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  1. Looking for eu clan
  2. looking for a late night clan
  3. Tenno Union Recruitment
  4. Seeking Clan for PvE stuff (Maybe RP?)
  5. Multi-national gaming clan looking for dota 2 players.
  6. looking for an active clan
  7. Clan Wasted
  8. Aussie mature clan wanted.
  9. Busco clan español activo
  10. New clan "Lets get pursuits done"
  11. Looking for fairly active and social clan
  12. Looking for a clan
  13. Ozz Squad Warriors Wants You - (Aussie Clan)
  14. 3RD World Tactics, now on a PC near you
  15. Looking for an active clan
  16. Ozz Squad Warriors
  17. Magyarok ide! EU
  18. Looking for EU/SWE clan
  19. Tactical Gaming Community (TGC) Recruiting !
  20. Machines
  21. LF Active Clan
  22. In need of active clan
  23. Ozz Squad Warriors
  24. New player LF Active clan English or Danish
  25. Looking for Helpful active Clan
  26. Looking for active clan EUROPE PC ! With some members please !
  27. Hello All Looking For Serious Clan Mature No Drama
  28. Ozz Squad Warriors
  29. Any LGBT clans out there?
  30. Active Clan
  31. Ozz Squad Warriors
  32. Looking 4 Clan, UK/EU
  33. Looking for a Active Clan please.
  34. seeking clan
  35. [NA] [TS3] Newly formed PC Clan looking for mature and active members.
  36. LF Active EU, english speaking small clan
  37. LF an active EU clan
  38. Ozz Squad Warriors (Founded by Ozz from Australia) All Countries Welcome!
  39. Ego rating 1100+ Looking for a clan.
  40. Looking for clan, Ego rating 1200+
  41. seeking clan
  42. Men Of Steel Recruiting
  43. Di is looking for new members!
  44. Di is recruiting!
  45. EU - Looking for clan
  46. Ozz Squad Warriors (Founded by Ozz from Australia) All Countries Welcome!
  47. New player looking for a clan EU
  48. Damage Incorporated Recruiting across many on-line games
  49. Looking for active clan [PC] [EU]
  50. PC - Looking for a clan
  51. Looking for a clan! (Funny that, on this subforum, eh?)
  52. Seeking clan
  53. LFC Any North American clans taking new recruits?
  54. (EU-PC-NOR) Fresh player (220+) LF Clan pve/pvp
  55. Group
  56. Looking for a clan
  57. Newly formed NA server: <Project Horizon>
  59. [WCO] Whiskey Company | NA | 18+
  60. UK -EU Casual gamer searching casual clan.
  61. Looking for ACTIVE clan, emphasis on the ACTIVE part. :)
  62. Ozz Squad Warriors (Founded by Ozz from Australia) All Countries Welcome!
  63. Clans in general
  64. [NA] Looking for active clan...
  65. Biggest EU Clan
  66. NA,Casual player LF a active clan
  67. Snipe from the shadows 3
  68. Paradise Mercs -a casual clan/player hub; No requirements -NA server-
  69. [EU] Blood Oath Brotherhood PVE - PVP - COOP - ARKFALL HUNT
  70. Looking for active clan
  71. 3 dudes Looking for a 20 man or bigger clan!
  72. Mt Tam Blood Syndicate now recruiting.
  73. Busco Clan español!
  74. Founding & returning player LF Clan NA PC
  75. Looking for a clan to call home.
  76. seeking a active clan
  77. Lookin for PC NA clan
  78. Seeking active NA clan
  79. i'm on the East Coast.. looking for an active clan
  80. Returning Under 650ish EGO player looking for Clan
  81. Night Fall recruiting
  82. Ozz Squad Warriors (Founded by Ozz from Australia) All Countries Welcome!
  83. Havok Devastation Recruiting!
  84. How big is yours?
  85. need a clan that is still active, feel like im playing by myself
  86. Wrath of Furya - Defiant to the end.
  87. Ozz Squad Warriors (Founded by Ozz from Australia) All Countries Welcome!
  88. [EU] AWOL Gamers [Multi-Gaming Community]
  89. Do you have what it takes to be a Ranger?
  90. [Portuguese Clan] Seyfert Portugal
  91. Looking for a clan
  92. Looking for a clan with active women
  93. Finnish Clan [Opetusministeri] Recruiting!
  94. Clan Latino Buscando miembros devoradores de mundos
  95. [NA] New Clan lfm
  96. [NA] 5ker looking for clan
  97. Vermilingua [EU] - Anti bug abuse clan
  98. Looking for a clan for achievements
  99. Polish Pride rekrutuje (POL)
  100. Arkfall legion
  101. New and looking for a clan.
  102. NZ/Kiwi Clan on NA Server "NZ Supremacy"
  103. Fractured Gaming looking for players
  104. Experienced Gamer - New to Defiance LF Clan
  105. [The legends] are recruiting!
  106. Children of the Fall Seeking members
  107. 2 Girls looking for active clan! New to game but loving it.
  108. Friends and I are looking for a casual clan
  109. TURK Ghost Roller cLan EU
  110. Is there a way to change your Clans name?
  111. Shadow Versed Clan Recruitment
  112. Console move
  113. Clan Hispano - "Spanish Lawkeepers"
  114. The Thorn, just like the liro we accept anyone!
  115. new to game LF>clan [read for more info]
  116. NA PC Glitched
  117. lf clan
  118. LF Any
  119. [US] LF Casual, no application clan
  120. NA PC Player
  121. [NA] New Clan lfm active
  122. any Wiccan Clans out there.??
