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  1. Dc-11 piper
  2. Oh where oh where did you go?
  3. Rejoining Shadow Wars
  4. PVP Imblance Issues. FIX NOW
  5. What's your PvP loadout?
  6. After all this time playing PvP...
  7. First time using blast rifle
  8. problems in pvp
  9. Turret kills pursuit
  10. xbox360 - need help/helping with turret kills
  11. Need input on a few weapons.
  12. PVP question
  13. A message to all the people who go on and on...
  14. Query on an Upcoming Clan SW Contest
  15. Query on an Upcoming Clan PVP Contest
  16. You know what really grinds my gears?
  17. Courier/Shotgun Deathmatch
  18. locked in a closet
  19. Sniper indicator
  20. Best High Crit Automatic?
  21. Best pvp players of PS3/EU
  22. Need some suggestions on perks to equip
  23. PvP Unbalancead
  24. Dodgeball/Private PvP
  25. 5 rescue kills on Waterfront
  26. NoSugar PvP Sniper Kill
  27. Achievement Stargazer and Vehicular Manslaughter
  28. who is the best pvper on here
  29. new pvp system are poop
  30. Best PvPers after the Winter Bash.
  31. Constant Bio 'Snare' – PvP
  32. how to make the new pvp update fun
  33. Bunny hopping in pvp
  34. pvp .. tiered rewards, turning off cyber rigs, lag
  35. No dmg in player & shield resistence change
  36. rewarding pvp testers
  37. NoSugar PvP Reckoning Mk I
  38. Team mates showing up as enemies.
  39. come for the old school stuff, stay for the comments and memories
  40. Blast Rifles & Surges: More OPed than ever
  41. Until Death or Sweet Nothings?
  42. NoSugar PvP Bolt Action Sniper Nestling Death (Bang Bang)
  43. Claydough's chill pvp room
  44. PVP Glitch List
  45. Grenades
  46. What's your PvP loadout?
  47. grenade, sniper, rigs and free-for-all
  48. toning down the visual effects of nano and infector in pvp
  49. My PS3 PVP Feedback
  50. PvP is so...thanks trion
  51. Cerberus is being used as a weapon now ?
  52. Cloaking (after update)
  53. Pvp babies
  54. PVP Build
  55. I would like some help on the xbox eu server please
  56. Disposing of dead bodies in Shadow Wars
  57. In a world full of "try-hard"
  58. Team matchmaking
  59. Best freigh yard match ever
  60. PvP on PS3 - Freight Yard
  61. I am proud of myself
  62. Pvp updates
  63. Bunny Hoppers
  64. pvp feedback and suggestion
  65. Monaray map
  66. Tkmers
  67. Y'all can't be cereal
  68. Another day at the office
  69. Hi
  70. 1 PvP clip per day
  71. Weapon ego rating in PVP?
  72. Why everyone gotta cry?
  73. PS3 record? 11/6/16
  74. Blowing up the Bikes
  75. Bunny hoppers they said hahaha
  76. pvp suggestions
  77. Grenades dont refresh in pvp when jumping lol
  78. Simple Fix
  79. Skill--what does it mean to you?
  80. Shadow War Still broken
  81. Some pvp issues that need to be fixed
  82. How to fix Surges and Crimefighters
  83. thanks for this new pvp trion
  84. Tips for pvp
  85. The Noob Factor
  86. Swords fix them.
  87. crazy kills
  88. Monterey map issues
  89. How to fix swords
  90. Plz bring old pvp back
  91. Buff smg in pvp plz
  92. r3VCoCCoBeLLo PVPer PC EU
  93. Bye Bye Jedi
  94. bring it
  95. Leaving and rejoining shadow war
  96. When are we goig to fix these swords?
  97. So it's not Glitched
  98. Matchmaking is broken
  99. Bio glitch
  100. Duel Tournament Hosted by Hegemony(xbox 360 na)
  101. Something needs to be done about the jumping surge bokter.
  102. Not that anyone will read but....blast rifles.
  103. A little sugestion about BIO nades and Flash
  104. Gameplay video
  105. Pvp video
  106. l hope that you have something planned Rarnok...
