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  1. Welcome to Defiance PvP!
  2. PVP Feedback and Suggestions.
  3. Shadow Wars
  4. Rocket launchers!
  5. Grenade Launcher needs some work.
  6. PvP Titles
  7. PvP ranking
  8. Suggestion: Kill cap needs to be higher in both team deathmatch maps
  9. What BG types would you like to see?
  10. is there only one shadow war location?
  11. Anyone else frustrated by the use of shotguns?
  12. Merge each servers match making together please!
  13. lag/kids with mics and bunnyhoppers
  14. concerning shadow war
  15. Worse PVP I've ever seen in my entire 15 years of gaming.
  16. Question about Intimidation Perk
  17. PvP hidden!?
  18. For the love of God - turn off those mics in PvP!!!!!!
  19. PVP Armour sets?
  20. Roll Needs a Coooldown
  21. shadow wars
  22. Cooldown on jumping
  23. Clan vs Clan private battles?
  24. what exactly is the shadow wars
  25. Where did Freight yard go?
  26. PvP Cant Enter Game
  27. Track PVP stats?
  28. PS 3 - CTF Mode is not selectable?
  29. PC voip - change to Push to talk. This is not your first PC game trion...
  30. Can't see anyone in PvP
  31. Astronomical Assault
  32. PvP Pursuits All Bugged
  33. Cloak is too op!
  34. Dignity[US][MST] - Now recruiting PvP oriented players
  35. Shadow War Points/Vendors
  36. PvP and You! A Guide to Surviving
  37. whenever i join a matchmaking game it loads and then tells me i lost connection
  38. should I do a bug report, or...?
  39. Taking a look at Defiance PvP
  40. idea: 2v2 3v3 and 5v5 arena style pvp please read people and dev's
  41. Will there be more maps?
  42. Game freez in pvp or crash to desktop Really but Really anoying
  43. explosive spam in pvp are still a awesome source of anoyance
  44. Element: Recruiting Strong PvPers
  45. Will there be Clan Vs Clan?
  46. Reque for Shadow War but not Regular Matches?
  48. Shadow War and pvp
  49. Why is there no "down" state in PvP?
  50. Open PVP With War CLan
  51. how the heck do u unlock other instances
  52. Critical timeout caused by pvp?
  53. PvP Clan and Clan vs Clan battle request page(when clan vs clan patch is implemented)
  54. The best pvp weapon so far
  55. Is there only one mod = tdm??
  56. The more I play, the less this game feels like a "shooter"
  57. First PVP match
  58. Mute everyone option...
  59. TTk IS A jOke , weapons balance and range is a super joke this PVP is still a huge
  60. Keep eyes peeld in PvP hacks have been made
  61. How to unlock Freight Yard or am i just bugged? (Xbox)
  62. kills recording bug
  63. [video] PvP Tips and Info | Tekk's Tavern
  64. Shadow Wars
  65. "Damn that was fast"
  66. Are people playing shadow war at all?
  67. PVP rewards? way to few?
  68. where is the other pvp maps ?
  69. PVP is GREAT. Don't screw it up because of people with no skill.
  70. Where is capture and hold
  71. Aim assist On PC should be desactivated in Multiplayers
  72. i got a illumination ! The best pvp skill by far now is....
  73. 75% of the time
  74. [Bug][Contracts][PvP Pursuits] Not getting credit
  75. Giant purple area on map?
  76. Unkillable's "Intelligent PvP Community" Thread - Info & Opinion -
  77. Map Selections
  78. [SHADOW WARS ]the connection to the defiance servers times out
  79. Defiance's PvP is bad. Here's why, and what I think TRION can do to fix it.
  80. cooldowns on the EGO powers
  81. Anyone seen any orangutans?
  82. Climbing the ranks of the Echleon Reward
  83. PvP match length
  84. Is this a good pvp weapon?
  85. Fix shadow war
  86. PvP/PvE perks set up. Cloak and Overcharge.
  87. Permanent invisibilty during shadowwars
  88. whens freight coming back?
  89. Do male characters have a larger hitbox than females?
  90. Fix shadow wars
  91. PvP is great, any updates on Freightyard, Pursuit glitches and shadowwars connect.
  92. Detonator
  93. General PvP and EGO Powers.
  94. unbalanced
  95. Cant start (spawn) in a pvp match.
  96. PvP Pals [xbox]
  97. I've Fallen In love..
  98. PvP Pals [xbox]
  99. PvP Outfits
  100. Can we display character names, not account names please
  101. Pvp issues
  102. Shotgun faster reload
  103. [videos] PvP Gameplay Options - Shotgun and AR
  104. Stop ignoring PvP and fix it (PLEASE)
  105. False advertisment on for this game
  106. Two months before this game is bye bye
  107. pvp outfit
  108. Cant play Bgs without crashing
  109. Not Just complaints, I suggest some solutions and so should you!(Be constructive)
  110. Are there any plans to change this?
  111. Pvp freight yard
  112. Capture and Hold questions
  113. Shadow Wars lessons
  114. shotgun vs shotgun
  115. Aimbotts Already Seriously ?
  116. echelon vendor gone?
