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  1. GHOSTMAN 1S1K Is a cheater in shadow war
  2. Its been a fun ride
  3. False Flags ie. when your up against a vet in pvp
  4. Echelon contracts make me ANGRY >:(
  5. I don't always do gameplay montages...
  6. Shotgun users shame
  7. instead of exposing cheaters
  8. Capture & Hold mode - i got problems :(
  9. recrutement
  10. Competitive Maps are too empty
  11. Price check invader oj
  12. New shadow war thing to fix
  13. New To pvp, setupd help!
  14. Drop Player Reqs in all PVP Matches... Yesterday
  15. Infector suggestion - non nerf
  16. See a pattern here? Hip accuracy is FTW
  17. Starting PvP group NA XBox
  18. dlc makes defiance the worst pvp game
  19. Things that need to get fixed to help fix PvP.
  20. Shotguns
  21. tD Showdowns Montage
  22. BMG and Cloak
  23. Invisibility extension?
  24. tD Showdowns Montage
  25. today 27th of octobre Freightyard?
  26. I know what happen to pvp
  27. Shakk - Raw Shadow War video, 58/9
  28. Peace Out Defiance!!!
  29. Any good PVP streams out there?
  30. PS3 pvp is getting super annoying
  31. Rockstar ban me sooooo
  32. Rockstar ban me sooooo
  33. Another suggestion to balance cloak
  34. PVP Issues/Suggestions
  35. Top 10 best pvpers ps3
  36. The Best PvP Team NA Xbox Dark L3gion Black Star
  37. Triggers Down AR Tourney Xbox NA
  38. The Real Best Pvpers on NA
  39. Aim Botting
  40. Quick question on PS3 PvP
  41. How to make PvP playable.
  42. Updated Triggers Down AR Showdown Brackets
  43. increased activity in grouped aimbot/hack (or gifted) players in SW?
  44. Thanks to everyone
  45. Does anyone even play PC "Competitive" Maps
  46. Shadow wars
  47. So PVP Perks
  48. First Impressions: Played my first Shadow War today.
  49. Uncut Waterfront match
  50. Nano Fraggers officially the most OP weapon?
  51. pvp from my perspective?
  52. Saving/fixing PVP suggestions box:
  53. Shimmer Cloak?
  54. Just bought this game, how is PVP?
  55. A few questions about pvp
  56. Pc na pvp leaderboards
  57. Sniper weapon in PvP
  58. New fun in Pvp
  59. Shadow War MIA!?!?!?
  60. Troubles with Queues
  61. Spikes in pvp
  62. Nobody plays Freight Yard (PS3 NA)
  63. Protection Spikes
  64. Severe Anoyance frozen at loadout screen
  65. Any chance of clan warfare?
  66. Let's organized a Freight Yard with NO EGO, NO OP WEPS, and NO PERKS
  67. How can we get freight yard back?
  68. Defiance PvP stacked up against other PvP Games of today.
  69. state of pvp
  70. Surge Bolter Counter
  71. Even Playingf Feild in PvP
  72. Why is PVP so broken?
  73. Frozen
  74. Can't spawn into a pvp match aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!!!!
  75. Trion help with hackers
  76. How do I play?
  77. PSA: Upcoming change - Some good news. Matches require less players
  78. Great Idea for reviving PvP in Defiance
  79. PvP that would be fun to play (lol)
  80. PvP seems a lot more active post-patch
  81. Any suggestions from the pros on getting decent at Defiance PvP?
  82. Brain Surgeon
  83. Looking for a solid PVP clan
  84. tissues for the issues
  85. Best Defiance PvP Moments (Screenshots)
  86. Tiered PvP
  87. New echelon contracts for up coming dlc.
  88. Is cloak overpowered? And my (and your) ideas how to fix it.
  89. PS3 Bird Shot Tourney
  90. PvP Arena at Lonely Island
  91. PvP Arena at Lonely Island
  92. New player PvP PC NA
  93. Top PvP Players (All platforms)
  94. Calling out Dark L3gion 8v8 or 6v6 observ
  95. More new Shadow War Maps
  96. Shadow Wars in populated phases
  97. Lost my RESPECT to the best PvP player
  98. When will they make pvp dlc?
  99. PSA: in PvP, use guns as close to your EGO as possible
  100. Echelon Rep...what's the point.
  101. The Badlands Jamboree - Hosted by Triggers Down and The Sugar House Gang
  102. Does cloak still work like invisibility?
  103. Shadow wars, what a laugh :)
  104. BMG's? Something is wrong...
  105. Why haven't you fixed this yet?
  106. Thanks from triggers down & the sugar house gang
  107. More High EGO Screwage
  108. Organised PVP - PC EU
  109. The 2nd Monthly Badlands Jamboree - Hosted by Triggers Down and The Sugar House Gang
  110. Flare gun mayhem ps3 NA
  111. had fun the other day
  112. Turret Kills for Freight Yard
  113. Pistols In PvP, viable on their own?
  114. Trion, your pvp could be great if you bother.
  115. the players over 4000 ego will not let new players progress in game
  116. When the **** is trion doing something about the noobs with radar hack
  117. PvP Pursuits
  118. Blast Shield mechanics
  119. PvP is fun?
  120. Question about Rescue kills in Waterfront
  121. Been gone far to long
  122. Here is to you who still doubt me being legit [PvP-Video]
  123. sick of the zero reload zaggers!!!
