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  1. slaps recruit
  2. P2h
  3. Looking for ps3 clan
  4. Looking for a NA clan
  5. War Breakers Recruiting...LGBT Friendly not Dominated
  6. ExeCutioners Recruiting on PS3 EU Server.
  7. Nemesis Crew Recruiting Now Eu
  8. Executioners
  9. Looking for NA Clan (With Mics)
  10. forming dlcs arkhunters clan on ps3 eu
  11. The Devilz Rejects NA
  12. New Clan Lonestar Rydaz ps3 NA
  13. TruLegends Clan is NOW RECRUITING
  14. [ROE]RAIDERS OF EARTH (in recruitment)
  15. Looking for PS3-Clan - EU
  16. Looking for Headhunters leader.
  17. ARSO and the "Product Pushas"
  18. Does someone roleplay on SA-MP
  19. looking for a clan
  20. Looking for a clan
  21. Ego 5310 LFclan
  22. Looking for ps3 people to play with and beat the campaign
  23. Looking for an active clan PS3
  24. Seeking older players...late 30s and up.
  25. I'm looking a clan ps3 / Szukam klanu na ps3
  26. Vahalla Rising clan recruiting
  27. The Arashikage Clan
  28. GunGale Rebels (RP Clan)(Always Recruiting)
  29. New Clan "Midnight Syndicate"
  30. New clan : Paradise Collective ps3 NA
  31. Knights of the Apocalypse
  32. looking for a NA clan
  33. Marine Corps |NA|
  34. Looking for active clan
  35. EU clan
  36. Looking for clan.
  37. Supreme Hive is RECRUITING! Any Ego welcome.
  38. Valhalla Rising Recruiting
  39. MVP Kill Squad looking for HIGHLY active players
  40. Looking for clan to help
  41. ASC private security. looking for players
  42. Looking For Clan
  43. Looking for a clan to join
  44. NA Supereme Dragons now recruiting
  45. Clan Italiano Nightmare Squad Recruta
  46. Reclutamento clan italiano
  47. executioners
  48. defiance ps3
  49. Looking for a clan on PS3!
  50. Current Active EU Clans
  51. NA clan en español
  52. Clan recruitment! Notorious arkhunters mic's required any ego level
  53. Any Clan?
  54. Looking For the EU clan
  55. Crimson Mercanary's NA
  56. ASC private security is recruiting New members/NA server
  57. Nuteer's Killer Want's You !! (EU Servers)
  58. "Members Only" - NA
  59. Tuatha de Danann
  60. 1800slapdathoe recruiting
  61. Clan talk for trion
  62. PsycoStoN3dkiLLaZ Recruiting (Ps3)
  63. "a clan of one" recruiting!
  64. Bloody snakes - eu
  65. Need a clan
  66. Just started on UK server
  67. Akai Hebi needs recruits!
  68. new hunter looking for good clan
  69. Want to join large clan!
  70. na server
  71. Corrosive Synergy is recruiting!
  72. Looking for a friendly clan to join - EU
  73. Looking for English Clan up for laugh
  74. Hi guys i am new
  75. Looking for a new clan
  76. Three Musketeers recruiting
  77. Looking for a clan
  78. Just started and looking for clan
  79. New players Wanted! join The Killing Joke
  80. looking people to complete pursuits in game
  81. Clans
  82. Highmen Recruiting
  83. What PS3 Platinum trophy are you chasing?
  84. Complete all Pursuits in game
  85. Shadow Criminals recruitment
  86. Returning defiance player looking for a good active NA clan
  87. I have become a become a hopper while looking for a home
  88. I need help trading from alt to my main
  89. 101st Raptor Division is now recruiting!
  90. Help Johnny Gatt find a new home
  91. Shadow Criminals recruiting and looking for allies
  92. Legion de Angeles NA
  93. Clan ?
  94. PS3 na clan
  95. What PS3 Platinum trophy are you chasing?
  96. Would someone send a clan invite to
  97. Looking to play with some active people
  98. 187syndicate
  99. Recrutamento Galaxy Rangers xBrazilx
  100. Need clan
  101. ola procuro uma clã server europeu ps3
  102. Looking for a respectable clan
  103. Looking for a clan that uses mics and is active
  104. Looking to join a large and active clan
  105. Looking to join a clan
  106. Recruiting the most amazing people!
  107. Team for Expeditions
  108. What are the best weapons?
  109. Looking for clan
  110. Adding member issue
  111. Friends with benefits?
  112. Hola que tal soy nuevo en el juego busco compañeros
  114. I want 2 Fissure Dawn's Secret Cupid's Virtue 2 Glory with Pride. Big Daddy
  115. Leave clan
  116. Clan Racionais RECRUITING!
  117. Willing to join a clan!
  118. Twaaaaaat waffles elite is recruiting
  119. ITALIAN STYLE reclutamento
  120. I want to join 187 Syndicate PS/NA
  121. Gun for Hire! Looking for Active Clan!
  122. Hellgate Knights are recruiting.
  123. Looking for a clan
  124. Looking for reliable people
  125. Hallowed Warfare Recruiting Members! (PS3 NA)
  126. thank you
  127. Defiance 2050 clan recruitment thread
  128. PS3/PS4 EU - looking for people to join CLAN and complete 15 player pursuits
  129. LF Active Maxed Clan to Join
  130. Any rank 10 European clans to join?
  131. [Defiance 2050] 187th Fallen Guard (PS4)
  132. Selling alot of t5 guns
  133. I'm looking for an active clan EU
  134. Defiance 2050 Clan: HKZ @ PS4/NA
  135. General Defiance 2050 Discord
  136. Defiance 2050 PS4 NA Quiet Charisma recruiting
  137. If you're Recruiting or Looking for PS3/PS4 Clans...