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  1. New bug?
  2. Cant login
  3. Thank you for a great game, shame I will not be able to play.
  4. Patch Error - "Account is not entitled to play Defiance"
  5. Slow patch download
  6. Patcher refuses to download. (PIC INSIDE)
  7. Crash on Settings
  8. Login successful but this account is not entitled to play DEFIANCE:
  9. Dear Trion, please, fix my *red* Deluxe ark infiltrator suit.
  10. I see they haven't fixed the settings issue with 120hz monitors
  11. Redownload entire game everytime i launch?
  12. FXAA injector
  13. SweetFX
  14. Why Aint Mics Working still
  15. 120mghz Monitor Issue NOT FIXED
  16. Mission: Defiance. Bugged can't complete.
  17. Game isn't downloading
  18. Download stops with error: Failed to download versions. Patch aborted
  19. Cannot Link To Console?? PS3
  20. Ok, why cant i log into the servers yet...?
  21. The Defiance Service is not available.
  22. Critical - The Defiance Service is not Available
  23. Linking Account to Console FIX
  24. Defiance Client Build 450399/ Startup Crash
  25. Game is too fun?
  26. Linking Consoles?
  27. cannot patch the game
  28. Cant login
  29. Connection to server timed out - Xbox 360
  30. Cass stuck cant complete mission
  31. Booklet code is invalid or already used
  32. defiance client download
  33. Cant drive nomad/charger
  34. Game crash when i go to settings
  35. Any news on the servers in the uk
  36. Made character, played through tutorial I guess. Disconnected, character gone?
  37. probleme avec mise a jour sur xbox 360
  38. Settings Crash With 120hz Monitors
  39. Pre order and Ark hunter rewards?
  40. Still can't play
  41. Can you redeem the ArkFall rewards on both PC and Console with same account?
  42. Critical Error
  43. 3 minute patch just keeps going over and over....help!
  44. Pre Order Game for PC cant play
  45. not "entitled" to play?
  46. I need got my code to play the game
  47. I need my code to play the game
  48. Buying Defiance on Steam, now what?
  49. Steam Tiered Rewards
  50. Port forwarding - Ports needed
  51. PS3 Initial Patch Error
  52. Anyone else having login issues with one character ? but can login to create new ones
  53. some pre-order items missing ...
  54. Horrible launch day... servers down, unlocks not unlocked...
  55. defiance service is not avaliable?
  56. Pause and Patcher
  57. Did your game just crash?
  58. ps3 Error 80023106 when trying to enter the redeem code in store
  59. Trion is crazy
  60. I got the boot!
  61. What a horrible release...Hours after release and still Not Entitled?
  62. Arkfall Code problems
  63. Arc codes not adding
  64. XBOX360 Critical The Defiance service is not available
  65. Pre-order Turned INSTANT Backorder
  66. Critical Error?!?!? Defiance service is not available
  67. problème avec mise a jour et serveur sur xbox 360
  68. Codes sent out for those who bought through Trion?
  69. To all those having Entitled account issue's
  70. 12 hours to patch update on PC?!?
  71. Unable to QUIT game
  72. Game Code Invalid (from my game manual)
  73. 90 Minutes in Live Chat Queue > STATUS CANCELED
  74. Can't log in to game anymore.
  75. CRITICAL the defiance service is not available........!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  76. Unable to Contact Support
  77. Critical Error fail to install a file
  78. PS3 install
  79. PC keyboard remap settings not being saved
  80. total rip off
  81. Defiance Client Build 450399/ Startup Crash
  82. unable to link console
  83. Group mission status not working properly
  84. "resuming previous patch" over and over and over?
  85. No PreOrder items after restart, trion support don`t answer
  86. MY PS3 Bug and Issue List
  87. Wow. I hoped launch wouldn't go this badly.
  88. Cant update client
  89. Xbox 360 Controller on PC is not working right
  90. Note to Trion
  91. TV Doesn't Support?????
  92. This is F**** up
  93. Game resetting some of my keybindings everytime i quit
  94. Defiance Problems! HELP
  95. Your login failed due.....
  96. Still no 120hz fix. Can you fix this now please? I'd like to play
  97. Guys, did anyone solve problem with black screen on startup?
  98. patch error
  99. what is up with the mic? (ps3)
  100. Anybody else missing inventory slots?
  101. Sever not up ?
  102. Installation error on xbox, not a good way to start!
  103. xbox 360 starting weapons and grenade unable to delete help would be great :mad:
  104. Missing Items - Server reboot
  105. Un-Linking Console PS3 to Account
  106. Lost bonus XP time.
  107. using same account for xbox and pc?
  108. Trion has little to no presence on the Forums
  109. Still Cant Play :(
  110. Defiance Client Build 450399/ Startup Crash
  111. t3 steam prepurchase code
  112. Defiance website error?
  113. Xbox servers still unavailable for most
  114. Xbox server error
  115. PC Servers Are Back Up But...
  116. login error
  117. Steam, game wont start, white window
  118. May have made a mistake
  119. No phone or chat service to help?
  120. Ultimate Edition items are missing (Xbox 360 version)
  121. Ark fall code rewards not applied?
  122. Black screen then crash to desktop...
  123. Account not entitled to play - Possible Solutions
  124. Pre order items
  125. 9 hour download?!
