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  1. Irathient language
  2. Karl Von Bach is a magnificent bastard.
  3. Story and Lore! Ready Set Go!
  4. Few lore questions!
  5. Why Green Country didn't change.
  6. What did i just find....
  7. Video Footage of the Dark Matter Monolith in Defiance (End Game Boss?)
  8. Antarctia without ice
  9. the data recorders
  10. at first i was like ooohhh that's where they got it and then i was like YOU SON OF A
  11. Alien Languages in the Game/Show
  12. Main Story Quests (spoiler) ... am I bugged?
  13. Are there more humans or Votans on "Earth"?
  14. Lore Timeline Questions
  15. Marin Pursuits
  16. more aliens?
  17. Are the mutants supposed to be zombies?
  18. Goals
  19. Runner License Q..
  20. Thanks for the BFG TRION!!!
  21. Nolan
  22. Anybody else beat final boss?
  23. Defiance Ark Hunter Diaries: Crash Landing In San Francisco
  24. EMC Mutant Soldiers
  25. Sniper Ridge
  26. Defiance Wiki Has Some Tid-Bits of Knowledge for Those Seeking Lore
  27. Murder in Madera
  28. Daily missions and rep?
  29. Broken: Marin Pursuits
  30. MMO effecting the show.....
  31. Invisible murderous fiend!! laying the beat-down on me...
  32. Dominate Delta Bunker East
  33. pursuit i need to find tranqulity gate??
  34. Final Defiance Mission Bugged
  35. Instances
  36. Missed the big reveal after the first fight at the Golden Gate bridge.
  37. K-TAM Radio
  38. Worst timing
  39. Outfits?
  40. So is Antartica like a safe haven or something?
  41. Crater Bar (The Unofficial Official Roleplay Social Hub !)
  42. Read this please.
  43. western US Arkfall map
  44. VBI headquarters
  45. Rosa and Eren
  46. The Motherlode.. (Co-op)
  47. How far in the story am I?
  48. tranquility gate location
  49. Wondering...
  50. EGO Implant.
  51. mostly all side quest are utterly boring grinding ....
  52. Scrapworks Salvage Data Recorders
  53. The crash of the Liberity Defiance
  54. Nim Fight Is BORING
  55. The last Nolan/Irisa cutscene
  56. Von Bach and his glowy eyes
  57. Nim
  58. The time of Defiance?
  59. Seems to be a lot more Votans in the game than the series...
  60. Aps?
  61. Will Von Bach become the new evil figure
  62. Hope Coop ends up on the show
  63. PVP factions ?
  64. Iron Demon Ranch a potential RP hangout?
  65. Tech Expo 22-24 June
  66. dune buggy
  67. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge?
  68. What Exactly is Dark Matter?
  69. best quotes so far
  70. What happend to the EMC!?
  71. karl von bach appreciation thread!
  72. the gear, the levels etc.
  73. Castithan caste system?
  74. I thought this was supposed to be a lore page?
  75. Dark Matter Disquise mission - GLITCH - tried 3 times.....
  76. Mountain Ranges and Invisible Walls
  77. Who killed the Votan Diplomat?
  78. I need some help
  79. An Average Evening (A VERY short fan-fiction)
  80. Nim Shondu
  81. plot "hole" already evident in Defiance? SPOILER!!!!!
  82. The freeman effect
  83. Raid on San Quentin Loadout Question
  84. Finally finished Main story Arc
  85. Three parts to Irathients.
  86. The Post Ark Fall Gulf Coast
  87. Raiders
  88. Timeline
  89. Can you find higher damage weapons ever?
  90. Special Events?
  91. Jon Cooper is a badass.
  92. Trucks? like the nomad in concsole versions of the game yet?
  93. The game needs some tutorials
  94. The Devil is in the Details
  95. Where can I find more backstory and lore?
  96. Does anyone else feel like they're eventually gonna have to put a bullet in Von Bach?
  97. Eight races? What?
  98. What happened to the word "Sheriff"?
  99. Where will we discuss the show?
  100. First patch title
  101. Defiance - Gaming for a new generation
  102. Dodge challenger rt plum crazy color
  103. nim
  104. Arkhunters- Often referred to in the plural sense?
  105. Walking the Bay - With Michael Longbear Archive 1
  106. Why is my character ok with Cass and Nolan?
  107. Havn't fought nim but I guess i'm close..but the Monolith..really?
  108. Monsters Near Overpass?!
  109. Story and lore
  110. Dont no about the rest of you.
  111. Hehe... What?
  112. Episode 1 pilgrims?
  113. Why was Nolan & Irisa on the Stratocarrier?
  114. The young deputy....
  115. Volge seem like a joke compared to Dark Matter
  116. Hidden Data Recorders
  117. Would the world change that much in 33 years?
  118. Top Hat Dude
  119. What did we Learn Episode 1 (spoilers always)
  120. Oh Jek, time to try again.
  121. Do faction vendors' stocks rotate?
  122. Arkfalls
  123. Replay story??
  124. Miss the first episode? It's here and it's completely free
  125. Arkfall : why crystals and not wrecks ?
  126. Episode question: Barfight
  127. Interspecies breeding
  128. 8th race revealed!!!
