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  1. Trion Please Add Dirt Bikes.
  2. HOLD to Sprint option
  3. Imperative Feature Missing as a TPS
  4. Features and updates for real game [DISCUSSION]
  5. Suggestion: mouse look while aiming down the sights/scoped
  6. Password
  7. Suggestion: Salvage Matrix single click menu items & "back" button
  8. [BUGS] The List
  9. The Map
  10. Fix it
  11. End-game content
  12. Player marketplace
  13. ideas
  14. Weapon locker/ Cache
  15. my suggestion box idea
  16. Quest Ideas
  17. Things that should be available for clans
  18. Additional Content Ideas
  19. Group Leader set waypoint.
  20. 10 needed alterations!!
  21. Barber Shop
  22. Attempting to pick up an item with a full inventory causes it to dissappear
  23. Multiple Servers or Worlds
  24. Clan Base Idea
  25. Needed: Aim lock (not target lock)
  26. Bank/Store items
  27. Raids!!!!
  28. No reason to pay 5K to leave a clan.
  29. Immerse *US*!
  30. Some Suggestions -- Major Improvements
  31. Cloaking actions
  32. Player Hub suggestion!
  33. Declaration of Ideas
  34. Make the world an actual players space!
  35. Patch Notes
  36. Zoomed Sensitivity is a Must
  37. Mines and other alternative "grenades"
  38. Weapon Specific Mods Filter
  39. please add a bank and a auction house for players to sell stuff and store stuff
  40. [Suggestion] Shave and a Haircut...
  41. More prominent chat
  42. A mailbox system, shared stash, more variations in loot.
  43. New Concept - Clan Wars
  44. Sidekick / Mentor
  45. For PC... give us "click on person" functionality
  46. Cover System
  47. Some suggestions
  48. Maybe already planned... but EVENTS
  49. Boss locations!!
  50. Storage locker/home
  51. Ability to turn off auto-equip!
  52. ideas i would really like added to the game
  53. RAMPAGE mission: Destruction Derby (not solo)
  54. Can we PLEASE get a shoulder swap?
  55. VOIP \ MMO needs Banks, Mail, Broker
  56. Social boost: Options to make chat permanently viewable, chat bubbles, easy ignore..
  57. Fix Line Of Site it's horrible! Add cover reason I bought game give us the choise !
  58. Color change or notification for thread icons when devs post
  59. Add a 2 button activated sticky cover option.
  60. nice things to have
  61. More orginal cosmetics. No more clones
  62. offline mode
  63. Load out
  64. Easy to use player to player voice chat for xbox.
  65. XP insentive to heal and grouping
  66. Auto pick up ammo
  67. Challenger R/T?! Me thinks not...
  68. Fix vehicle handling
  69. Auction Houses
  70. Arkhunter codes bugged and are online
  71. Bows, cross bows, throwing knifes. Close combat weapons
  72. Field of View - FOV + First person view
  73. Real time server status ticker
  74. weapon mods
  75. My Personal Feedback and Suggestions
  76. Silencer Mod
  77. Better Chat system
  78. Disconnect Torso and Leg Cosmetics
  79. vbullitin forum app
  80. Some items you can't get rid of
  81. Active trion feed back on suggestion forum
  82. cover system and better use of outfits
  83. New armour and weapons
  84. Trion play mass effect 1/2 and steal everything.
  85. Patcher suggestions! Pls sticky!
  86. Fix the The Map!
  87. Mod weapons - a simple guide
  88. Trade Section on the forum...
  89. Remember my PASSWORD in the launcher
  90. uban enviornments please
  91. Changes that will improve overall gameplay.
  92. Add more depth to factions
  93. Add people to towns or quest markers
  94. Arkfall ammo: My two cents worth of Scrip
  95. Mod icons
  96. Arkfall/Challenge screenlockout
  97. Suggestion: A new way to change loadouts.
  98. Color change options for each outfit.
  99. fix the fight with nim
  100. My two cents...
  101. Grouping should link phases
  102. Dear Trion please put perks on the cloths...
  103. List of suggestions (will be updated)
  104. Suggestions Aplenty
  105. Barber Shop
  106. Borderless Windowed Mode
  107. Whisper Channel
  108. Cutscene & Mission Ends Stopping you From Gaining loot
  109. Replace the console-limited chat system with an industry standard solution
  110. Choose which server you join INGAME
  111. DLC Idea
  112. Xbox + Kinect. Turn off voice commands option.
  113. Quick chat smoothing
  114. Gameplay features/bugs/issues [OFFICIAL] (devs check it out)
  115. Small nitpick with pistol animations
  116. Hotkey for Swapping Loadout
  117. Actual server status on launcher
  118. Beef up your servers and connections
  119. Vehicle realism
  120. raids 16 player
  121. Overcharge needs a buff
  122. Defiance Radio in your Rollers?
  123. Add REAL pc graphics options.
  124. Turn off Automatic Voice.
  125. Hit Dectection
  126. Perks
  127. Map locations
  128. Faction Currency
  129. Allow inventory purchased from cash shop to be account wide
  130. Turn Off Forced VSYNC for PC
  131. Swapping/Changing Active Perks
  132. PC suggestion.
  133. Assault Rifle, LMG, and SMG Mods
  134. Aggrivated when server goes down!!!
  135. The Map.
  136. Knife weapon
  137. More Co-op Instances!
  138. Tone down the graphical effects on the blue grenades
  139. 2 suggestions.