  107. Mercenary & Ion Coil Shield Glitch & Perma 45% Speed Feet
  108. My new nice pvp combo
  109. Competitive Multiplayer Challenges
  110. You know what would be cool?
  111. Initial 0.0 Regeneration
  112. PvP in general
  113. You know what gun is OP? The surge bolter.
  114. Define op
  115. The Invisible Cerberus
  116. Reminisce to the Old PVP
  117. Immobilised
  118. Military academy
  119. Since you are failing miserably at balancing PvP...
  120. surge bolters in pvp
  121. New pvp feedbacks
  122. Freight Yard
  123. Group vs Group
  124. Guess what? Chicken butt.
  125. EU xbox 360 players.
  126. Can this be removed...
  127. The Surge Bolter
  128. Physics
  129. Curious
  130. After some logical nerfing, why not continue ?
  131. Sniper nerfing
  132. Fake pvpers
  133. Sentinal trash
  134. pvp truth
  135. Swords back to before?
  136. Invisibility glitch
  137. PVP Build
  138. Rosita's hackusators Parody
  139. Carbine simple match By r3VCoCCoBeLLo- Ending BRs era
  140. r3VCoCCoBeLLo PC EU carbine+Sniper king , 4K enjoy :)
  141. Xbox360 NA minimap exploit
  142. Xbox 360 Pvp
  143. I really don't mind how it's done
  144. can a dev explain to me how are we suppose to survive a onslaught
  145. here is a tip for bunny hoppers in pvp
  146. So i was recording a pvp match and i found someone who noclipped
  147. Surge Bolter's high accuracy from the hip
  148. Tip
  149. Nothing but headshots 1080p60fps
  150. Rigs breaking when switched
  151. Hibernal Plasma Bolters are currently too powerful
  152. Xbox 360 NA PVP
  153. PvP on PS3 EU is dead.
  154. Question
  155. Hey trion!! Fix the echelon farmers using bots in waterfront pvp
  156. Shadow wars
  157. Trying to stream but here are some highlights (so far)
  158. can GM tell me how ppl survive headshoot from this sniper?
  159. Am I doing this wrong?
  160. Pvp
  161. pvp hardcore mode
  162. The only thing that'll fix PvP
  163. Funny thing happened in Freight Yard
  164. So PvP IS unbalanced
  165. Surge bolter & HB sniper pvp nerf
  166. Aiming chips in PvP
  167. developers :why pvp is dead
  168. How to trion kill PC pvp....
  169. Fasti: Please Play PVP to see what you've done with your changes.
  170. EVO Sniper
  171. PvP ruined
  172. The State of PvP
  173. Feedback: how does it function?
  174. The Magic Bullet
  175. PC EU PvP
  176. Favorite PVP medals?
  177. Caustic Venom
  178. Bio still stacking
  179. Thanks for killing PvP
  180. PvP Hotfix
  181. Track your personal stats
  182. Truth is
  183. Caustic Venom
  184. Why people use a sniper and jump around in PVP, and why you should too.
  185. PVP problem with enemy team
  186. Wtf monterey coast
  187. Bug dégât
  188. ever since hip accuracy on snipers was nerfed...
  189. Balancing by weapon without affecting PvE
  190. slagger gameplay
  191. Three things need to change so PVP will come to GG
  192. The problem with Diffusors
  193. How does anyone play MC on ps3?
  194. Shadow War Lag
  195. Reticle Macro's becoming a problem.
  196. I love talking about pvp
  197. Why is PvP so bad and why hasn't it been fixed?
  198. Nerf sol destroyer bmg
  199. PvP: Weapon Types that need adjustment.
  200. Why they do with crit in pvp?
  201. Buff Sol destroyer
  202. pvp rating
  203. Changes on Br damage at PVP
  204. Rig Damage Mitigation
  205. Réduction de la JP: jusqu'a la mort ( syn : flamme de la passion).
  206. Why play Shadow wars PVP
  207. Keep laggy players away from PvP
  208. PvP public service announcement
  209. Light Machine Gun changes
  210. Why havn't Mass Blasters Been Adjusted?
  211. Guys Guys im sorry i had to post this it was just too amazing
  212. Returning player: PvP changes/tips/advice?
  213. Trion only nerf mass blasters in PvP please
  214. Nerf jackpot rigs (electro rig especially )
  215. Back to the roots
  216. welp this could be an issue..
  217. welp this is a major issue
  218. PvP Rating System
  219. Pvp
  220. More PG for pvp
  221. Coming Back to Defiance Soon!!!
  222. Sugest to Balance the PVP
  223. Bonfire/Sludge Buff/Nerf
  224. the great pumpkin launcher in pvp.
  225. Any word if PvP will be better in Defiance 2050?
  226. Loool nerf the elecutioner rig
  227. Who did the math?
  228. Final PvP Mashup from Bullet!
  229. They really do that
  230. Is it possible to become completely invisible in PvP?
  231. so any pvp updates coming?
  232. KDR Meet it or Beat it.
  233. Defiance 2050 PvP class?
  234. Over
  235. DE, its time for some anti-cheat
  236. [PC] Some balance needed
  237. Clean(grenades)Shadow War Match
  238. [Defiance 2050] Sawn-off Shotguns are overpowered
  239. Buff AR/SMG/LMG Damage in PvP
  240. PVP issue
  241. 🕷️Manguardian Judgement🕷️
  242. Coach told me to drop 30 on them boys!
  243. Finally Some PVP Gameplay!!! and funny moments MUST WATCH
  244. Fatal
  245. How TF Did We Loose....Seriously
  246. Quickmatch KDR: Meet it or Beat it
  247. Gawwdian
  248. Noob
  249. H v p s
  250. Don't add recoil or an accuracy penalty to jumps