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  1. Anonymous Portland
  2. Looking for Clan
  3. Join Exodus Clan Today!
  4. 3RD World Tactics Wants You!
  5. looking for active EU clan
  6. Looking for a new clan.
  7. Looking for adult clan.
  8. MERCENARIES INC. recruiting fellow merc's to the Bay Area.
  9. Looking for a active, adult, an friendly clan.
  10. Any small Adult clans out there?
  11. Just started LF Clan
  12. PS3 Guild Renegade! Looking for Mods
  13. Armifera Fatum Clan Recruiting
  14. the time has come , looking for new small clan
  15. Bearers of Fate clan Now Recruiting
  16. GTS Nation
  17. looking for oregon players
  18. B A D L A N D E R S is recruiting!!
  19. PS3 NA: The Prophets - Now recruiting
  20. looking to play with hardcore defiance fans(ps3 us)
  21. PS3 Player looking for a Clan
  22. California NA afternoon player looking for friendly active clan
  23. PS3 NA player looking for a clan
  24. who's the biggest eu clan ???
  25. Livesoul Gaming Community Recruiting
  26. NA PS3 Player possibly looking for a clan. Undecided
  27. A.G.F recruiting
  28. Looking for Clan
  29. Looking For Large Clan
  30. Looking to get members for my new clan Crimson Chaos
  31. Looking for a Clan
  32. Looking to join a clan
  33. Are you Reaper material??
  34. EU Clan Required
  35. Looking for an active clan
  36. Silent Alliance Clan - For Fun, Non Serious Gaming
  37. Small Highly Active Clan has a few spots open
  38. Clan
  39. Sons Of Plunder
  40. THE1 Clan now recruiting.
  41. Looking for a clan.
  42. Looking to join a clan
  43. clan
  44. RELIC HUNTERS is looking for members.
  45. PS3 EU Server, Clan 4 PVP
  46. We want you
  47. Looking for a NA clan
  48. i'm looking..
  49. New Clan Members wanted.
  50. 3WT Xbox And PS3 Clans new members wanted.
  51. Looking For Clan
  52. Looking for new clan
  53. Looking for ps3 NA night clan
  54. 75th Urban Warriors Want U
  55. Looking for EU clan
  56. ha ha HoldSquareReapers
  57. Space Hookers currently seeking customers
  58. Clan for goofy old farts!
  59. Clans! play Freight Yard and Military Academy this Weekend! 9Nov and 10th of Nov
  60. Silent Alliance Clan - For Fun, Non Serious Gaming
  61. Looking for NA clan
  62. Reaper revolution needs you
  63. AgentsOfShield hiring new players
  64. Paradise Sheriff's Office (Clan) Looking for new deputies!
  65. Looking for a clan to join
  66. looking 4 a clan
  67. THE BOSS clan recruiting
  68. US west PS3 newbie Looking for friends
  69. Looking for a NA "Night Owl" clan
  70. Looking for a new home
  71. Insomniac Hunters expanding
  72. Clan for adults w/ MIC only
  73. Amazing (US)
  74. Looking for a new clan
  75. Looking for PS3 EU clan.
  76. Looking for clan
  77. looking for clan
  78. Looking for a PVP clan in EU server
  79. Phoenix Brigade wanting to start a wildfire
  80. Casual player looking for a clan
  81. "This is not Neverland" clan accepting new recruits
  82. PS3 clan crackKillz now recruiting
  83. tsk tsk clan recruiting
  84. PS3 Player looking for a clan
  85. Looking for a clan!
  86. Looking for a clan
  87. Abandoned clans
  88. Looking for clan.
  89. Arkfall Nomads Recruiting Active Players!
  90. ATTN: PS3 Clan "Infamous" Founder/Leaders
  91. Cerebral Assassinz want you!!
  92. Agents of Alpha
  93. Looking for active Clan
  94. Looking for a clan
  95. looking for a clan
  96. Disciples of the Ark now recruiting
  97. looking to join a clan
  98. Searching a clan to call home
  99. Second Soul Rogues
  100. Bringing Back LiveSoul Gaming
  101. Ps3*defiance's*0ne piece clan
  102. Looking for a clan in Europe - UK
  103. Looking
  104. Seeking a clan
  105. Disciples of the Watch PS3 Clan looking for members
  106. *New Clan* SiRiUS HuMDiGS
  107. Seeking new recruits for the Cerebral Assassinz
  108. Looking for a new clan
  109. clan members needed ps3 na
  110. The Wildcards
  111. Looking for friends to play with, possibly a clan.
  112. <Trust n Obey>
  113. Shield of Justice?
  114. Phantom ArkHunters Under new Management and Recruiting
  115. A Clan with benefits, Alpha Omega is recruiting!,Open for details.
  116. Looking for a new clan
  117. $Title$
  118. New player seeking clan
  119. Looking for active clan with members that talk to one another
  120. Very active player looking for a clan
  121. To say The Wolf of Wall agrvz
  122. Thoroughly abysmal. Yes, I *got* ut5u7
  123. You want to see hwhqv
  124. the outsid3rs is recruiting!
