions of Violence>
  59. I'm looking for a clan! Think i will fit in yours? Then give me a reply.
  60. lf eu clan
  61. Looking for a mature US group.
  62. {NA} For Open Eyes
  63. Kampfgruppe Heisenburg Recruiting
  64. Looking for group
  65. Looking for an active guild
  66. LF West Coast Casual Clan
  67. player LF west coast US clan
  68. {PC/US} Knights of the Blood is Now Recruiting!!!!!
  69. Social Content
  70. LF Australian Clan
  71. Looking for clan eu
  72. stupid question
  73. <Divided Sky> Mature laid back old school gamers (community)
  74. US player lf clan
  75. HABLAMOS ESPAÑOL!!!! ts3, UNETE A NOSOTROS http://cientoylamadre.hol.es
  76. Looking for a Clan on the pc server.
  77. Looking for clan
  78. Looking For East Coast NA Clan!!
  79. Clan Epic Failz [Quebecois] RECRUTENT!
  80. The Cornovii, west coast casual guild now recruiting.
  81. suggestion on a PVE clan ?
  82. Looking for clan/group to casual game with
  83. US moar PvP then PvE player
  84. Player LF CST Clan to do missions/contracts and reputations
  85. LF west coast clan
  86. Looking For Clan(US)
  87. Mature Gamer LF US PC Clan
  88. The Iron Demons looking for players to the crew.
  89. Looking for AUS clans
  90. LF US East Active PvP Clan
  91. Looking for NA East Clan
  92. US Player looking for clan
  93. Looking For Good Clan
  94. LF purely hardcore clan.
  95. The Last Resistance Recruiting Active Members
  96. NA/East/PC player lf clan with boosts
  97. Looking for a Clan:(
  98. me and friends r looking for a clan
  99. Looking for good clan
  100. East coast player looking for clan
  101. Looking for clan
  102. Want to meet new people, pvp, arkfall, and co op mission with others?
  103. Clan hispano con ts3!!! Hablamos tu idoma!!! Cientoylamadre.hol.es
  104. Last Resort - LastResortClan.Com
  105. European high dmg guy search clan
  106. NA PC player LFC that is up for everything and friendly.
  107. Supporter/medic looking for clan, ego rating 200
  108. LF Clan US EST
  109. RECRUITING 18+, Mic and sense of humor required!
  110. 'Final Echelon' -RECRUITING- PVP/PVE Clan.
  111. Looking For Clan NA Servers
  112. -Wolf- Finnish
  113. Lietuviai čia!!!
  114. Looking for a Clan
  115. Looking For a PC Clan
  116. Clan Recruiting: The Lawkeepers [US]
  117. Looking for a Clan.
  118. <The Last Resistance> recruiting
  119. EU player looking for a clan!
  120. Looking for clan
  121. Looking To Join An Active Clan
  122. {PC/US/PVE} Knights of the Blood Guild is Now Recruiting!!!!!
  123. Honor Clan - AOD (Angels of Death) - PvP, PvE, & Coop
  124. Looking for a PvE clan possibly PVP in the future
  125. Aesir Looking for members!!
  126. Looking for oceanic Players / Guild
  127. Website that has all Clans in a list?
  128. 1xxx EGO Rating LF Clan
  129. Seraphic is Recruiting - Australian Casual Clan
  130. <TeamUFH> **North America Server PC**
  131. [ESP] BRILAT Clan RECLUTA www.BRILAT.com
  132. Looking for other fellow XFIRE users
  133. Worst Player evar...seeks clan!
  134. I need friends!
  135. Iron Raptor: A Mature, Relaxed and Friendly Clan
  136. AwG ESPORT Clan French Search English Défiance Clan .
  137. xSinGaming Is Recruiting PS3/XBOX/PC
  138. Making a region specific sub forum
  139. Love the game, just need people to play it with.
  140. <Coopers Renegades> Recruiting
  141. Social Player LF Active Clan
  142. looking for a clan
  143. Scary Umbrella, looking for clan!
  144. Looking for social, casual clan.
  145. Cottage Cheese Discharge-(US)-16+,Mic,Semi-Casual PvE/PvP
  146. Shooting Blanks - Large EU Server Guild Recruiting!
  147. Shooting Blanks - Large EU Guild Recruiting!
  148. Mature Player Looking for Mature, Well-Organized Guild
  149. Looking for a Clan!
  150. join iGc "Impact Gaming Community"
