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  1. Cannot Connect With Friend In-game, Please Help!
  2. stuck at patch screen
  3. Failed to Install
  4. It looks like hacking but it is really a bug
  5. Arktech revolution DLC No longer there
  6. String Missing (Again)
  7. Dodge Durango R/T S.E. Missing
  8. Can't use voice chat, clan disappeared, And group invites aren't being sent out.
  9. hard freeze at gulanee arkbreak
  10. when is somthing
  11. Can't enter arkfalls
  12. PS3 EU Weekend Preparation -
  13. missing trophies
  14. Gun Nerfing
  15. accidentally retrieved my mods.lost gun.
  16. PS3 EU awful lag coming over the Map
  17. Cant accept/decline tutorial missions?
  18. Can't download update
  19. When chat going to be fixed Trion?! Are we not important? Please read an reply Trion.
  20. Missing sound
  21. About Arktech dlc, this is an issue.
  22. Ps3 gets frezzed when i wanna grab something
  23. mike reina
  24. Missing loadouts
  25. T4 lock box
  26. PSN Trophies BUG for DLC packs
  27. Sound on the PS3 is awful
  28. Whats up with the missions ?
  29. Arkbreaker DLC not loading& Defiance store showing one price stuff but charged more
  30. Problem with DLC
  31. DlC issues.
  32. MIc Issues
  33. Just sad....
  34. booted when entering an arkbreak
  35. Here's a thought..
  36. Soleptor Excavation Co Op Map Expert
  37. I keep getting defiance service not available
  38. Menus Cutting off
  39. Vehicular Manslaughter achievement/trophy currently impossible
  40. PS3 Time Out Issue
  41. PS3 Time Out and massive lags
  42. atten devs
  43. critical defiance servers are not avaiable
  44. attn devs scaling still busted in shadow wars and pvp
  45. The bugs experienced
  46. PS3 EU we have bad lag on the Server
  47. FIX STUFF will ya!!!!!!!!!!
  48. Episode Mission Issues
  49. Issues with EGO
  50. these hell bugs are broken or something
  51. Rollers and Cerberus
  52. bugs -_-'
  53. Experience Problem
  54. Defiant Few Vendor Durango Hit Points - LIES!
  55. Can not reload!!!
  56. Cerberus and killshot bugs.
  57. Character won't load
  58. 2.210 patch notes
  59. PS3 EU BIG LAG, PS3 NA nearly NO LAG?
  60. Major and Minor Arkfall timeouts
  61. PS3 Freezes while completing Split Rock Mine main mission [SOLVED]
  62. Where is my patron pass?
  63. Hotshot: Sharpshooting Savior impossible on console
  64. PS3 EU Pimp the Servers for the Weekend
  65. PS3 EU No Access anymore
  66. Season pass and DLC packs on the PSN store
  67. Psn: dlc trophies aren't popping
  68. get ready for more laggy game play
  69. Dear Trion Devs
  70. There is a location for you to report your bug / TOS violation in detail
  71. so no more warning?
  72. My EGO level does not increase more.
  73. Vehicle disappears in motion.
  74. After Update on d.10/10-2014
  75. My bug/error list...
  76. character crashing and game freezing on log on
  77. horrid loading ...
  78. so this is how scaling works in pvp
  79. Main Story Mission Bugged - Cant Progress on
  80. loot drops
  81. Tier 3 Lockboxes empty?
  82. Ammo in Rampages
  83. Ps+ dlc?
  84. Issue with Disconnected/Timed out during mission or selling items.
  85. The lag is really bad on ps3
  86. Your connection to the defiance servers has timed out
  87. Halloween Update
  88. Ticket submitting and Hotshot: SharpshootingSavior
  89. Can't see/ find friend
  90. ps3 season pass dlc's not activating
  91. maxed out perks
  92. Extra Life sever lag and glitchy
  93. blank synergy box bug or not
  94. Clan and friend list glitched out.
  95. broken 99r in silicon valley
  96. PS3 crash after main event
  97. hulker hell biggest lag party
  98. Bugs and Issues
  99. i call them Leeches!
