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  1. LF APAC Clan
  2. Pax Lucror - Looking for great, community-minded gamers!
  3. New Clan, "The Few"
  4. Ark hunter looking for a mature clan.
  5. recherche de clan fr
  6. Looking for LGBTQ (with the ephasis on the Q part) EU Clan to join
  7. Looking for teamates / clan.
  8. Lords of War
  9. Looking to join clan.
  10. Eu server only
  11. New Clan NinjaMayo
  12. This is True Despair! Despair Rising Needs You!
  13. LF svensk klan
  14. <Vulgus Angulorum> Recruiting Western US Ark Hunters
  15. LF English speaking euro clan!
  16. Looking for clan : US - PC
  17. Looking For Aussie Clan
  18. LF Active Mature U.S. Based Guild
  19. TAW is Recruiting (2300 member gaming community)
  20. Looking for a Clan
  21. McCawleys
  22. Looking for Clan
  23. EU Player looking for a CLAN
  24. Looking For Clan
  25. Looking for a Defiance Clan
  26. Looking for a RP clan with a strong following of the game
  27. LF Organized Shadow Wars/pvp Clan
  28. Clan Application
  29. Single Red Irathiant Female Seeks Clan...
  30. United Legions Clan Recruitment
  31. 1400ego lfc
  32. Looking for US Clan, I am in MST zone.
  33. Looking for the best defiance clan
  34. Looking for a Clan
  35. Aussie LF Clan
  36. Nexus Gaming is looking for more players. Casual/Fun/Mature/PVE/PVP
  37. Casual Player looking for a US EST clan
  38. (COG) Coalition Of Gamers. NEW clan. EST (Atlanta Ga.) Newbie friendly-PVE
  39. got a question....
  40. Looking for a good PC clan to join!
  41. Looking for a PC clan that is into pvp
  42. New Clan
  43. Mature 16 year old looking for a clan that focuses on PvE and having fun! [EU]
  44. <GABOS> recruiting before SERVERS UP!
  45. Mist Wolves
  46. [EU] Looking for a noob friendly clan
  47. Aussie Clans?
  48. Looking for a good communitve group-oriented clan to join
  49. Looking for active clan
  50. Unashamed: Christian Clan
  51. Want to join a Clan?
  52. [EU] Requiem Aeternam - Open free-form clan aimed at Persuit Perfection!
  53. [NA] Looking for clan
  54. LF Large Mature Clan
  55. Galactic Intelligence Service
  56. LF active friendly mature east coast clan
  57. LF Friendly Social Clan
  58. US - Looking for Clan - 18+ preferred, social/casual
  59. Mythical: US / West Coast Mature Casual Clan - TS3 Preferred
  60. Nameless Gaming (Global - 18+ - Multigaming)
  61. looking for a clan
  62. Looking for a mature and active Defiance clan on the EU servers
  63. Clibanarii Special Forces (CSF) is looking for soldiers
  64. Looking for clan eu
  65. Curves barrels объявляем набор =)
  66. GMT+ 8 LFClan
  67. Looking for a good clan
  68. Nameless Gaming (Global - 18+ - Multigaming)
  69. Seeking Clan [NA][EST]
  70. Defiant Legion LFM Casual or Otherwise for PC
  71. The X-Ecutioners - European Clan Recruiting - PVE & PVP
  72. [1Cav] The First Cavalry 17+
  73. Icarus Elite Gaming Group-Recruiting for Defiance
  74. Team Danger Close looking for more!
  75. Defiance Wiki Clan
  76. {PC/US/PVE} Knights of the Blood Guild is Now Recruiting!!!!!
  77. Looking For active East Coast NA clan
  78. Looking for clan
  79. Danish Defenders, Søger folk
  80. Lfc
  81. Looking for Clan [EU]
  82. Looking for Active PC Clan
  83. new clan "highlanders inverness" everyone is welcome
  84. Starting New Clan
  85. <Cyber Destruction> - Mature Members. Organized Combat.
