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  1. Can't post or update threads
  2. Gatling Guns unlock Kills for pursuits...
  3. No xp!
  4. XP Boost
  5. Vehicle and social persute
  6. Frustration level - It's over 9000!!!!
  7. Major clan chat issue!!!
  8. infectors ruining pvp
  9. Still getting D/C'd after 1.025 patch
  10. 0.0 det time grenades
  11. Timed out can't connect to servers.
  12. weapons don't work during ark falls
  13. "The connection to the server has timed out" message for the last week or more!
  14. Cinematics
  15. Its gotten worse, damn its got worse
  16. Competitive Gear
  17. WTG trion you broke the server again!!
  18. Unplayable since patch!
  19. Lag is back :(
  20. No rolls for weapon xp
  21. WTG new EP et al
  22. Guess its my turn now
  23. Defiance hacking controls and it's laggy as hell
  24. I know!! It's a test
  25. what is this reocevering manifest
  26. Still unplayable
  27. patch fail hotfix fail
  28. Loading screen on "Breaking into San Quentin" mission
  29. Scrapper Major Arkfalls
  30. Enemy's keep disappearing
  31. Arkfall lag/time out fixed and now its back ???
  32. Dodge Speed Challenge
  33. Timed out 10+ times in the last hour.
  34. Well, back to the endless loop login failures....
  35. Thank you Trion you have failed the console gamers once AGAIN!
  36. PvP skins??
  37. Major glitches with audio and cut scenes
  38. please fix bio roll over in pvp
  39. Just got the game and cant download all of the patch
  40. people are giving up
  41. Burst mod wtf???
  42. not sure if it is supposed to work this way
  43. Character stutter
  44. Pop in textures/ character models
  45. Chain, Multi, Power, Critical Kill splash gone?
  46. If you recently got this game and it doesn't work for you
  47. Forums???
  48. Arkfalls
  49. Unable to Link Console on website
  50. Major Arkfalls scrapper uprising now ruined
  51. in game script purchasing
  52. please read devs
  53. Arkfall bug I guess
  54. cerberus license persuit bug
  55. No Linking Account Reward?
  56. Major issue with Arkfalls and Emergencies.
  57. Bugged Orange Weapon?
  58. Servers Down?
  59. Games down again??????
  60. Cannot sign into Defiance Server
  61. Timeout Error is Back
  62. CRITICAL Timeout Error!
  63. Constantly on FIRE
  64. Game queue crash
  65. Game unplayable
  66. GLITCHED OUT WEAPONS????? Fix this Please!
  67. Freight Yard
  68. Boost purchase for clan
  69. Don't know if someone posted this.
  70. clan stuff
  71. Recruit-A-Friend not giving rewards
  72. Major Ark Events : Getting kicked from xbox server at final Boss.
  73. apparently some costumes and helmets cause lag???
  74. Possible storage areas
  75. Stuck on leaderboards Often
  76. Game lag upon loot pick up
  77. Failed to download version Patch ABORTED.
  78. Rosa's New Toy Mission Bugged
  79. Too many issues and no support.......
  80. Orange / Legendary Weapon
  81. Defiance Uber-Patch
  82. link to console not working
  83. Question to the knowledgeable!!
  84. Boost in race trials?
  85. Black Screen at start of Character Creation
  86. Head shots with sniper not doing any damage.
  87. Glitched weapon
  88. is there anybody out there? I have sent 20 emails to sledgehammer no reply
  89. Fright Yard issue
  90. Social interactions not working?
  91. Character disappeared and no damage sniper headshots.
  92. Server went offline 8-7-2013 10:50pm
  93. Critical server error
  94. Can a playa get a server plz?
  95. Mini map burn in
  96. Major Scrapper Arkfall
  97. Presidio Bunker Final battel with Nim
  98. Arkfalls glitched!
  99. Didn't get my armor
  100. Clan Issues
  101. Title Screened... again.
  102. Need inforormation issue
  103. Scrapper Arkfalls.
  104. no xp
  105. Failed to download Versions - Game deleted from HDD
  106. Empty Lockbox
  107. Taming the Wilds Part 3 pick up problem
  108. Installation Help.
  109. draw distance issue/bug??
  110. kicked 10 times so far today. this really blows
  111. Defiance Lag Issues
  112. Island of the lost : cinematics bug
  113. kicked all the time
  114. Getting too much now
  115. you ever going to fix the emc loyalist outfit ?
