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  1. New fun issue
  2. Dark Matter Major Arkfall does not reward clan points
  3. Warmaster breaks Voice chat
  4. Kicked out of Arkfalls
  5. Main missions - No voice, text flashes on screen
  6. Canker / Bug Guns
  7. N/A
  8. Last Mission - Defiance Issues
  9. gap between rock and hill and fall under the rock
  10. Bug: Siege Phases
  11. Motherlode
  12. Same net provider, same modem, same PS3...more DC's than ever
  13. Really Trion mother of all hellbugs and no keys
  14. jumps me off my ATV
  15. Glitched out major Arkfall site
  16. Critical: Patch Error
  17. Rise of the Clans I Bugged?
  18. Blast Fragger, Devs on crack
  19. bolinas vaccine synithesizer
  20. more criticals in last week than all criticals since I began playing!!!!!
  21. Looking free bug software.
  22. Charge Blades not registering as melee attacks
  23. Story line bug issue
  24. I cant log in
  25. PVP load screen freezes
  26. mod vendors have no specials
  27. seascape farms
  28. Critical: Connection to server timed out issue.
  29. Clan members not getting credit for arkbreak level 10 pursuit
  30. stuck in wall on WM
  31. Regarding warmaster drop rates
  32. Link account code at start of game is invalid??
  33. Warmaster trophy not unlocking
  34. This makes me not want to play Defiance when this happens to me server problem
  35. Nim Shondu - final battle bug
  36. Episode missions...
  37. BUG - Can't Send Group Invites to Certain People
  38. kicked out of co-op
  39. WM issue
  40. Can't Spawn into pvp
  41. burning walls and blinding light
  42. Can't redeem Arkfall codes
  43. critical errors
  44. Will Defiance servers ever NOT SUCK ???
  45. Entering a WM issue
  46. Scopes make a weapon LESS accurate ??
  47. Gun changing Ego
  48. DLC 3 7th Legion PS3
  49. Cant advance quests
  50. repetitive gun loop bs weapons?
  51. a problem
  52. Can't download new DLC
  53. Season pass issues
  54. Easy as Fila Kama Dunya
  55. More busted BS - Can't continue mission
  56. Incursions ?? Yea, right ... Whatever (should have known better)
  57. friends menu disappeared among other things
  58. BUG - Incursion Overlapping an Arkfall Breaks Both Instances
  59. Cant use inventory screen
  60. New Chat System
  61. Lost Faction progress??
  62. incursion in sausilito
  63. Mods
  64. I'm not able to modify my infectors with the new scavanger mods.
  65. Problems with 7th Legion Shields
  66. Can't Complete Kith and Kinship Mission!
  67. Quick Menu,no friends
  68. Empty server and other issues. (NA server PS3)
  69. Incursions Mess and Kicking
  70. No Incursions in San Fran
  71. party chat disconnects you more
  72. glitched incursion
  73. Suddenly the xp does not rise
  74. Garbage goes to the DUMP, NOT packed into T4 Lockboxes !!!
  75. So... Any plans for 'un-glitching' "Commandeering Cronkhite" anytime soon ??
  76. Not getting clan rep bonus
  77. Salvage Matrix bug
  78. Strange Sounds
  79. stuck in first zone
  80. 4 or 5 months now and still no fix to game in rock and i fall in
  81. ISSUE - Mics Getting Quieter with More People on Chat
  82. 7TH legion sheilds
  83. Forgot a crystal Trion?
  84. I'm on fire today/night and not in a good way
  85. new error message popped up on my PS3
  86. Hi TRION, take your servers and STICK THEM WHERE THE SUN DOESN'T SHINE!!!!
  87. I hope it is better tomorrow tonight was really bad
  88. Clan hierarchy issue (NA server)
  89. Disconnect on cutscene start.
  90. San Francisco incursions?
  91. blinding light from BMG
  92. wasting my arkspikes
  93. Blackout after cutscene in Headlands
  94. a wall fell on me and i molded into it
  95. Haven't been able to play in months
  96. Final mission does not progress (spoilers possible)
  97. New Chat bug
  98. Bio lock boxes
  99. My WM issue
  100. patch the patch
  101. Season 1 Replay Pursuit Issue
  102. Error applying patch psn logout
  103. Critcal Errors, Disconnections, Sound Issues, Hard Freezes
  104. Commander Cronkhite STILL broken!
  105. Limited Inventory Space, even though i paid for it
  106. Stalled out arkfall major mother of all hellbugs
  107. PS3 NA servers
  108. Major social issues tonight
  109. Cannot accept/decline mission
  110. 3 HARD lockups in less the an hour!!!!!
  111. Incursions
  112. Server Keeps Crashing
  113. Multiple issues
  114. A work-around for Clan Rights bug...
  115. New Patch New Bugs... Time Trials this time.
  116. reloads are messed up
  117. Ok this is bad
  118. Resource scam by trion?
  119. 5 Crititials in 10 min
  120. I fixed the sound bug!
  121. Game unplayable now due to connection errors
  122. not getting clan points for incursions
  123. Mt. Tam Incursion not spawning at all this week!??
  124. DC'ing consistently at the worst possible times
  125. Shields
  126. Can it get any worse,CRITICALs all the time
  127. MASS disconnects PS3 NA tonight!
  128. BUG Arena: Kent Docks Cutscene
  129. U guys didnt fix 5hit
  130. Patch did not help
  131. Mount tam Incursion Bug
  132. Rampage Draw the line , not completing
  133. Car despawning
  134. War Master Not Dropping Items
  135. Ark Wreckage
  136. Matron
  137. things seem really bad lately..