  126. Unbelievably slow download with bonus restarts!
  127. Custom Graphics Setting/Advanced settings
  128. Windowed Fullscreen? ("Borderless")
  129. Launcher Patching error?
  130. UE Booklet codes not working
  131. pre-order items?
  132. PS3 Freezing issue
  133. Server connection has timed out
  134. do your reps actually post to the forum???
  135. Server connection has timed out
  136. Missing Physical Items from Ultimate Edition Pre-Order
  137. day one lag.
  138. trouble patching with PS3
  139. Bought Direct from Trion but says my Acct is not Entitled to play =C, Please help!
  140. i dident get eny preorder bonuses ?
  141. Filter the support please
  142. i linked, now where's my dlc?
  143. i keep getting critical the defiance service is not available
  144. Wacky Texture Bug?
  145. Invalid Code. Please check your entry and try again. Fault?
  146. did not get pre order items from gamestop (PS3)
  147. My Ego Problems
  148. Downloaded BUT....
  149. Lockbox issue?
  150. Over an Hour to install from Disk?
  151. PC 100MHz Monitor Issues?
  152. account linked but still no pre-order or arkfall rewards? help....
  153. Connectiong problems
  154. The "try again later" issue / Trion's service
  155. Downloading the game
  156. A fix to the Download restarting. ( apparently )
  157. Server Overload: Data packets being lost.
  158. Can't join friends.
  159. [PC] Game freezes when starting the Sniper's Ridge mission
  160. Patch Error - please try again later
  161. Console Patch Download
  162. Dodge Challenger doesn't Move
  163. Chat does not work.../clan /team whatever
  164. xbox Defiance Service Not Available
  165. Did not get my pre-order bonuses
  166. Ark Infiltrator Outfit??????
  167. Preorder items not in game store after code entered, WTF?
  168. a possible Bypass to connection issue
  169. can anyone tell me how to start game
  170. Black Screen with stuttering sound / Instant minimize on Steam version
  171. can anyone tell me how to start game
  172. Technical support is unable
  173. My gun mission after adding mod slot
  174. game crashes after i click play.
  175. xbox defiance account linking issue
  176. Severe fps lag seems totally random too
  177. I don't think my game installed properly
  178. Unable to download the game
  179. Game Freezing Xbox Help Please!!
  180. Key code claims to be already used
  181. Group invites
  182. Quest burning rubber is bugged
  183. PS3 voice chat not working?
  184. Patch Error: Please try again later
  185. I didn't get my Ultimate digital items :( Help?
  186. Second time log in, no character no more claim items wtf?!
  187. Patcher is extremely slow
  188. X360 patching
  189. Severe Lag xbox 360
  190. I bought the physical copy of the game but i still have to download the full game????
  191. poop nachos
  192. Not able to play past Tutorial
  193. Xbox 360 Loading Screen Freeze
  194. Horrid patcher, resuming after a network loss
  195. Why are so many of us not playing, due to the critical message?!?!
  196. Patcher on Life Support??
  197. i cant find the link that xbox defiance sent me to link my account with my game
  198. My game is patching over 3hrs
  199. What are you talking about ?
  200. How to unlock errors for those who bought keys from G2Play, Kinguin ...
  201. Anyone else having to install the game over and over?
  202. Control Pad Issues (PC)
  203. 2nd Dungeon Explosion 101
  204. What is patching
  205. Defiance Torrent Clone. Get it before they delete the post.
  206. Triple monitor and SLI questions
  207. Beta Testing what?
  208. [PS3] "Unable to buy Bits, account needs updating"
  209. EGO Perks reset with multiple loadouts.
  210. Unable to enter arkfall codes.
  211. Resolution Error
  212. Missing Preorder bonuses
  213. Can log into server on 1 Xbox360 account but not another!
  214. Pre order blues
  215. Cost to Item value of BITS system is not a microtransaction nor is it fair
  216. Issue
  217. Arkfall code page
  218. Game crashes when entering settings
  219. Character Issues on the 360
  220. Server Still Down
  221. Code accepted but no items.
  222. .ini or settings file?
  223. wtf critical error maybe fixied
  224. Unable to assign side mouse buttons
  225. Connection timeout while you are active
  226. BIG BIG BIG PATCH to download
  227. Adding people on other consoles?
  228. how do you get the 15 diget code
  229. PS3* Mics not working in group chat
  230. Game changing my Mic volume.
  231. Where are my Pre-Order bonuses and Arkfall Code bonuses?
  232. Account linking.
  233. Xbox UK? Come here - We need your help!
  234. 15 digit code
  235. Having to redowanload from 0%
  236. Chat problem anybody have fix?
  237. Xbox 360 Crashes Repeatedly
  238. digital content code not working
  239. Crossfire/Sli Support?
  240. Never got Ultimate Edition items (Xbox 360 version)
  241. Wheres my stuff!
  242. Updating the Defiance Beta to Launch?
  243. Pc version ingame purchasing issue
  244. Time Out Issues on Xbox
  245. Crashes and Invisible People
  246. White screen of death? and slow download speeds
  247. Can not link
  248. When i enter my brand new product activation code it says "We're sorry, but the vouch
  249. Connectivity Issue
  250. stuck at 100 percent