  151. LF Clan
  152. Looking for friends...
  153. Looking for Clan or PVE former HC WoW player
  154. In need of a clan.
  155. Unreal Aussies [uA] - Large Multi-Game Oceanic Community
  156. Medic looking for some partners
  157. [BP] - Beck's Privateers [Recruitment: Open] [Mature] [Casual]
  158. US casual looking for friends
  159. Looking for casual/active clan! (NA)
  160. "Tropik Thunder" Recruiting PVP and PVE players all are Welcome-
  161. ego 1xxxx LF people to group with
  162. Player from RF, Moscow looking for good company
  163. [EU] New Earth Riders [18+]
  164. The Root Underground - [TRU] Clan
  165. Tactical Gaming is recruiting!
  166. Pest Control Is Hiring! (Mics Preffered, PvE and PvP) clanpestcontrol.com
  167. Aussie looking for active PC clan
  168. Looking for an EU clan to join
  169. How to abandon guild?
  170. UK player LF Clan
  171. Looking for a crew
  172. Frontier Police Force
  173. Retired Veteran looking for a Guild of similar like minded individuals
  174. Trade Union
  175. Looking for Pc North American Clan
  176. EU server clans
  177. <Underachievers> new clan for new and solo players
  178. EU Player Looking For A Guild
  179. Newcastle / Scottish Clan Members WANTED! :)
  180. The 102nd Multi gaming clan Defiance 102nd Echelon Division is now recruiting.
  181. Sin City Elite ( Adult Oriented Clan )
  182. Looking for a non-18+ clan.
  183. The Crimson Ravens are recruiting aspiring Ark Hunters!
  184. [The Expendables] North American PVE/PVP
  185. Player looking for a clan
  186. Looking for an APAC clan
  187. 2028 Ego needs Clan for pursuits,PvE and PvP
  188. Russian Biggest Clan
  189. Art of Warfare is recruiting
  190. Clan Equipo delta
  191. Looking for a friendly social guild. (NA)
  192. Looking for Active Lively Clan
  193. -Rollplaying Clan-
  194. {NA} Mysteries are for the blind
  195. LF: PC Clan, Mature Clans Only
  196. Vox Populi Recruiting! Casual guild. 50+ members.
  197. Hello, my name is Safhonez. Online 24/7. 21 age gamer looking for active clan.
  198. Will War for Food is open for recruiting
  200. "Will War for Food" Mature NA based clan
  201. After The Series Premiere!
  202. <Veterans of War>
  203. Looking for a clan.
  204. Looking for RP Oriented Group
  205. looking for competitive, serious clan
  206. Looking for a clan
  207. " The Rise of Guardians" EU Clan
  208. Recalcitrant - Recruiting new members.
  209. Trinity
  210. Clan español
  211. Looking for a clan
  212. Lights of the Fallen, come join!
  213. Clan "The Human Resistance" recruiting Members!
  214. Looking for Australians!
  215. Lf Dedicated clan !
  216. Divided-Allegiance calling all Australian and Oceanic Players [NA Server, PvP, PvE]
  217. Any EST Clans?
  218. Clans
  219. LF a clan (eu)
  220. LF a Relaxed Clan (US)
  221. Looking for a Clan
  222. Lawlz brawlz
  223. <Shortbus> US CLan its recruiting!
  224. Archons recruiting
  225. N.G.A Nemesis Inc UNITED WE PLAY
  226. Longshot Diplomacy
  227. Untouchables (Casual, 18+, PVE, PVP, Etc)
  228. Khrysis-female Human-1200+ Ego Seeking clan
  229. Looking for organization to work with
  230. Hells Hellbugs - Accepting Anyone!
  231. Looking for mature Clan/Guild in the US
  232. Looking for active/skilled clan for pvp/pve
  233. Hells Hellbugs - Accepting All!
  234. Defiance Italia clan info
  235. "Insomniac Alliance" US Mature Clan
  236. looking for clan with xp boost
  237. [NA] <Arkfall Invaders> [PvE, TS3, Friendly, 16+]
  238. Looking for active/talkative pve/pvp based clan
  239. Frozen Online Gaming Clan (TheFoGStream)
  240. Another player looking for a clan. US/PC
  241. The Last Resistance Recruiting Active Members
  242. Usual clan hopeful message should be here.
  243. Looking For An Active EU Clan!
  244. Angels Infinity Looking for New members.
  245. [EU] - Wombat Gaming - Looking for more? :>
  246. Seeking Clan (NA, PvP, PvE)
  247. [Squad Of Awesome] EU Clan!
  248. Looking For Clan - US PST
  249. Looking for a English speaking EU Clan
  250. CraveTheGame - 18+ Gaming community!