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  1. Hello from Grievance !
  2. GUNBAD - Super Casual - West Coast - Min. Age Req 25
  3. 47th Legion [North American, PvP, PvE, RP Lite]
  4. LFG Evo is now recruiting FOR PC
  5. Snake Eyes (EU, PC)
  6. European - PC players Guild (PvE and PvP)
  7. Looking for a guild [EU-PC]
  8. VoX Building better worlds
  9. IRUIN Gaming - USTZ Recruiting
  10. Looking for a clan (PC, EU)
  11. Solace Gaming [International, PvP - Pve , PC]
  12. <Einsof> [SG/ Oceanic based] International Guild Recruiting!
  13. Gambit is recruiting (International, PC)
  14. Omnicide Gaming Recruiting for Defiance Division!
  15. [CHSN] The Chosen - Domination Through Teamwork
  16. Cool Clutch Clan wants you! (PC Clan)
  17. [PC][RP - Guild Idea] The Hellbug Legion [Please read]
  18. <The Art of War>, A Cross Game Community Recruiting for Defiance!
  19. [Pc] The Forgotten Army is recruiting!
  20. [Extreme Team] - PC - Extreme Group Composition Beta Test Guild/Clan
  21. Dark Core Mercs [DCM] - PC
  22. PC RP Guilds?
  23. [RP][PC] The Reaper's Rejects
  24. Looking for a casual non-rp PC clan
  25. [PC] The Knights Who Say Ni; Muti-Gaming Guild.
  26. Parallax [NA-US] Multi-Gaming Community [PC]
  27. LF Mature PC EU based Guild, Semi-Hardcore
  28. Looking for a Guild/Clan.
  29. {PC} Clan Viking - Defiance Sverige
  30. Looking for Clan (PC) in East Coast
  31. TheBrothersInArms - PCCommunity
  32. bwar - PC - NA
  33. The Brown Coats - Europe - PC
  34. RiseGaming coming to Defiance
  35. CLAN: Forces Of Defiance (PC)
  36. Danish / Scandinavian PC Clan
  37. Gambit is recruiting Australian and NA players (PC)
  38. Arkfall Renegades Looking for members for the launch (PC)
  39. <Static> accepting applications
  40. Band of Brothers (BoB) recruiting
  41. The Eighth Race: A Steam based clan
  42. CORE: Counter Operations Recon Expedition
  43. searching for a more casual pc clan
  44. BULWARK - New clan for PC
  45. (PC) LFGuild W/PvE, PvP and Possibly RP
  46. German Clan Sakura no Rei heuert an
  47. [PC] [OCEANIC PLAYERS CHECK IN] The 19th Battalion | PvE-PvP-Hardcore Progression 18+
  48. Looking for a roleplay PC guild
  49. [PC - NA] Clan Bwar
  50. Bulwark Security - New clan for PC (www.bulwarkclan.net)
  51. Michigan Shadow Guard (M.S.G.)
  52. Join The Family (Multi Gaming Clan)
  53. [FA] Fatal Assault Recruting PvP, PvE
  54. Looking for East Coast PvP/PvE Clan
  55. Rookie clan/gulid application/resemue
  56. [PL] Any Polish clans or players?
  57. Do You Even Lift Bruh. Recruiting Pvp,Pve
  58. The All-Stars are recruiting!
  59. Semi-Hardcore Gamer LF Guild. Play times 7am - 8 pm CST
  60. KEQ clan for PC
  61. Divided-Allegiance, the opportunity you have been waiting for [PVE, PVP]
  62. Rise Gaming [NA] PvE, PvP Casual
  63. Guild/clan Application
  64. Creepy Community
  65. Quarantine Zoners - A guild for Florida and Georgia players
  66. [EU] C.O.M.B Consolidated - combconsolidated.com
  67. Gunslingers ~ The Defiance Clan for Adults! [PC]
  68. Secret Agent Clan (SAC) is recruiting new agents
  69. Devious Old Gamers
  70. The Hammerfist Clan - Mature, Casual, Multi-game Community
  71. noobsUnited - A Casual/Professional Gaming Community!
  72. LFGuild Yarg
  73. Looking for a EU guild just came from firefall
  74. [BTDT] For Real Life Military Veterans!