  123. (sNc) NA + EU Clan seeking active PC players
  124. NA New player looking for clan
  125. Looking for home clan...
  126. looking for clan
  127. Hey Everyone!
  128. 735 - Arkhunter Looking for a Clan
  129. New to game need friendly helpfull clan pls
  130. Royal clan union
  131. 7th Legion Warriors Recruiting All players Welcome
  132. Looking to join an active clan.
  133. Join the FLAT Squadron!!
  134. Hellsing.
  135. Khrysis - Returning to the game
  136. (QC/FR) Cordis Die!
  137. Looking for Clan
  138. Looking for a clan
  139. (EU) LF Clan, leveling / newbie, mature.
  140. Any "Active" Clans still around?
  141. Snakes New Active Clan Recruiting
  142. Disabled ployer lf clan
  143. New player looking for Friendly active clan
  144. New Player LF Clan
  145. Looking to join an active clan, with plenty of people
  146. Searching for SWEDISH players to join our clan
  147. LF people to play through the episode missions [US west]
  148. # BlackSunEmpire is Recruiting! #
  149. (EU) Beginner Searching for Friendly, Social Clan
  150. Arkbreakers, NA - no obligation, mature players
  151. Cronus Recruitment
  152. Freelance Clan - the Misfits Mafia welcomes all
  153. Husband and Wife looking for smaller active guild
  154. NA Player Ego 5,400+ (kinda) looking for Clan. OJ gear to donate.
  155. Magyar klánt keresek. - Looking for the Hungary clan.
  156. Forsaken Crusade - Open for buisness
  157. Any Rp/PVE/pvp clans
  158. ts3 clans
  159. [Cichociemni] new polish clan (EU)
  160. Zealot Gaming is Recruiting!
  161. Looking for Old Clan mates of Black Water Evolution
  162. Epic Spanish Players CLAN
  163. Eternity of Sins
  164. Nobis Gens [PC/NA]
  165. Looking for friendly active Clan, I'm based UK
  166. [DEFIANCE EU] Polish Pride
  167. Coldwell Elite Gaming Adult 18+
  168. LF Swedish clan or a English speaking clan
  169. Busco CLAN LATINO
  170. Exorior, Friendly active clan recruiting all welcome!!
  171. <assault falcons squad> clan italiano pc
  172. Recruiting Defiance Players for our Teamspeak
  173. The Shadow Proclamation - Recruiting members
  174. Looking for a clan to join
  175. Any role-playing clans out there?
  176. Looking for a Clan
  177. Red Thugs Clan
  178. [Death on Wheels] If in doubt - run it over!
  179. Looking for RP Clan
  180. Qrosill is now recruiting!
  181. Clã BR - Fellowship of the Ark (NA) [recrutando]
  182. ICI Gamers [Defiance Server: EU]
  183. Brazilian Clan - Dark Rebellion
  184. Looking for Nice EU Clan
  185. Excessive Fighting Clan
  186. [UcG] Unchained Gaming Recruting!! :D
  187. Defiant Alliance is new and RECRUITING!
  188. "Savages" Hungarian Clan
  190. new pc clan recruiting message megamaster in game
  191. Kings Of Awe recruiting
  192. LF active EU PC Clan PVP PVE
  193. Time to Rise up and Dominate!!! [BNR] for all!!!
  194. Player Looking for Clan
  195. Magyarok
  196. Looking for an ACTIVE clan.
  197. Looking for a Clan to join
  198. Seeking Active Clan
  199. looking for active na clan
  200. [NA] Division C3 Recruiting
  201. Clan "Shogun" is recruiting (EU)
  202. Apocalypse runners now recruiting
  203. The Dawn Breakers, PC/NA
  204. <Black Men Rising> Recruiting!
  205. SevereAssassins Looking For Members!!!!
  206. WTJ a Clan 3500+ Rating
  207. looking for a clan
  208. <The Empire Rising> is recruiting
  209. Looking For > Nice, Friendly, active guild
  210. Looking for a clan!
  211. Looking for a clan
  212. Clan Uchiha recruiting / Clã Uchiha recrutando (Clan BR)
  213. Harbingers of your doom
  214. Looking for clan
  215. New Clan -Galifrey
  216. Elites - New Clan (EU-PC)
  217. Raze pc na
  218. Brotherhood Of Deceit, PC Gaming Clan
  219. [EU] Polski/Polish clan
  220. Looking for a clan.
  221. Boot To The Head clan is recruiting!
  222. Nudist beach is recruiting
  223. Grey Wardens, PC NA
  224. Madme Deadmen
  225. Madmen Deadmen
  226. Heroes of Quality HUNgarian
  227. looking for clan
  228. Quick question
  229. CZ/SK guild
  230. [br-clan] exercito brasileiro
  231. Looking for a friendly, social and active Clan.
  232. Essence of Aggression - PC
  233. Clan(mature)
  234. Clan(mature)
  235. Deaths Horizon -
  236. new person looking for clan (read the fine print)
  237. Madmen Deadmen-CLAN
  238. Clan Guide?
  239. Polski klan? Any clan with polish players?
  240. Guardians of the Od -NA-
  241. Ark Hunters Wanted! Thunder Clan
  242. Nuevo Clan Latino "Marea Roja"
  243. DSR Clan is recruiting. Everyone welcome. Be active and positive. -NA Server
  244. Searching
  245. Die Meuchelmörder von Fedajin rekrutieren nach 1 Jähriger Pause wieder
  246. DoG Soldiers[EU] Recruiting
  247. Renegados [North American, PvE, RP] BR/US
  248. Buscando Clan latino en server NA
  249. Looking for clan (EU)
  250. LF CLan