  86. Player LF Clan
  87. LF Active Skilled Clan
  88. Lf for some1 to play with
  89. Clan espaÑol!
  90. Looking for casual gaming clan for defiance
  91. Looking for Clan
  92. LF Canadian Clan
  93. Looking for a Clan!
  94. LF Clan or just people to play with
  95. Looking for Adult guild
  96. Coldwell Elite recruiting Adults 18+ North America
  97. Casual PC Gamer Seeking Fun and Friendly Mature Guild
  98. The art of Warfare Recruiting.
  99. LF Casual and mature EU based guild/clan
  100. LF Fun and Friendly Social Europe Based Clan
  101. LF Russian Clan
  102. Looking for friendly casual clan
  103. The top/largest clan on defiance
  104. S!K NAT!ON is LF Mature, Gamers to join us on the Battlefield. Teamspeak is provided
  105. Keep calm chive on!
  106. new clan the wolf pack join for free loot/guns, mods or sheilds
  107. join my clan by message ing me and get 1 free loot item gun sheild or mod up to 1233
  108. Syndicate Cabal [US]
  109. AGE GAMING (With link to official site)
  110. In search for a Clan.
  111. Clan~ Angels of Death ~recruiting Arkhunters!
  112. shooting blanks: why laugh alone, when we can laugh at you? (EU PC Clan)
  113. Zortastic wants you.
  114. Dead On Arrival (EU based Clan)
  115. Big Ego [EU] [Teamspeak3]
  116. The Machines - Recruiting
  117. New Clan: The Unrustleable
  118. Green Street Gaming Community Recruiting Ark Hunters (UK)(PC)
  119. [PTX] PainTrain Recruiting PC (NA) - All Aboard!
  120. [PTX] PainTrain Recruiting PC (NA) - All Aboard!
  121. Nocturnal warfare is recruiting!
  122. Final Encounter Recruiting
  123. TFDGaming.net is recruiting.
  124. Plus 50 - New and Open
  125. Looking for more
  126. Looking to disband our small clan and join an established EU clan.
  127. Looking to put the MM in this MMO
  128. Looking for clan
  129. Looking for an active EU clan
  130. "Unashamed" Christian Clan Theme Song
  131. Looking for a clan
  132. ►►[SPG] Clan Español Recluta Miembros. PVP y PVE◄◄
  133. Looking for clan - gaming times 7pm - 5am PT
  134. <<<PC EU Loking for ACTIVE PVE PVP CLAN>>>
  135. Reborn EU steam group
  136. Old dude looking for mature active Clan NA PC
  137. Reborn are recruiting
  138. Looking for a clan for 2 players
  139. looking for a clan/guild with vent
  140. Looking for EU Clan
  141. Looking for RP Clan
  142. Dragon League clan
  143. ArKnights, Casual Gaming Clan
  144. Player Looking For A Clan
  145. Decent player looking for active clan.
  146. Looking for Clan
  147. Looking for mature, fun, friendly clan
  148. New Player LF Clan, Still installing game.
  149. Casual Player looking for Clan
  150. Terra Prime - '' We are the True Reclaimers of Earth'' [European] PVP/PVE
  151. Wanted: Active Clan to grind Pursuits
  152. The Undead Lords
  153. Looking for spanish clan
  154. The Brothers In Arms Gaming Community
  155. Hyperspace Motivators is recruiting
  156. Wild Wolf Pack
  157. "The Legendary" is recruiting
  158. "The Legendary" is Recruiting
  159. EgoManiac recruiting
  160. Defiant few is looking to expand its ranks
  161. so very new!