  117. My Awesome Pvp Setup
  118. My Idea on How to Balance Stealth
  119. Here my way to balance cloak (THE best way)
  120. Here my way to balance infestor (THE best way)
  121. Here my way to balance shotgun (THE best way)
  122. Lower the amount of people needed to start a shadow war.
  123. Here my way to balance noobtube! (THE best way)
  124. XP assignment and Disconnects
  125. Pvp pursuits broken?
  126. Here my way to balance Spanner (THE best way)
  127. Here my way to balance the Fire debuff
  128. Blur + ShotGun + Melee
  129. Static PvP [Suggestion for the future]
  130. ok, wtf
  131. Infinite cloak?
  132. MettiFrags here with my thoughts/tips on PvP
  133. Make PvP matches require more kills.
  134. shadow wars broken?
  135. My one quib
  136. selling/trading - 0range rocket launcher - sniper - lmg
  137. What do you guys think about adding revive to PVP?
  138. I honestly believe that explosive weapons have no right to be in PvP
  139. Where is Freight? (Capture and Hold) PvP Pros and cons
  140. PvP Awards?
  141. Invisible Players
  142. WHERE ALL THE 32 cars ??
  143. BMG in PvP
  144. Active PvPr's
  145. Pvp?
  146. PVP is Godawful
  147. PvP Medals
  148. Invincibility 2 OP
  149. Sniper Scoping and all other scopes.
  150. How I Feel When I PvP
  151. Skilled PvP Play w/o Shotguns/Infestors/Cloak IS Possible
  152. Enough with the nerfing...
  153. Flare pistol
  154. The PvP Experience.
  155. PvP Rewards - Outfits and others!
  156. PvP is ridiculous
  157. PvP Diversities
  158. Tips for newcomers to "competitive" defiance
  159. What shield is best for PvP
  160. Orange Sniper for Sale Xbox360
  161. Weapons are OP
  162. Pursuits
  163. Shotguns are not OP and working as intended!
  164. Shadow War Queue? Multiqueue?
  165. Option to stay in PVP Matchmaking after Match ends for a consecutive Match?
  166. Add aim assist in PvP
  167. No one Playing competitive why??!
  168. Cerebrus in Shdow Wars!?!?!
  169. Is this it for PVP
  170. No Capture and Hold Competitive?
  171. I would love to be able to play a game...
  172. That went sour fast.....
  173. [DEV] Please address the issue of disconnects!
  174. Cloakin Shotgunnin Bunnie Hoppers
  175. Question: How does the perk In the Trenches decide if you are lower than the enemy?
  176. Clan system is a bust-need clan pvp options
  177. Cloak, fairly easy to counter.
  178. No one has an issue with Blur + Infector use? Probably the most easy PvPing ever.
  179. BMG issues PVP
  180. [Video] AR/SMG + Decoy - PvP
  181. Guide to Stealth
  182. Cloak should be like the sniper from dark matter
  183. Disconnects
  184. Hackers in PVP
  185. Seriously voip
  186. Shadow War Question... Am I Missing Something? 360
  187. Best PvPers
  188. pvp build
  189. PvP Stats Screen Post Match
  190. What i think about TDM PvP.
  191. Nerf shotguns.
  192. Pvp pursuits broke?
  193. If they nerf shotguns the people complaining will just complain about something else.
  194. Max range of visibility in PvP
  195. Shadow War PS3
  196. BoostedRX7 - PSN - EliteGamersAcademy - Youtube, Looking For PvP Clan!
  197. First patch notes!
  198. Is shadow war buggy? I was in winning team and I have DEFEAT log on scoreboard?
  199. Cloak/SG/Aim Assist
  200. cap points
  201. Cerberus in PvE?
  202. Lost my purple sniper :(
  203. Shadow Wars and Arkfalls
  204. Defensive PVP Perk questions, comments, and ideas
  205. 46 kills 0 deaths?
  206. Its not hackers, its a shield bug
  207. Cloak and shotguns
  208. Shadow War player info needed!
  209. What's better?
  210. freight yard
  211. Shadow War Post-Match Stats
  212. It didn't take long for modders/hackers to take over the PVP
  213. Shadow War Awards
  214. Defiance new comeptitve outfits
  215. Shotgun Bandwagon
  216. PVE is WAY better then death match.
  217. Infectors OP?
  218. Fire + Water= No Fire
  219. what do I get from a shadow war?
  220. Cloak perks need attention
  221. instead of nerfing...
  222. TDM Games are too SHORT!
  223. Cloak needs TWEAKING in PVP!
  224. Capture and Hold
  225. Shadow War lol..
  226. Playing Against Friends In PvP
  227. If I wanted to carry trash I'd be a garbageman
  228. Trion dont let casuals and noobs force you into ruining PvP!
  229. PvP rating suggestion
  230. PvP - no skill involved
  231. No reason to not use shotgun
  232. Defiance Tips to WIN at PvP Multiplayer
  233. [PS3] Shadow Wars
  234. Calysto's Thoughts on PvP
  235. Shotguns in PVP
  236. Team Death Match :-l .....
  237. Nerf everything that has ammo please
  238. Cloak + Shotgun massively imba
  239. Cerberus in Shadow Wars
  240. Trion worlds devs look here
  241. So whats your favorite weapon to use in PVP ?
  242. Anyone else having problems with joing Shadow Wars when in a group?
  243. Bugs I see in PVP the need fix or something
  244. How did you spc for pvp Talents,weps,shields,bombs,Ego powers
  245. PvP revive.
  246. Too much clutter on screen?
  247. Sniping Headshots
  248. If your new to defiance. Don't bother with the PvP. Don't Contribute to Trion
  249. PVP is rockin
  250. Instead of whining about imbalences.... suggest a fix, like this.