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  1. Looking for clan members.
  2. Australian looking for a local clan
  3. "b r a t w a" (Русский клан)
  4. LF> Active Clan =)
  5. Сообщество Cyber Fun Community
  6. Looking For clan
  7. Looking for a german clan
  8. LF casual clan
  9. Defenders of Mercy Recruiting
  10. Any guilds recruiting?
  11. Looking for clan on eu server
  12. Looking for EU Clan & no fuss
  13. Retro Corp
  14. Vagabonds
  15. Looking for mature group.
  16. =WFC= is recruiting!
  17. WFC (War Force Clan) Looking for new members.
  18. Looking for big social clan PC NA!
  19. Starting a new clan, Need Members and Officers.
  20. Any Aussie/NZ clans recruiting?
  21. Active clan?
  22. Looking For A Clan To Join.
  23. a clan a clan... my kingdom for
  24. Full Metal Jacket wants you
  25. Blackwater International is Recruiting!
  26. looking for Clan (US server)
  27. [NA] Adeptus Occultus recruiting
  28. Looking for specific clan....
  29. Shadow Hunters Clan Boost Memorial Weekend
  30. NA Player LF clan
  31. 20+, Looking for Finnish/English Guild
  32. Looking for a good UK clan
  33. Few friends looking for an active clan
  34. United Nations Forces
  35. Looking for a UK Clan
  36. Solo Player Looking to...well, not be solo anymore.
  37. AOD - NA servers
  38. Feeling a bit lonely in defiance :(
  39. Old Timers Guild
  40. looking for a good pc clan
  41. VOTN [new] [EU]
  42. Ancient gamer of moo moo seeking UK time frame guild
  43. UK Player looking for clan
  44. UK player looking for EU clan.
  45. New Aussie player looking for NA PC clan
  46. Some clan related questions
  47. deutschsprachige Clans?
  48. LF Active decent-sized clan to join
  49. Polish invaders Zapraszam polskich graczy:)
  50. Old Buggers Clan
  51. NA - TFD 18+ looking for new recruits!
  52. Recruitment "The Black Company"
  53. Looking for NA PC Clan
  54. Black Widow Gamers, Making The Transition
  55. Looking for active clan
  56. [NA] Player In Need Of Clan
  57. [NA] RP guilds?
  58. looking for mature EU clan
  59. Looking for a social clan to join!
  60. Social and team based player looking for a nice clan! :)
  61. Just returned to defiance! Looking for a social and active clan
  62. [EU] Irish clan looking for more Irishmen!
  63. Looking for Clan with Voice Optional
  64. Looking for a friendly EU clan.
  65. Looking for EU Clan.
  66. Team Gurren Lagann EGO Boost this weekene 6/7/13
  68. Team Gurren Lagann EGO Boost this weekene 6/7/13
  69. Hey! I'm looking for a guild~!
  70. LF fairly active Clan NA server
  71. Looking For A Clan
  72. Looking for Group
  73. Looking for good europian PVP clan
  74. Active player LF a casual EU PVE - PVP clan
  75. RECLUTAMOS gente de habla hispana!!!!
  76. RP friendly clan.
  77. [Killer 7] PvE, PvP. Mature Please
  78. No Clan, just some people
  79. Looking for a relaxed clan that provides bonuses
  80. New Votan Clan Recruiting for PC
  81. Were Branching out to PC.
  82. Looking for Active Clan
  83. Looking for a SMALL group or induvidual to play with
  84. Looking for a good clan
  85. Looking for a active clan
  86. looking for active clan
  87. [NA] New clan Erebus Tactical is now recruting!
  88. Casual player looking for Guild/Clan
  89. Children of Gallifrey Clan is looking for new clan members!
  90. Lfp pvp clan.
  91. LF Dutch clan
  92. A few looking for clan
  93. [EU] Looking for a clan
  94. [EU] Looking for clan
  95. Calling for Clans Support to SAVE CHARLIE
  96. [NA] Looking for a clan.
  97. (EU) Looking for active and populated clan
  98. Looking for ACTIVE clan in present game
  99. Looking for a Clan based in Alaska
  100. Looking for a clan [EU]
  101. Looking for a daytime(PST) vocally active guild
  102. NA [Freaks N Geeks] - Casual, social clan, no outrageous requirements to join.
  103. Clan Index
  104. Looking for a EU clan or Scandinavian.
  105. Looking for a clan to join (NA)
  106. Looking for Roleplay Clan
  107. [EU/UK] Sabertooth Gaming (Multi-Gaming Community)
  108. Looking for a clan
  109. Defiance Clans On facebook
  110. Pink Fluffly Bunny (LTGB) Clan
  111. No Dice Gaming Community Has come to Defiance!! Recruiting Now!
  112. I am looking to join a clan and do the refer a friend program
  113. Looking for pure votan clan!
  114. [COLOR="blue"]Looking for a Clan? 1st Irathient Vanguard is recruiting![/COLOR]
  115. Player from singapore! looking for south east asian clan!
  116. Clan Site Finally Up!
  117. Looking for Clan [EU]
  118. Left Arm is recruiting
  119. Looking for large EU PC alliance
  120. Trollz Recruiting
  121. TheOtherExtras -- Competitive -- New -- Professional
  122. looking for clan
  123. Guilda Brasileira - Filhos do Armisticio
  124. Guilda Brasileira - Filhos do Armisticio
  125. [EU CLAN] Looking for a home!