  124. A little somthing to help out the low EGO players!
  125. Vehicular Manslaughter - Help.
  126. Encountered a hack user for the first time in a long time.
  127. Advise on hate mail
  128. just something interesting (XBL NA)
  129. Do you think 'Cloak' is balanced in PVP?
  130. PvP - My Thoughts [ +Video ]
  131. max vision distance?
  132. What to do against infectors?
  133. PVP back in the day
  134. Episode 5: Put the damage on discussion
  135. PvP Tier System is gone!
  136. are you guys
  137. So... Now DECOY + sensor sweep..
  138. Shotguns: Falloff or Damage
  139. PvP Video
  140. My 2 cents on the pvp system
  141. Is it glitch or what?
  142. Worse PvP System ever :(
  143. Best PVP players?
  144. What happend to the damage on my guns?
  145. List of gun models that are viable for PvP
  146. Weapon Tiers
  147. PvP plague
  148. Crazy Lag
  149. 11.6 hours of PvP to go then I am done with it forever!
  150. "Hacking" Mystery Solved (I think)
  151. Another Video, this time on Freight Yard
  152. Need a break from Defiance PvP try this game out...
  153. Hackers in PVP . Mode is pretty much unplayable
  154. BMG Challenge
  155. You guys wanna talk about cheating ?
  156. First Defiance PVP vid (3 mins long)... not my best :/
  157. Devs: Arkfalls and Uplinks 1 & 2 are broken due to Turret Kill problems
  158. Vehicular Manslaughter achievement/trophy is now impossible. Devs???
  159. You know what would be a really cool Capture and Hold Map?
  160. all you can eat buffet of pvp
  161. PvP specific weapons / armor suggestion.
  162. Out of combat targets.
  163. Suggestion how to balance PvP without breaking PvE
  164. What is the fun of using RL in PVP?
  165. more pvp maps?? PLEASE (Read this)
  166. Why put delaware and utah at the same spawning spot??
  167. Titan max KO good knight online server
  168. play
  169. What will happen if Trion remove Surge Bolter from PVP?
  170. Altra PvP
  171. Bubbizzie PvP
  172. PVP Clans
  173. Psycrowpath PVP Gameplay
  174. Hello pvp players !!
  175. One Hit Weapons - Xbox360
  176. ZeroAccuracy Random Shadow War
  177. Im the best one "top player" of the world
  178. Who needs aim
  179. Bullet Ball
  180. Military Academy = worst map!
  181. PromMasamune PVP Shadow War (PC EU)
  182. Help 25 kills by vehicles (PS3 EU servers)
  183. How to defense against SWORDS?
  184. Hackers on shadow war.
  185. Someone play pvp with me?? (PS3 EU)
  186. Looking for group
  187. How important is rarity
  188. Best players of their server ?
  189. PS3 Team-Up!
  190. Shadow War spawn
  191. true balance by observing those who trailed a path. Halo
  192. Pvp soccar
  193. Ego level of shields in PvP
  194. How I can increase my defense level in 3 times?
  195. Good Shield to use in PvP
  196. Random Stream
  197. I had a blast
  198. Rules for pvp?
  199. PvP weapons of choice
  200. I got a odd question
  201. Anybody using SMGs or Assault rifles on pvp anymore?
  202. Why I Love Blue Weapons at 4K'ish EGO (PvP)
  203. Hacker Reported . . Hacker Reported
  204. I must be good
  205. Anyone interested in teaming up for turret/vehicle kill pursuits - PS3 NA?
  206. cant reload in pvp
  207. When Should You PvP & What to Expect (Defiance PvP Tips)
  208. Recruiting PvPers for clan
  209. weapon
  210. Sooo. I could use some help
  211. when wee will get good anticheat/ hack???
  212. Look ma, I'm a rocket! (re-visit to an old trick)
  213. Friendship Cup (PvP)
  214. Tips for sword build?
  215. Need dev team with pvp hacker in xbox360 defiance
  216. Shadow War needs cool down before can rejoin.
  217. Ps3 eu pvp cup
  218. Most OP Build in Pvp??
  219. Hacking w/ White and Blue...
  220. Best way to utilize Charge Blades?
  221. The old days
  222. How to Snipe "Off-Screen" Tar...
  223. "Blast Rifle" Gun Review + Mods
  224. PvP footage I'm embarrassed to share...
  225. Hacker
  226. PvP Highlights
  227. Invisibility/Invulnerability Bug
  228. Berserker passive rig perk is broken for pvp
  229. Can't Beat em......Join em.....lol
  230. Bit of PvP fun
  231. PvP Perks and Loadout video...
  232. challengeee
  233. Xbox 360 NA Server - Vehicular Manslaughter Achievement Help
  234. noob questions about pvp
  235. Joining the dark side. Do you have cookies?
  236. Quick question
  237. JUNE 27 Community War Footage Collection
  238. PVP Question
  239. Pvp lol
  240. Was Slugger nerfed????
  241. more things need nerfed
  242. why am i having to get ego from pvp
  243. MLG pvp
  244. Could this actually fill up some PvP games?
  245. Personal Record for best pvp match
  246. Blade PVP :O PCNA
  247. Your opinion on nanos.
  248. Jw
  249. Play the game.
  250. new pvp matchmaking