  75. Black Lotus
  76. Looking for a EU Guild, not too big.
  77. To All US side guilds please let me know if this is you.
  78. Looking for a clan
  79. Looking for a EU Guild
  80. TheBrothersInArms
  81. Looking for a clan
  82. In search of EU clan/guild
  83. <Sin> Is looking for you!
  84. Any roleplaying guilds out there?
  85. www.MouseJocks.com - Mouse Jockeys Multi-Gaming Community
  86. old gamer needs a new home
  87. Lethality Group is Recruiting Players & Guilds To join our Defiance Chapter
  88. Warrior Nation is Recruiting! Est. 1998
  89. Looking for an East Coast USA guild
  90. [PC-NA] Clan Recruiting [+KOG+]
  91. Awesomeness CZ/SK clan
  92. [PC] Nightstalkers Gaming (EST, Voice comms req, 18+)
  93. Blackwatch
  94. [PC] Szukam Polskiej Gildi
  95. Looking for a clan (US - any clan activity)
  96. [Shooting Blanks] Mature (as in old not boring) PvE/PvP guild. (Europe)
  97. Looking for a clan/guild
  98. sWerve Nation Recruiting.
  99. RUSSIAN-speaking guild / РУССКОЯЗЫЧНАЯ гильдия
  100. Gamer Lookin for Guild...
  101. Two gamers looking for a US based clan. (PC Version)
  102. Looking for a EU/English more RPG friendly guild
  103. Join The Mafia
  104. Looking for English speaking Clan
  105. <Longshot Diplomacy> is LFM Gaming Buddies!
  106. Looking for European(preferring Nordic, but not necessary)English speaking guild!
  107. Looking for an Euro/English Speaking Guild
  108. EGOISTbl Русские под один флаг!
  109. Looking for guild/party.
  110. The Black Code
  111. looking for Est time zone Guild
  112. Mountain Time Clan -Serenity-
  113. "Cyber Destruction" (PC) International Adult Gaming Clan/Community
  114. Looking for Guild!
  115. New Rise Guild!!!!
  116. Rise Gaming Looking For New Members!
  117. New Rise wants u
  118. Za Drots (Russia, PVP, PVE)
  119. Wasted Dayz Recruitment
  120. TacticalGaming.net is recruiting [360/PS3/PC]
  121. Looking for a nice guild
  122. Starting a new guild/clan/organization
  123. LEGION - Recruitment
  124. First RUSSIAN-SPEAKING clan «EGOISTbl»! / Первый РУССКОЯЗЫЧНЫЙ клан «EGOISTbl»!
  126. LF PvE Guild
  127. Death's Covenant Reqruiting
  128. Looking For a Fun Strong Guild (PC)
  129. Looking for a clan (PC)
  130. Looking for a clan. (east coast pm time frame)
  131. Malevolent back in Defiance (East Coast)
  132. Looking for people who's speaking Portuguese. Brazilian Guild.
  133. LF Guild To Join (EST - Afternoon-Evening)
  134. Looking for Eastern US 18y/o+guild
  135. [SWG] Silent Warriors - Adult Gaming Since 2001
  136. Looking For A Clan! ~~ UK/US CLANS - ENGLISH SPEAKING - (15+) ~~
  137. Looking for a Texas based Clan
  138. NA EST (Daytime) / (GMT Evening)
  139. Any clans plan on using boosts?
  140. DAoC - Undur Kurv ..coming out of retirement
  141. [ASoS] Ancient Society of Sarcasm - Recruiting all players
  142. Quarantine Zoners -- a guild for Florida and south Georgia players
  143. Twisted [West Coast PST]
  144. The Renegade Brigade
  145. Player looking for a friendly guild (EU)
  146. [PC] Digital Toxin Recruiting!!