  126. (NA Clan) The Black Company Recruiting.
  127. OCEANIC players come join the CORE NAOW!
  128. [EU CLAN] The Black Orchid looking for members
  129. Sins and Sacrifices - Recruiting new members to fill the family!
  130. Espadas clan
  131. Looking for FFXIV Friends 2: The Moogle Strikes Back
  132. The 1785th. North American PC Outfit.
  133. IRATH RISING-Irathient only Clan
  134. So why dont all these small guilds join up and make a half decent guild
  135. 1st Irathient Vanguard growing fast!
  136. Military Gamers Clan recruiting.
  137. new player need a group or clan to play with
  138. clan
  139. mature US(est) player searching for clan
  140. Been playing about a month, looking for people to play with...
  141. <Sorted Gaming> Recruiting [EU, PvP, PvE, Leveling]
  142. Looking for a clan
  143. Looking for people or clan to play with.
  144. Hello, My name is Halefire ingame, NA-PC
  145. [Spanish] Nueva Hispania (PC)
  146. [EU] <Counfound>
  147. Seeking active clan
  148. (DOA) Dads Online Army Looking For New Members 25+
  149. Recruiting members! (EU)
  150. Seeking Active Clan
  151. Looking For an Outcast/Outlaw Clan
  152. Looking for a Clan
  154. EU pc player looking for clan
  156. Looking for a clan
  157. Looking for start-up partner (PC)
  158. Looking for an active clan
  159. Seeking active PvP/PvE Clan ASAP
  160. (EU) Casual player seeking Clan for PvE, Co-op and occasional PvP.
  161. Recruiting In BLACK RAIN
  162. Interested in an active clan
  163. Magyar klŠn "Hungarian Storm"
  164. [NA] Astral Reign [Social, Adult, PVP, PVE]
  165. Looking for NA clan
  166. SKYNET, Clan brasileiro / portuguÍs (a brazilian / portuguese clan)
  167. VOTANIS UNITED- Votan Only Clan
  168. Looking for large EU Clan
  169. Need new clan - Switching to PC
  170. Looking for EU clan
  171. Can i joint to a new clan?
  172. Looking for australia/ocanic casual clan
  173. EU Player LF Socialy Active Guild
  174. Russian Brotherhood
  175. Looking for a clan!!
  176. Looking for clan
  177. Older ( or younger gameplayers)
  178. New(ish) player LF Clan!
  179. pretty new player lf a clan
  180. Looking for a clan!
  181. Looking for Clan
  182. Looking for a clan on EU server! *Second try*
  183. Looking for a clan on NA server.
  184. Looking TO JOIN Group / Clan!
  185. Dark Core Mercenaries
  186. T U R K E Y Clan PVP ve PVE - TŁrk Oyuncular Gelebilir -
  187. Backbone Initiative - EU Clan
  188. Tier Two - Gaming Community
  189. Producta Sceleris [BR] Recrutando!
  190. Looking for EU Clan
  191. Looking to join an active clan.
  192. Ark-fall hunting clan?
  193. Looking for anyone from the clan Deja vu.
  194. BlueSunsN7
  195. 5k looking for a clan
  196. [EU] Evergreen Gaming
  197. Looking for PvP Oriented Clan
  198. Looking for a casual clan.
  199. Rotten Apple Corps, New Clan, North American PC, casual, fun
  200. lf clan
  201. Looking for EU clan
  202. Looking for clan
  203. Looking for Clan [NA]
  204. Looking for Clan EU
  205. AwolGamers is recruiting EU server
  206. Looking for casual clan EU
  207. Middled aged lady, new PC gamer, looking for clan
  208. Ishu russki klan
  209. Looking for active EU clan
  210. brand new clan apex annihilation recruiting
  211. Looking for a NA casual Clan
  212. Older player looking for a clan
  213. LF Clan
  214. Why you should join Core. PC/NA
  215. PC EU - Looking for an active clan.
  216. Looking for a social clan.
  217. Seeking Clan/Guild
  218. LF Established SMALL EU Clan
  219. The Art Of Warfare [TaW] Recruiting
  220. New to pc looking for good us clan
  221. Looking for a clan
  222. Looking for PC Roleplay Clan (Male Irath)
  223. Older Player Looking for a Clan.
  224. New Player Looking for Clan
  225. Looking for Newb Friendly clan
  226. A4p - LF Clan - Europe
  227. Men of Steel Recruiting
  228. In need of frendly clan
  229. Looking for a Newbie Friendly Clan
  230. Want Laid Back Mature Clan
  231. [clan] Who's searching for a clan? Join sMp
  232. Lonewolves report in. Rangers needed.
  233. Looking for Mature casual Eu clan
  234. Looking for clan
  235. [PVP Clan] TheUndeadMinions
  236. Causul Player Looking for a Clan
  237. is anyone else having trouble sending clan invites out?
  238. Men of Steel Recruiting
  239. ATTN: ALL EU PC CLan leaders.
  240. Fsb alfa
  241. Uk Clan w/ Teamspeak?
  242. Looking for big EU clan
  243. We are looking for a Clan that has 20+ active members on any given night...
  244. Furry Fandom Clan
  245. Lvl 345 Looking for A Relatively Smallish clan!
  246. EU players looking for a NA clan
  247. Seeking Clan on NA (Ищу клан на NA)
  248. Looking to join mature clan
  249. Looking to join a clan (US/EU) doesn't matter.
  250. Spectral Vanguard is currently recruiting new members!