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  1. LF CLan
  2. PC-EU Looking for clan
  3. NA PC Looking for clan
  4. Red Thugs Clan are Recruiting (EU)
  5. Shadow Consortium Recruitment
  6. NA clan
  7. The Exiled Reapers are recruiting!
  8. Polski Klan "Scars" (EU, PC)
  9. any dutch players or clans?
  10. The Dangerous Few Recruiting
  11. DegreeGaming (Degree-Gaming.com) Recruiting.
  12. new player looking for NA clan
  13. Mount Tam Marauders [Europe/English]
  14. looking for swedish clan or friendly eu clan .
  15. Clan español "Sudoku" recluta a todo el que se quiera unir a nuestra comunidad ^^,
  16. looking for a DK Clan
  17. LFC europe
  18. Join a clan Defiance EU PC Ego 2040
  19. [Multimedia clan] Fallen empire
  20. Team Evolution Recruiting [ PC / NA ] We do it all.
  21. ego 300+ ReNz0r looking for EU clan
  22. To the couple of EU clans who like to pawn off low ego toons on expert runs... stop.
  23. Busco Guild Hispana
  24. Saints Brothers Recruiting
  25. Looking for EU Clan
  26. Co-op maps exploration (pursuits) team recruitment
  27. [NA] No Plan B. Looking for new members
  28. [EU] Red Thugs
  29. zBz | LeGenDarY | ClaN its recruting members
  30. People to play with
  31. Looking for people to play with (EU)
  32. Blood Bath: This is going to be fun >:)
  33. What to buy.
  34. returning player
  35. Which PC clan has the best Webpage?
  36. Mimic eSports Looking for Clan and Community Members
  37. Defiant Rough Necks PC N/A
  38. New player looking for helpful guild/clan.
  39. AnGel oF DeaTh clan recruting
  40. New Player Looking for Clan
  41. Looking for Clan UK/EU
  42. [PC]Looking for Polish clan/Szukam Polskiego klanu.
  43. New player LF clan (PC EUW)
  44. Looking for people to play with Add me
  45. █ CZ/SK Klan █
  46. Looking for active helpful clan
  47. Arch Arbiters
  48. [NA] Nueva Hispania
  49. Old player returning for some casual play.
  50. Clan Postmorteam [PC] Recluta miembros de habla hispana
  51. Shoot WarMaster In Back - SWIB
  52. BlackDragonsUnited Is Recruiting
  53. clans
  54. Looking for a home!
  55. Casual player looking for a EU clan
  56. [N.A] Malfurion
  57. LF clan to play with
  58. Now Recruiting!! Friends Of the Doctor (Doctor Who? Yes!)
  59. Swedish Clan is Recruiting!
  60. New player looking for a clan(pc-na)
  61. Looking for a casual clan
  62. Team Six Recruiting
  63. Query regarding clans active in GMT+10-13( NZ/Ozzy time )
  64. buenas busco clan hispano-hablante (NA)
  65. Starting up a New Clan on the EU server, wondering if anyone would join?
  66. Black Mesa - New EN Clan Recruiting | PC/EU
  67. SLADE PC/NA All Ego's welcome
  68. Looking for a clan
  69. Clan Español servidor Europa activo (PC)
  70. Ozz Squad Warriors (Updated 17th Feb 2015)
  71. best clan for me (EU)
  72. Looking for Dual platform clan
  73. Searching for clan PC EU. Buscando clan PC EU
  74. BlackDragonsUnited Recruitment
  75. Any Active Max Rating Clan is recruiting in PC EU?
  76. Rangers Recruiting (Clan Rank 3!!) Small - Independent Clan
  77. Busco clan - search clan
  78. Looking For Clan (Teamspeak Preferably)
  79. <Ark Hunter> - |NA/PC|
  80. [EU] Red Thugs
  81. New Guild: TheLeagueOfExtraordinaryPat [Recruitment]
  82. Slade, pc na
  83. Votanis Justiciars
  84. BlackDragonsUnited Recruitment (join today)
  85. the Wolf pack is on the move and recruiting players
  86. Join Kronos, the Klingon homeworld
  87. {na} slade
  88. [NA] Red Thugs
  90. [EU] AnGel oF DeaTh clan recruting
  91. Clan Latino "Escuadron Latino"
  92. Busco Clan Español EU PC
  93. Consortium Membership Thread
  94. new clan
  95. Zodiac Clan Members
  96. White Sack Angels PC/NA
  97. looking for a new clan
  98. New player looking for clan
  99. Escuadron latino
  100. The Rebellion is recruiting PC-EU
  101. CLAN - My Little Pony
  102. Pc Clan 2015 ACTIVO para LATINOAMÉRICA
  103. Clan DPM Recluta
  104. Looking for guild
  105. Fever Clan is recruiting (International & Multi-Gaming
  106. Slade
  107. Zodiac - Screen Shot Scavenger Hunt
  108. Any Turkish Clan ? (Türk Clanı ? )
  109. [Clan Sinergia] Reclutando jugadores Latinos
  110. [Clan FR] Les Français de la Nouvelle-Frontière (LFNF FR)
  111. Need clan u.s.a. Ps3, jus started.`
  112. Clan Fr " Team FriendlyFire"
  113. Defiance Clan: OTF Clan
  114. Demonoid Phenomenon
  115. windows 10 and defiance (trion worlds)
  116. Collective Frontier
  117. Looking for a End Game Clan
  118. Longstanding Vet LF Clan
  119. LF Clan PC NA
  120. Returning player LF Clan
  121. Looking for EU (uk) clan
  122. Clibanarii
  123. Ravens Clan.
  124. Group of friends LF Active adult guild NA
  125. I pity the fool
  126. CoMaNdO BR
  127. censoured clan name clan recruiting!!!