  125. Infamous leaders/officers
  126. Looking to join
  127. ARKETYPES: The end-game clan
  128. The OutsiderZ looking for active members!
  129. Votanis collective recruiting
  130. The 187th Legion is Recruiting - We Want YOU!
  131. Team Get Abused recruiting anyone
  132. Titans of Paradise
  133. Men In black Ops Reclutamiento abierto.
  134. Cerebral Assassinz - Working Together to Protect Paradise
  135. The Doughnuts needs recruit's
  136. Looking for clan to join
  137. CMCAW comes to Defiance ~Now Recruiting~
  138. New to Defiance
  139. Defiance Warlords Clan
  140. Drink your Medicine
  141. Active player looking for nice active clan
  142. Active Newbie Looking for a Clan
  143. Warrior Poets
  144. Chimera?
  145. Looking for a clan to run with
  146. 3rd World Tactics(add me PSN,Crazygurltk
  147. gamersunite recruiting!
  148. I'm looking for a clan with Polish players.
  149. ListerOfSmeg needs you
  150. Defiance Friends(12-17 Years)
  151. [Cerco/Creo] Clan italiano
  152. Very Loyal & Active Player looking for Clan
  153. th3 assasins now recruiting for ps3 NA
  154. looking to join voltan collective clan
  155. Zealot Gaming - A Multi-platform, International, Gaming Community!
  156. Looking for a Mature & Casual PS3 Clan
  157. Need Clan...
  158. I'm looking for a clan
  159. Clan Recruiting
  160. Paradise Sheriff's Office (PSO)- a New way to Clan
  161. New clan looking for active players
  162. New active player looking for Active mature uk clan.
  163. skilled clan looking for members
  164. looking for a great clan
  166. Experience? Wann change Clan name
  167. New Clan Few in Numbers Recruiting
  168. Defiance Tactical Force
  169. recruiting active players
  170. I looking for exp clan
  171. Blood Oath Knights Recruitment [New and experienced players are welcome]
  172. Warriors of Fury = Recruiting
  173. Recruiting for clan "Alpha Official"
  174. Lookin' for a clan (PS3 EUR)
  175. Nothing But Savage recruiting warriors
  176. 'Greygaard' recruiting! PS3 european
  177. Phantom Bullet Recruiting
  178. Looking for a clan to play with
  179. Recruiting for clan "Alpha Tactics"
  180. recruiting active players
  181. LF active clan
  182. Clan Francophone sur Serveur US.
  183. Looking for a Clan
  184. looking for active clan
  185. Looking to join a clan.
  186. BladeOfDefi is recruiting
  187. New clan xterminators recruiting active players
  188. Greygaard
  189. Looking for a clan :3
  190. Looking for active EU Clan
  191. Looking for active EU Clan
  192. 'Greygaard' requisitions page.
  193. Looking for Active NA Clan
  194. "Headshot Goons" is taking new members!
  195. Looking For Reliable Clan (US)
  196. "byanymeans" Is recruiting new members! PS3 EU Clan.
  197. looking for a NA clan
  198. Looking for active NA clan on PS3
  199. NOS clan always recruiting active members for coop PVP and PVE
  200. PS3 euro clan no1
  201. the Phoenix Guard is recruiting!!!
  202. Question: can one player be part of more than one clan at the same time?
  203. Grande Clan Italiano Recluta!!
  204. new to defiance looking for a clan
  205. Any PVP clans around?
  206. looking to join a small clan.
  207. Ps3 euro clan merge? we must unite!
  208. Paradise Defence Corps
  209. The Dark Arks Is Now Recruting-Join Now
  210. Zenakian Legion -Recruiting lovers of war.
  211. ***Looking for friends***
  212. Looking for a Clan that doesn't demand chat (I don't have a keyboard)
  213. Looking for clan with high EGO for PS3
  214. Cuban Revolution Recruiting
  215. "Creatures of Habit" wants you
  216. Looking for clan on the PS3 NA server
  217. Looking for clan.
  218. need new clan
  219. Creatures Of Habit "Equal Op Clan-er"
  220. Aiuto Trofeo "Vehicular Manslaughter": 25 uccisioni veicolo
  221. The Arashikage
  222. Darc Element Looking For Devoted Gamers
  223. Warmaster Training Camp.
  224. Durable Law (PS3/EU) - The Law that unites all. :)
  225. Xzyst Clan Recruiting!
  226. Bailey's Doubleshot Clan Thread
  227. semi new player looking for clan
  228. Price Check.
  229. Looking for new clan
  230. clan recruitment KARMA HELLHOUNDS
  231. looking for a clan
  232. Looking To Join A Clan
  233. join the best clan around !!
  234. Clan Death Violet Recluta nuovi membri
  235. slapDAThoe recruiting
  236. LF new clan - expeditions, expert co-ops mostly.
  237. Recruiting people for the "Inner Circle II" Pursuit
  238. Vbi Von Bach Industries clan recuiting
  239. Considering a new clan
  240. Clan Alliances and Enminities.
  241. Why people hate hecatombe?
  242. Looking for clan.
  243. Clan meetup.
  244. looking for a clan with active members ps3EU
  245. OJ Warmongers PS3-NA ACTIVE Clan recruiting! (friendship always involved, if needed).
  246. Looking for clan PS3 EU
  247. Looking for clan PS3 EU
  248. looking to join a active ps3 NA CLAN
  249. Looking for a NA clan
  250. Lookin for an EU clan preferably willing to teach me the game