  140. Item Claim - Pre-Order and Collectors
  141. Big PvP
  142. Party Waypoints
  143. Pay to play
  144. Item/progression system!
  145. Add Radios to Cars
  146. Are you sure you want to delete this character? Type DELETE
  147. Suggestions/feedback and improvements to the PvP system
  148. Please Kill off Cass in future DLC..
  149. Server Options
  150. Crafts and auction house would be cool
  151. Restrict Vehicles inside Arkfall
  152. Racing in makeover store
  153. Weapon sound/feel
  154. Reload Rate of Sawed off Shotguns is slower than stated
  155. Sense of progression and achievement
  156. How about co-op play that actually works
  157. Thoughts/Rant/Whatever.
  158. Please remove Ctrl+Q
  159. A short list of fixes I see and the ordered I would like to see them fixed.
  160. Multiple Seats in Vehicles.
  161. vehicle upgrades
  162. DEV - Could you add in-game character creation?
  163. anyone tried driving across Golden Gate Bridge?
  164. Reputation Tracker
  165. Weapons, gear, and armor!!!
  166. In Game Friend System (xbox&PSŁ3
  167. Can the PC version act like a PC version?
  168. Please make clan chat easier!!!!
  169. Can I have a pet cat?
  170. new vehicle: air vehicles
  171. We need GROUP waypoints!
  172. Professions, Auction House, and, Armor stats
  173. Lag
  174. Allow Camera to Fully Pan Around Character
  175. Weapon Skill/Proficiency numerical level tracking
  176. Map lay out
  177. Smartphone App
  178. Auction house and professions please!!
  179. an Idea about linking PC accout to Xbox or PS3
  180. Improvements to the Character Screen and PvP.
  181. Restrict Vehicles from Arkfalls
  182. Multi Scrap?
  183. Private Messaging/General Chat, please support.
  184. Stratocarrier Guild/Clan Hubs
  185. quite a few of suggestions that i think will improve game play
  186. be able to switch specs without deleting your old 1
  187. Only way to go is up
  188. Powboys
  189. Mod removal
  190. Clan Symbols
  191. Make guns rank by mod power, auction house point of view
  192. Sniper rifle and aim
  193. Option to disable a loadout
  194. Communication based tweeks and announcement tweek
  195. Remove Vehice Spawning
  196. Bank?...
  197. Location names on the map.
  198. Throw down turrets
  199. Better AI and difficulties
  200. Video Configurations Options
  201. More outfits! Hats! Differentiation!
  202. Should be a page or an app to look at your character.
  203. I think there should be land that's buy able or a option to set up a camp
  204. Fix Chat!
  205. Craftingsystem+more loot
  206. Addition of the Option to Disable Automatic Item Equip upon Pick-up.
  207. My idea for an expansion...
  208. Build a city, rather than small random outposts
  209. Suggestion: New weapon progression system
  210. Stash?
  211. Here's a few ideas
  212. Fix the chat system
  213. Weapon damage and equipment stats
  214. Promoting Player Communication & Community
  215. Autorun
  216. Server status website
  217. The Bug List
  218. Customization of personal items
  219. Arkfalls loot needs to be buffed yet again
  220. Game thoughts and discussion
  221. Scope Preview
  222. More dramatic weapon mods with trade-offs
  223. Ability to buy 10 keycodes at once would be amazing
  224. Why even have ammo in the game?
  225. HIP fire DEVS FIX the HIP fire tigth this Up come on !!!
  226. Toggle Aim Mode
  227. Need more people in a group!
  228. [PC] Scope zoom mouse speed.
  229. Character Deletion Confirmation Requested
  230. Sniper Rifle v Grenade
  231. Rethink Shadow War...
  232. Racial Abilities
  233. Damage Dropdown at longer range
  234. PC Suggestions/Comments/Concerns
  235. No reward for completing all side missions?
  236. Friends on map
  237. auction house
  238. Prone Position Shooting
  239. Please change scopes
  240. [SUGGESTION]Make downed players more visible
  241. [Suggestion] draw distance - PC
  242. Camera Controls Needed.
  243. PvP Flags!
  244. PVE Instances?
  245. Add up votes and downvotes to threads in suggestion forum
  246. A PC version should not be the same as a Console port
  247. HUD Disappears with Certain Mob Attacks
  248. Salvaging as a profession!?
  249. Patch infomation on screen
  250. Suggestion: Don't Sync settings across computers