  162. <vbi> (us/rp)
  163. Advertise on K-TAM Radio!
  164. I PvPed on U PC-NA
  165. VBI Commandos [Recruiting]
  166. A laid back clan to join..
  167. Player from Singapore looking for active clan
  168. looking for semi serious clan
  169. Looking for clan
  170. East United States LF Clan. In game now...all day if I find 1 probably...lol
  171. Looking for Clan
  172. Texas clan
  173. The Electric Bugaboos: Coming to an Arkfall near you!
  174. Any decent active clans?
  175. LF active fun clans
  176. A possible compromise to the Roleplay issues with the game
  177. EU PC player LF Clan.
  178. ArkHunters 5ecret 5ociety (A55)
  179. Need a Clan
  180. Brand new player looking for non-mature clan
  181. The God of War is seeking a strong fun clan to join!
  182. New GLBT Clan "Rainbow Raiders"
  183. New GLBT Clan "Rainbow Raiders"
  184. Players looking for others to play with
  185. Looking for a clan on PC.
  186. Saints of Blood Recruiting!
  187. Merchants For Mayhem 1 Owner of www.grandbazaar.com defiance market site
  188. Lovci Arch CZ/SK
  189. Sinister Swarm Open Recruitment
  190. Looking For A ACTIVE West-Coast Clan (PC)
  191. PC Euro Clan "After the Fall"
  192. Looking for an active, chilled EU clan
  193. Looking for an EU clan
  194. Alone out there we are looking for good people to join us. =WFC=
  195. Busco clan Latino
  196. Looking For Any Clan Doing 15 Clan Mate Swar Soon
  197. Dedicated Defiance player looking for a home
  198. Shtako Incorporated wants you
  199. Katmai, Outlaw looking for a NA server PC clan
  200. Searching for Mature, Tactical-like clan.
  201. [EU] Looking for a Mature Casual/Social Clan.
  202. New clan looking for members
  203. Looking for laid back clan
  204. Player looking for clan.
  205. NA/US So Not Pros, Casual PvE focused, friendly to all
  206. Largest Active EU PC English Clan
  207. [EU] Clan: Inner Circle Pursuit
  208. Looking for clan EU/PC
  209. Lawkeepers inc....looking for new members
  210. Looking for a UK based clan ..
  211. Beanies in July Recruitment
  212. Busco gente de habla hispana PC servidor EU
  213. New player Looking for Serious Clan
  214. Looking for PC EU clan
  215. TKsoldiers now hiring.
  216. TEAM FEAR is recruiting 18+
  217. [fatal] Multigaming Community NOW RECRUITING!
  218. Kinda new
  219. Ego 3004
  220. Looking for a 'Talkative' , Active, PVP, clan
  221. Any Polish Clan?
  222. ATMA - New clan focused purely on group game-play (PvE & PvP)
  223. Hive
  224. Omega Protocol Now recruiting Mature clan members.
  225. Looking for clan
  226. Ascended
  227. [The Art of Warfare] is recruiting.
  228. Looking for Danish clan!
  229. LF PVP>PVE Clan.
  230. Clan Prototype Recruiting
  231. Looking for a Clan
  232. Der Clan "The Black Hawks" sucht Gamer vögel zum gemeinsamen Zocken
  233. Filotube is looking for a clan
  234. Filo is looking for a Euro Clan
  235. Premier Online Gaming Community seeks Recruits!
  236. Gente Argentina para CLAN
  237. clan
  238. Looking for Fun Clan
  239. Looking for a Clan to join in the US
  240. <TEAM Legendary> Recruiting Ventrilo Users
  241. EU LF Clan
  242. Alcoholic Arkhunter seeks clan for possible relationship
  243. Need a heavily PvP oriented clan. -Bardock/Eighteen
  244. [TAW] The Art of Warfare (North America)
  245. [TAW] The Art of Warfare (EU)
  246. [TAW]The Art of Warfare (Oceanic) Recruitment
  247. Looking for active CLAN
  248. Looking for an EU Clan of like-minded souls
  249. [SYN] Clan Recruiting!!!!!
  250. 2600 lfg (na)