  116. I'm stuck In a legendary loop I need your help
  117. PvP cerberus
  118. 2 Pvp issues i would like to see happen/fixed
  119. Sound Looping Freezing Game
  120. final mission bugged can't finish
  121. Enough with the timeouts...
  122. GAME FREEZING at arkfalls!
  123. Servers always down/lockboxes
  124. DLC = sensation of impending doom
  125. Wow ... REALLLY...
  126. This is bs.
  127. Vot sniper and mod issue
  128. This game will not run worth a damn!
  129. Some please help me
  130. Cerberus Skill stuck at slightly below 12.
  131. Main Mission "Breaking into San Quentin"
  132. Cheaters
  133. Invisible enemies?
  134. Getting stuck at results screen
  135. Taking no damage by anyone in PVP
  136. Johnny824/JohnTalon
  137. Where have my synergies gone!?
  138. clan chat/voice and bonus
  139. Massive LAG! (10-30 second death lag)
  140. Clan chat doesn't seem to be working
  141. Dodge Challenger wont move
  142. Time Trials and Open World things getting in the way.
  143. Aim Drop Glitch
  144. Problème mise a jour
  145. san quentin main story stuck
  146. Co-op maps are kicking me out before completion
  147. Major Problems
  148. Echelon Daily Contract not working
  149. Selling orange respark reloading
  150. Controller config still messing up
  151. ¤¤Client bug and game patching bug (Discovered today)¤¤
  152. connection timed out
  153. I accidentally scrapped my legendary!!!!!
  154. The time out connection caused by dodge vipers devs read.
  155. Defiance great game when it works on the xbox
  156. all i am getting is patch erro
  157. Dlc
  158. everything is black
  159. trion you said it was only going to be 1 gb patch for dlc on console
  160. DLC problems
  161. The "Patch" is stuck
  162. Having problems with this new patch/patcher
  163. Season Pass?
  164. Patches download again everytime i log on
  165. wtf is going on. please help
  166. If you change spec's during arena it stops scoring
  167. DlC, Dark World
  168. Tachyon Projector III
  169. I am about done with this game Trion
  170. Corrupted Data
  171. Delete the DLC only and only redownload it outside of game to get the DLC to work>
  172. Scopes
  173. patcher keeps looping over the same patch
  174. season pass holders punished
  175. why is it asking me to install the game?
  176. Arenas lagging so badly that it is nearly impossible to play
  177. Patch Error.
  178. New patch ruined a night of gaming!
  179. 7days
  180. The Game Decided That My Character Customization Choices Weren't to its Liking
  181. very bad arena bugs
  182. Character load error
  183. Critical
  184. i havent gotten free dlc items attt all yet
  185. Season Pass Issue
  186. servers busy
  187. Server busy?
  188. Stuck in Q
  189. Really....Really.....Really
  190. Critical error
  191. the game is pitch black
  192. some news from the devs would be good!
  193. Not receiving key codes in ark falls while using a charge blade
  194. Patch problems , Black World . ANGRY!!!
  195. Missions Not All Working
  196. Re Patching Does NOT WORK . game still in black out . season pass bugged
  197. Clan System is completely broken (EU)
  198. Fix the final arena!!!!!
  199. The time out saga continues
  200. Can't do new side missions?
  201. The black out
  202. The black out
  203. where is the devs
  204. Possible incorrect price on Blue non synergy mods
  205. Several bugs I have noticed
  206. never ending install and patch
  207. Xbox 360 - Broken Game unable to reinstall.
  208. wasted 40 bucks on season pass and the lockbox system is worse!!!
  209. How Can We Help?
  210. Bugs with new DLC
  211. Please dont fix this first but....
  212. Season pass limits of use!
  213. incredibly laggy today
  214. DLC Incorrect: Race change was forced, not in claim section
  215. arkfall issues
  216. Patch Error - multiple (x6)
  217. The Arena Lag Problem
  218. Missing content
  219. Still timing out way too much
  220. volge violence pursuit may be bugged
  221. Upon entering castithan arenas.
  222. New DLC
  223. 3 In a Row
  224. Competitive maps
  225. patch error
  226. Not receiving season pass items
  227. Yuke Liro: Worker Caste Arena
  228. keep crashing
  229. Are you trying to make me hate you
  230. Anyone else lag like me when...
  231. 2nd day in a row I haven't been able to play
  232. Xbox timed out issues must read ASAP!!!!!
  233. FIX THE "CRITICAL" your connection to defiance servers has timed out!!!!!
  234. Q issue
  235. Server Down
  236. Server down???????
  237. melee attack reseting camera?
  238. TImed out error
  239. Side Mission "Energy Harvest" glitched?
  240. Castithan Charge Pack???
  241. Character customiser
  242. i feel some mods dont work
  243. Still no DLC for Season Pass
  244. Warning!!! Must read!!! Glitch in salvage matrix!!!!!
  245. Sniper rifles are broken
  246. Redeemed the free appearance change... nothing happened?
  247. Issue : game desynchronization?
  248. After the fix, and still no items.
  249. Season Pass Refund
  250. after the fix still no items