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  1. Living Legacy - U.S PS3 Guild built for friendship and victory
  2. Ps3 only clan!!!!
  3. Be part of the First PS3 Guild on Defiance-Recruiting now, Pre-Beta!
  4. Corruption-Defiance's first official PS3 Guild/Clan
  5. Role Playing PS3 Read please Guild idea
  6. PS3 Players 'Un-Official' Official Resumes
  7. Exodus is recruiting! (PS3)
  8. PS3 Guild Needed
  9. Exodus is looking for new members! (PS3)
  10. Akatsuki - PS3
  11. PS3-LFGuild PvP/PvE
  12. The Brute Brigade - PS3, All aspects of the game, focus on fun
  13. Looking for EU ps3 Guilds
  14. Join Initiative Gaming & Corruption
  15. PS3- The Covenant Knights
  16. BrotherHood-of-Steel is recruiting
  17. Michigan Shadow Guard (M.S.G.)
  18. US Military in Italy
  19. PS3 Guilds for Europe
  20. PS3:Crimson Brotherhood North America
  21. Desert Nomads
  22. DVS Recruitment
  23. KarnagE are recruiting
  24. Looking for a guild/clan....
  25. Imperfects coming to Defiance
  26. This is not even a clan [PS4U]
  27. PS3 - Seriousless
  28. Quarantine Zoners - A guild for Florida and Georgia players
  29. D.g.r
  30. Gunslingers ~ The Defiance Clan for Adults! [PS3]
  31. Looking for a guild
  32. || PS3 || Aftermath is recruiting
  33. Digital Kings
  34. Looking For A LGBT Clan/Guild
  35. experienced shooter looking for ps3 guild
  36. Arkhunters! The League of Casual Gamers is looking for you.
  37. Looking for a casual guild/clan
  38. Subrosa is one of the largest growing guilds.
  39. Looking for a clan
  40. TheMadGamers
  41. Tactical Gaming Wants You!
  42. [BTDT] For Real Life Military Veterans!
  43. Experienced player looking for guild
  44. HoldSquare Reapers
  45. Seeking PvP & PvE leveled Guild
  46. Over 100 members and hundreds of hours of boosts!
  47. Looking for a Canadian or EST Guild
  48. PS3 Clan "Name that shall not be said.."
  49. Recruit looking for a clan
  50. SYN is Recruiting for Defiance PS3!!
  51. SECTION 13 is now recruiting for Defiance PS3
  52. San Francico Bay Area based guild?
  53. north star alliance looking for ps3 members
  54. LEGION - Recruitment
  55. The AgencY ... No more DCUO for me ..lol
  57. Any UK clans?
  58. Shadow Company - Recruitment HQ (PS3/Xbox)
  59. Clan Español?
  60. TPR - The Phoenix Rising is looking for you!
  61. OTB (On The Brink) UK/EU based looking for members on ps3
  62. [RSS] Red Soldier Syndicate is recruiting!!!
  63. Looking for hard core guild/clan or like mind individuals.
  64. California Bear Republic
  65. Texas based clan?
  66. If your looking for a fun guild thats going to make a difference check us out
  67. Any guilds out there that don't require a mic?
  68. The Day You Get Good Son. (GGS)
  69. Pale Wars Ronins, Beta Loyalists and True Fans...
  70. Rock Bottom
  71. "Waffle Bot Ninjas" looking for fun people for launch!!