  138. Where is the 4th DLC? Gunslinger Trials, our next DLC pack
  139. Gunslinger headgear bug
  140. Disconects bad again !!!!!
  141. Spawning in the ground (why am I wasting my breath)
  142. no enemies spawning in "Easy as Fila, Kama, Dunya"
  143. Taking rep away for doing an incursion
  144. PS3 NA Incursion Issues
  145. Defiance server not available!
  146. Major Arkfall calldown
  147. arkfalls, spawning, sound, BROKEN
  148. Arkfall disconnects
  149. Game stuck on patching
  150. Thorn Liro first arena
  151. The Crater
  152. PS3 NA Major Social issue
  153. Cant see anything as I drive around, takes like 3 min after I stop, invisable baddies
  154. Game keeps crashing on re-installation
  155. Here I am again
  156. Major Arkfalls Reward Scaling Is Completely OFF!
  157. Arkbreaker DLC Main Mission
  158. BUG: Cerberus Passenger Turret
  159. cant accept the 1st quest help!
  160. R the cluster shots n couriors bugged w/ no nanos?
  161. After the new revolution update asks me to relink account..
  162. Getting booted from patcher
  163. Patch problem
  164. LIst of things causing me to dissconect
  165. Extra Life shields and weapons
  166. hard freeze
  167. Where are the APEX hulkers???
  168. Massive disconnects PS3 NA
  169. Same Issue, Hear enemies and see their indicator, but can't see the actual enemy
  170. Matchmaking-CoOp Arenas- Broken they launch with one person.
  171. Defiance store is crashing. Cant buy bits.
  172. It's A Problem!
  173. Incursion bootings!
  174. APEX Hulker count reset
  175. cerberus rockets shoots 2 the left even when locked on an enemy...
  176. Chat messages
  177. PS3 EU - The hamster has stopped spinning...
  178. Did Trion break Defiance?
  179. 503 or no 503
  180. What Happen to the 1.503 patch?
  181. EGO level bug
  182. Server issues NA
  183. in the inner circle issue
  184. epic mod horde from rep vender glitch
  185. Invader/Proliferator BUG DMG wrong
  186. Arkfall area missing
  187. Destruction Arkfallls glitching
  188. Critical time outs
  189. Unable to link console
  190. PS3 EU Server only on Weekend reliable? DC almost every 15-30mins during week
  191. PS3 EU - The hamster has stopped spinning - Pt 2.
  192. weapons to weak
  193. weapon re-mastery
  194. Arkforge not showing up after DLC
  195. "scaling in shadow wars and pvp"
  196. broken pursuits
  197. monolith tachmag drive not fully extending have you seen this?
  198. DLC Not downloading?
  199. ps3 patch 1.505 - Wont
  200. Patch Aborted critical errors
  201. shadow wars scaling 4 low ego
  202. new patch mess up grenades
  203. people still not phasing in all pvp
  204. my now high ego no synergy oj weapons
  205. i still got self revive rolls on mastery and a grenade damage on mastery roll
  206. getting stuck in every loading screen there is. just stays stuck loading
  207. getting Crit every 10 min
  208. PS3 EU Servers pls help
  209. scrapper arkfall
  210. Easy as fila, Kama, dunya side mission not working
  211. critical Error!
  212. Liberate the lost co-op
  213. Problem with Saved Data Utility
  214. re rolling guns
  215. Chat?
  216. Cant install on ps3
  217. New Content Avaliable square stays on my screen poping information
  218. Mission Completed NON STOP popup
  219. commandeer cronkhite disconnect issues
  220. Still seeing popups
  221. Ridiculous
  222. revert to 1.505 plz
  223. and more pop ups
  224. Still Spawning in the ground
  225. Still cant play the game
  226. Hard freezes = unplayable
  227. PS3 EU Server lag is getting worse & worse today, for many pplz
  228. Rampage still broken
  229. So are we going to fix things this week or just more of the same
  230. Dark Matter Disguise fails to advance
  231. EGO capped, shorted on EGO points! 1 perk not unlocked...
  232. low ego players with bmgs in pvp
  233. a year later a still no fix
  234. warmaster still no keys or arkforge
  235. 10 months i still dont have my account linked
  236. PS3EU Hotshots too hard, no points, I m missing 140EGO Points
  237. Scaling Issue PS3
  238. still loading
  239. aim and hip barrel for snipers
  240. Episode 1 The Departed
  241. tachmag drive not fully exposing
  242. what is been done to ensure grenades can be traded safe
  243. low ego players with bmgs in pvp not fixed
  244. oj guns without synergys
  245. stims are not dropping 4rm enemies.
  246. CLAN LOOT BOOST removed after patch 1.509
  247. Last mission (Defiance) Checkpoint Bravo
  248. PS3 Server needs to be reset.
  249. I don't have 1.510
  250. Anyone else having issues calling down Arkfalls?