  129. Senator Gray
  130. Char Background Stories.
  131. Irisa took it???? (I think so)
  132. Lack of communications?
  133. When to watch the first episode? And Episode content question.
  134. Adding a New Game Characters
  135. The Human Uprising!!
  136. Votan music
  137. the game and different from the film
  138. Burning Rubble???
  139. A question about guidelines.
  140. Cass ...i don't trust her
  141. votan
  142. cgs boston
  143. Why teraform a habitable planet?
  144. PROBLEM PS3 Season Pass
  145. Where did Nim and Dark Matter get EGO?
  146. Castithans......
  147. Logging out
  148. Hulkers
  149. Backstory just for you guys!
  150. Season 1 - Episode 2
  151. Remus's Journal Entry - 1
  152. Nim
  153. Infectors/BMGs
  154. Remus's Journal Entry - 2
  155. How do you think they came up with Shtako?
  156. Torc in Defiance Pilot
  157. What we learned Episode 2
  158. What do you think the Kaziri is?
  159. Will I be able to use my Season Pass?
  160. So, who else wants to see florida as a secondary map in the distant future?
  161. Defiance on Twitter
  162. why didn't they build a wooden fence? :D
  163. Confused about Episode Missions
  164. The E-Rep, New York, and the East Coast.
  165. So..about Scrip...
  166. What happened to EPISODE missions.
  167. Guess what...I found the Defiance Lore Dudes.
  168. Episode 3 spoiler
  169. Remus's Journal Entry - 3
  170. Defiance Maps
  171. Votan Races?
  172. The defiance bible
  173. Factions Cults Religions Splinter groups
  174. storyline replay?
  175. Across the Badlands ep2 question..
  176. Please use FanFic: prefix on FanFic posts!
  177. Why are the "arkfalls" crystals?
  178. Remus's Journal Entry - 4
  179. Lore game
  180. About Nolan's and Cooper's pistol.
  181. Datak Tarr
  182. so im lost
  183. Calling it...
  184. Replaying through the Story
  185. Remus's Journal Entry - 5
  186. Ok, so what's up with the battling NPCs at the Bug N Chug?
  187. What is your lore?
  188. Episode 3 "Thinning the Herd" pursuit hellbug locations
  189. Game and Show Connection (Spoilers)
  190. Potential character from show in game? Spoilers naturally
  191. What we learned Episode 3
  192. Iron Legion Journal
  193. Memoires of an Ark Hunter: The Story of Daimyon *SPOILERS*
  194. Remus's Journal Entry - 6
  195. Post-arkfall world
  196. Official Contest Rules
  197. Voulge (sp?) where are they?
  198. Cass and her long lost brother.
  199. Remus's Journal Entry - 7
  200. Main Mission - A Bullet For A Badman
  201. Replay
  202. What about the Aliens we have come to know other then the Votans?
  203. Rinn
  204. Pow, cow + pig. Other names please.
  205. Most Wanted Averages
  206. Hellbugs are BUTTERFLIES!?
  207. Remus's Journal Entry - 8
  208. Origins of Clan Tactical Fleet Delta
  209. Defiance 2?
  210. he Most Wonderful Words You Can Hear
  211. Season pass questions
  212. I'm I the only one?
  213. What we learned Episode 4
  214. Ok so, Mind = Blown (Episode 4 spoilers)
  215. Arch Break(s)
  216. Nice article about the show and game
  217. Episode 5: The serpent's egg -Spoilers might go rampant
  218. Cold Fire Weapons, The Volge and An Adreno Section will be included in the game.
  219. Sukar
  220. Inside Defiance: Episode 4
  221. What the heck is a Raider Hulker?
  222. Lucky Charms, Trinkets, and other items
  223. So the story gets renewed for season 2
  224. Doc Yewll
  225. EGO Perk Slots
  226. Doc Yewll question of the day
  227. Need help and info on getting keys and finding shotgun mods
  228. In-Game vendors that sell AR's?
  229. I just found a squirrel. I've never seen any in this game before!
  230. Yeahhh tommy!!!!!
  231. E-Rep is really a Corporatocracy
  232. Do the episode missions usually spoil the TV show? (Spoilers for mission and TV)
  233. Defiance story is getting juicy.
  234. Terraformed Earth is a Dystopia
  235. Full Storyline walk thru
  236. Question about the Volge
  237. land coaches and Torc
  238. replay story line: Chaos Reigns questions?
  239. Tommy is one lucky guy...
  240. strange...
  241. What we learned Episode 5
  242. E-Rep in the Tv series.
  243. Defiance Episode 6
  244. Appropriate time to do matchmaking missions?
  245. When are we going to see the Charger?
  246. Dark matter personnel
  247. Irathient separation from general society
  248. lets discuss the ark belt
  249. Nim Asked "Who are you?"
  250. The Arch