  72. Looking for a guild and people to play with!
  73. Looking for that group of people...
  74. general inquiry
  75. Straight Edge Hardcore Gaming (REC)
  76. Looking for a guild/clan for ps3
  77. RMFH (Rogue Mercs For Hire)
  78. N.S.S Defiances first LGBT clan!
  79. Swiss Defiance
  80. [keq]-kill-em-quick
  81. Looking for a UK/EU guild
  82. Any Chicagoans or those from Illinois interested in guiding up?
  83. LOX(Ps3)
  84. Looking for active players for Clan/guild
  85. Guild question...
  86. PS3 - US Military Gamers
  87. Looking to Join Guild
  88. Biggles Corp
  89. [DEAD RABBITS] now recruiting
  90. Let me join you!!!
  91. **** registering on websites
  92. LF A Clan
  93. Still Looking for Guild
  94. Daytime Players?
  95. The Crimson Ravens Want YOU!
  96. Ark Hunters Army looking for mature active gamers
  97. The Defiant Few
  98. The 501st Elite
  99. Looking for EU clan
  100. join my guild
  101. Looking for Goodfellas
  102. Third Watch
  103. The Dolphin Brigade- all aspects of the game! Family Orientated
  104. Looking for a clan
  105. Join Tritan Industries
  106. Looking for good clan
  107. who wants to join a clan
  108. Looking to joining a active clan for ps3
  109. LF Ps3 clan
  110. Looking for uk clan.
  111. Street Kings PS3 is now recruiting!
  112. Seeking the right clan
  113. Roughnecks US Clan
  114. The Dark Brotherhood-- PS3
  115. ghosts in the darkness
  116. Do you have what it take to be a HARDCORE ICON!!
  117. Join "The Nights Watch" 24/7 guild XP and events.
  118. The Brotherhood Clan is Now Recruiting!
  119. ArkHunters Syndicate: Locating Members
  120. Dark brotherhood Looking for officers
  121. Looking for guild
  122. (PS3) Player looking for UK PVP/PVE Clan
  123. Exiled Is Recruiting
  124. Eu players/Clans
  125. Backloggery Clan
  126. Gotei 13 recruiting all players!!! Join ASAP for Clan XP Today!
  127. [PS3] Looking for a Clan [UK]
  128. Looking for a clan US
  129. Looking for Clan [PS3 EU]
  130. Looking for buddy's to run with.
  131. Galactic Destruction Recruiting US EDT (-5GMT) PS3
  132. LF EU PS3 Clan
  133. Marine Looking to Join a Clan
  134. Prior Service Army, Looking for Well Organized Clan
  135. Recruiting for Clan
  136. If your looking for a fun guild thats going to make a difference check us out
  137. US player lookin for poppin clan
  138. ps3 friends join me on defi
  139. The Gun Circus clan recruiting Ark Hunters.
  140. looking for some guys to run with and not super serious
  141. Join DoWG!!!!
  142. Gaming clan/community Absol Via Tormentum (Clan xp)
  143. Liberata Uprising
  144. How do i start my own clan? help plz anyone?
  145. Raiderz Of The Lost Ark casual clan recruiting.
  146. Leggo My Ego Pvp
  147. Looking 4 a US clan
  148. Want to Join a Guild
  149. Recruiting for "Defiance Last Hope" On PS3
  150. The New Lunar Republic (Brony Clan) NOW RECRUITING
  151. Looking for clan/guild
  152. Any UK players looking to form a clan? Any UK clans already out there?
  153. Looking for mature casual clan
  154. Episode mission question.
  155. Does anybody know how to get out of a clan?
  156. Tunnel Snakes Recruit Drive ( PS3 NA Servers)
  157. Hey Guys or Girls, Im looking for a clan to join!
  158. Se busca Clan Latino ... [PS3]
  159. Girl Clan (Ages 18+ please) :)
  160. Searching Spanish Clan!! / Busco Clan Español!!
  161. Ps3 uk clan - d3fianc3
  162. Looking for active Clan ego-340
  163. Lf a clan
  164. CRIMSON BLADES (Mocech)
  165. looking for ps3 clan
  166. Looking to start a mature (30+) Street art fan clan
  167. The Awesome Club - A casual clan for any EGO ratings.
  168. Night Stalkers - We are recruiting!
  169. California Bear Republic
  170. 388 Looking for clan
  171. Super active, about to hit 700. Lookin for an active clan..
  172. eu ps3 clan
  173. HRB clan recruiting ps3 EU
  174. Clans
  175. killer kush NA
  176. Clan RESISTENCIA recruta ! (BR)
  177. >Dark Matter Assassins < Recruiting
  178. Canadian Rifles Regiment is recruiting (PS3 NA server)
  179. Looking for an active clan
  180. Looking for a Clan
  181. Se busca Clan [PS3] ... En América
  182. 623EGO Looking for a clan
  183. Looking for active clan
  184. Active Mature player Looking For Clan
  185. Clan Starting up, Join Up today!!
  186. Diamond Dogs - Recruiting
  187. Arkfall Rebels clan recruiting
  188. U.D.D. (United.Divided.Defiant) is recruiting!
  189. 29th Battalion
  190. looking for a active late night clan going on form 1am on
  191. *Recruiting* Clan: Kings
  192. looking for eu/uk clan pve/pvp
  193. Looking for team/guild/clan/group/gathering/collective/... thingy.
  194. The Fallout Brothers is recruiting
  195. Desert Nomads recruiting for UK/EU clan
  196. Join clan "shtako"
  197. Mercenaries recruiting active players UK/EU
  198. Looking for a guild/How do I start one?
  199. Looking For Teams, Clan, Or Groups- PS3
  200. PS3Trophies clan
  201. Good Team Working Player looking for a Clan. EGO: 177
  202. Ego: 464 looking for mature/active clan or co-op buds!
  203. The Higher Order
  204. Looking For Clan: UK - Jack0
  205. Shadow Ronin (Light RP/Friendly/Team oriented guild/clan/arkhunters)
  206. Looking for a clan
  207. Looking for a clan
  208. lf clan
  209. Clan looking to add members.
  210. UK Clan?
  211. Clan?
  212. I'm dwik, who knows me.
  213. looking to join an active clan.
  214. eu casual gamers clan
  215. Looking for hard core hunting clan
  216. Soldiers of Fortune clan recruiting...or just add me as a Defiance bud
  217. Looking for PVP & PVE clan
  218. Started a guild
  219. Peta Cerdas ( clan español)
  220. Crimson Guard
  221. The Dark Herbalists clan is recruiting
  222. Clan Recruiting all welcome!!!
  223. So, who wants me? ... >.> ... <.< ...
  224. Hysteria EU Clan
  225. Just started up [Emc2] looking for some east coast gamers or not.
  226. New Clan NCC 1701 recruiting
  227. Looking for a clan PS3
  228. Last Requiem Recruiting
  229. Seeking Active PVE PVP Clan.
  230. Generation chaos
  231. Clan Pepsi
  232. Ps3 player looking for clan
  233. Lookingto join an active clan
  234. Saints of Blood recruiting
  235. UCxT bay area clan recuriting
  236. New Clan: Texas Storm Rangers Recruiting
  237. ps3 clans
  238. Seeking an active PvE/PvP Clan
  239. Eu clan
  240. ps3 uk clan recruit
  241. PS3 looking for clan/friends
  242. For Akatsuki Clan
  243. Sons Of Anarchy Clan (EU Servers) Recruiting all Ego levels
  244. Recruiting: Swim Team
  245. Absolute Brutal (ps3)
  246. The Nefarious Hounds (EU PS3)
  247. Looking for active guild
  248. Looking for a PVE focused clan
  249. ROGU3 recruiting pve players and future pvp
  250. Kill Team Greif recruiting fun mature players