  147. The Black Flag [PC Gaming Community - Older crowd]
  148. [Proxima Union] Looking for Members
  149. Looking for others interested in forming a guild (EST)
  150. egyptian gods usa clan recruiting
  151. Black Water Gaming is now Recruiting
  152. Looking for guild!
  153. Setting up European Clan (PC)
  154. Making guild - Scandinavian players
  155. Frontier Police Force
  156. Old Gamer New To Clans
  157. Canadian guild???
  158. AWOL Gaming [Not that other crap] [Multigaming Community]
  159. Gambit is recruiting! (NA, West Coast)
  160. No guild/clan named MOLON LABE?
  161. United Ark Hunter Association - PC
  162. Lf Hardcore PVP Clans
  163. Flying Tuttys S/C PvX rated R (NA)
  164. LF Older Guild
  165. RP'er looking for corp.
  166. LF Boost Guild!
  167. If your looking for a fun guild thats going to make a difference check us out
  168. The Enclave Wants You! - A casual pve/pvp clan
  169. Silver Wolves, Clan español [PC]
  170. Ragnarok Scandinavian guild
  171. Firefly fan Guild <PVE + PVP >
  172. [PC / EU] Rulez русскоязычный клан
  173. GerCyborg Community
  174. Contra County Lawkeepers, PC RP Guild
  175. Looking for mature US guild
  176. Is there any Swedish casual guild out there!:)
  177. [FRAG] recruiting for PvE and PvP.
  178. Looking for EU based Guild.
  179. Finders Keepers (PvE Roleplay Focused, Light PvP)recruting.
  180. I hope to find a new home. (Guild from Europe)
  181. Some Brazilian guild?
  182. LF NA East Clan
  183. Draco Maniplus (US Guild)
  184. LGBT Clan
  185. Imperiallegion [IL] Clan recruitment
  186. Lf semi-hardcore EU based English speaking guild
  187. LF Guild
  188. The Enclave, mature gaming community, is recruiting.
  189. Death's Covenant. Join us and never look back!
  190. [EU] <PROCRASTINATION> is now recruiting!
  191. Alguna Guild latina
  192. Any hardcore/semi-hardcore EU guilds around?
  193. Топик сообщества Cyber Fun Community
  194. Royalty Gaming is coming to Defiance
  195. <Carnage> (CRNG)
  196. Battle Born Gamers (BBG)
  197. LF Clan that is also in Rift
  198. Focus Gaming - FG
  199. I'm looking for a guild!!!
  200. Nothing here seems legit.....
  201. Looking For a Mature laid back Guild
  202. New Texas guild looking for recruits
  203. Looking for smaller clan
  204. KoJo.... A Multi Gaming Community is Recruiting.....
  205. Seeking Progression Guild
  206. Forsaken Crusade Gaming Community
  207. Just a small little guild/clan/community here to have fun.
  208. LoMS (League of Monster Slayers) is recruiting.
  209. DERP - Casual Australian Clan
  210. Looking for a casual Aussie Guild
  211. Provocative title goes here...
  212. Recommend me a guild/clan
  213. The 18th Mercenaries [RECRUITING]
  214. Looking for a Small Mature NZ/AUS clan?
  215. any late night early morning guilds out there?
  216. Dutch / EU Guild ??
  217. LF casual, friendly guild.
  218. Looking for an active casual guild
  219. <LF> Casual Hispanic Guild
  220. [OC3D][EU/PC]OverClocked3D Gaming Community.
  221. <Arkfall> Recruiting: Planned to be an excluse elite guild. Accepting all at first.
  222. Looking for US mature guild
  223. Looking For a Small, mature, casual guild.
  224. <Ark Hunters> We are about finding rare weapons and largley into PvP
  225. SerenityGaming.net
  226. Europeans Marines Are Recruiting Soldiers!
  227. Casually Competitive Christian Crusaders (C-4)
  228. Standard Looking for Guild Post
  229. Clan Bwar Clan Recruitment Video
  230. Guild Tabula Rasa Recruit members speak Portuguese
  231. Morally Bankrupt PvE Clan Casual/Hardcore (EU)
  232. Saints PvP clan
  233. Trying to start off in the right direction
  234. Looking for guild with ages 21+
  235. Roughnecks [USPC]
  236. Creating new guild!!
  237. Guild Question: How do you start one?
  238. Cash shop user - First opinions (Also a bug)
  239. LF Active West Coast NA Guild
  240. Creating new guild!!
  241. Looking for a social & casual (EU server) guild
  242. LFG/Clan
  243. PC - US Military Gamers
  244. looking for an east coast guild
  245. The Renegade Brigade -US PvP/PvE
  246. Hardcore Gamer looking for group of cool bros
  247. Se busca pvp /pve latinos
  248. Looking for a nice guild
  249. Nerf Herders
  250. Looking for British/European guild