  128. Returning player, seeks active friendly clan, for co-ops n pursuits
  129. PC/NA Australian newbie
  130. Looking for clan on NA
  131. Clan Recruitment! PC/NA
  132. DARK SIDE OD DEFIANCE arives!!!
  133. Arch Arbiters Looking for Officers
  134. 8th Iron Wolves Division
  135. New EU Clan | Vigilante Association | Veteran's as well as new players are welcome
  136. Clan Latino Buscamos miembros
  137. [NinjasANDogs] Normas del Clan, Objetivos, rangos y
  138. Suche deutsch sprachigen Clan
  139. Looking for an active Clan, europe servers, EN/HU
  140. Looking for an active clan, North America PC Win 10.
  141. [Dota2 EU/NA] KonvictGaming - Building a Community
  142. PC North America, seeking an active clan
  143. HC Elit3 Recruitment and Information
  144. Alpha Pack is the clan you need!
  145. PolishHype EU
  146. New Clan "Alpha Pack"
  147. EU (UK) player looking for clan
  148. a true clan ?? as it shuld be ? EU
  149. Busco a gente español
  151. New Clan "CRONIES" looking for new members
  152. LF ACTIVE Clan
  153. Türk klan
  154. Why cant i update,..?
  155. Looking for an Active Clan on EU Servers
  156. lfc
  157. Looking for clan (NA)
  158. Lfc
  159. Recherche clan fr sur pc.merci
  160. looking for a clan
  161. Dawn breakers is recruiting!!
  162. (EU) AngeL oF Death REcuiting Members
  163. Looking for: PC EU server clan with voice chat
  164. Clan LAG
  165. Children of Gallifrey?
  166. Looking to join clan
  167. As a creator I am looking to start a clan
  168. Looking to come back to Paradise
  169. Single Ark Hunter seeks clan for fun and profit....
  170. Any large PC/EU clans recruiting?
  171. Looking for Active EU clan
  172. Looking For An EU Clan That Uses Voice Chat !
  173. Searching for Clan on PC/EU
  174. PRIME GaminG [Recruiting][PC/EU]
  175. Delicate Death Clan
  176. The Cluster looks for Recruits!
  177. Which are the largest/most active European Server clans?
  178. Prioritize Recruiting :)
  179. Looking for a Clan
  180. Looking for PC clan
  181. looking for clan for co op and expeditions
  182. Looking to join a chill clan thats active
  183. Looking for a clan (EU)
  184. Legion Hispana, clan para hispanohablantes
  185. looking for a pc clan
  186. *.*.* Sanctuaries is recruiting *.*.*
  187. Any Asian clans or other clans playing around my time?
  188. Suche Clan
  189. Join Chaos Crew pc/na
  190. Looking for a clan for farming and Co open and expeditions
  191. Looking for active EU clan
  192. Clan "Anti Cheat" Recruitment
  193. CORE Recruitment [PC/NA]
  194. Looking for Clan PC NA!
  195. Início de Recrutamento no PC
  196. Looking 4 a pc clan
  197. UK player looking for a clan
  198. tražim igrače za moj klan
  199. BlackStarGc Recruitment
  200. Looking for a clan
  201. It's been awhile since i've Logged in.
  202. Looking For Clan PT or BR PC/EU
  203. Twd
  204. Need a clan!
  205. [WHY] Why So Serious? [PC-EU] --Recruiting-- |Regrutujemo|
  206. Looking for a clan to join.
  207. Defiance Clan: AK THUNDER
  208. Looking for a EU Big Clan to join
  209. Looking for an casual EU clan to join.
  210. Wanted: EU Server Clan
  211. Looking for AUTZ clan
  212. K-TAM Radio is looking for new Crew members!
  213. Defiance 2050 Clan recruitment thread
  214. Looking for a NA clan.
  215. Arch Arbiters triumphant Return (PC NA)
  216. Looking for a clan in Defiance and possibly defiance2050
  217. Looking for a large still active clan for help with "in the inner circle 2"
  218. MDK, Clan Español en el servidor Europeo
  219. Looking for EU PC Clan
  220. Looking for NA Active Clan
  221. LF Clan/Squad for upcoming head start. (NA)
  222. Since the clan recruitment section is dead, any NA (Casual or Hardcore) groups open?
  223. LF Clan
  224. LF Casual NA 2050 Clan
  225. 2 people looking for clan. 2050.
  226. Be a Brown Coat! Join the Frontier Independence Movement Today!
  227. Looking for Active NA Clan for Defiance 2050
  228. Join Shiney today
  229. Clan needed
  230. General Defiance 2050 Discord
  231. Looking for clan
  232. Mortis Deus
  233. Inkwizycja ZAPRASZA
  234. EU Clan?
  235. Mandria Romaniei
  236. Looking for active EU Clan 2050
  237. LF big EU clan to join :)
  238. 00 LEGACY 00 - PC NA clan page.