  100. Critical Patch Error
  101. problems
  102. Bought the season pass
  103. Keep getting kicked every 10 mins
  104. hulker hell problems
  105. Hulker Arkfalls not rendering
  106. Latest patch issue ps3
  107. Timed out/ Critical error
  108. End of battle results not being accurate.
  109. The new patch 2.305
  110. Failed to load patch!
  111. this is completely unfair
  112. Server no connecting
  113. Online chat
  114. Forced hard reset/ timed out
  115. this is just silly
  116. Various Issues
  117. Defiance store has wrong pricing. Buyer beware. 9 days and no refund
  118. DLC Share on PS3?
  119. laggy game play in shadow wars and pvp
  120. ps3 defiance game issues
  121. PS3 EU - freezes after Halloween
  122. Ammo OH NO
  123. Store on PS3
  124. Just Bought some new boxes (DEV please look)
  125. Aftermath Bug
  126. Mark of Defiant gone
  127. Since aftermath matrix bug
  128. Cerberus licence
  129. Support desk replies "W" to all tickets
  130. 25/11/14 patch
  131. Attention DEVS...The patch did not work.
  132. Devil's Carnival Lock Box BUG
  133. PS3 EU playing that game not possible at the moment
  134. fire nano burning armor plates and zagger nerf
  135. Issue with Salvage Matrix.
  136. since latest patch...
  137. are servers down?
  138. found another bug with aftermath
  139. New Harvest Arkfalls
  140. Sharpshooting Savior -failed-
  141. Help
  142. Bogus Arkbreaks
  143. t4 purge high cap for ars
  144. PS3 pursuit problem
  145. Defiane Arkbreaker dlc
  146. atten devs or gms the store is overcharging on all purchases
  147. Trophy sync issue
  148. PS3 is nothing but hard freezes & Disconnects, this is getting exponentially worse :(
  149. Can't even get the game to run.
  150. Main storyline mission stuck
  151. Arkbreaker dlc release date 12/17/2014 .. What?
  152. No more mods or weapons!? Just "+500"!?!?
  153. season 2 episode 1 "on record" not appearing
  154. Invursions/ sieges no score
  155. Salvage Matrix Is Not Functioning Properly
  156. Hard freeze/reboot ps3
  157. Critical error by moderator? Hacked game?
  158. bug grenades are broken
  159. Bugs, Bugs and more Bugs
  160. XP Bar, whited out, no xp showing
  161. cant log in are the servers down?
  162. xp stuck at 4655
  163. Disconnecting when putting Arkfalls down.
  164. Eco Codes?
  165. Bug reports
  166. Attention Phantise, Rashere or Kiwi
  167. bug report problem
  168. Bug after passing 2k ego
  169. In game thieves
  170. Broken synergies
  171. Unplayable
  172. is north america server down?
  173. problem with warmaster
  174. PS store problems
  175. Group/vehicle bug
  176. Not able at all
  177. DLC trophies not obtainable even after doing EVERYTHING required,
  178. synergies not working when placing a mod
  179. after patch
  180. A new problem with this last patch
  181. attn devs the new upate has
  182. Defiant II was reset
  183. Solstice Volge Arkfalls
  184. patch error
  185. Crashing
  186. can't play at all
  187. ps3 eu is unplayable tonight very laggy
  188. attn ps3 na patcher issues
  189. Invisible Katanas
  190. Missions not availible?
  191. plate slicer synergy not working
  192. plate slicer mods not working
  193. Havent got omega recon outfit
  194. heal stims not working right
  195. Crashing!!!
  196. saturnella, the purge, plate slicer mods not working
  197. not even the Geek Squad can download the patches for me
  198. not even the Geek Squad can download the patches for me
  199. Server dwn
  200. Dydekuso's gunslinger trial arena
  201. the repo man is back
  202. Defiant Few II pursuit not updating.
  203. Black screen when starting ps3 version
  204. Salvage Matrix issues
  205. Server dwn
  206. I got the Trion Supporter??
  207. Friends list/offline-online issue.. Again.
  208. Season Pass works across all profiles?
  209. Error
  210. Chat Box Not working - please help devs
  211. Patch Error (Patch 2.502)
  212. Pursuit not reseting
  213. Cant collect present
  214. They still haven't fixed the add-on trophy issue?
  215. plate slicer synergy not working
  216. defiance store overcharging still
  217. keep getting signed out of psn
  218. blade mod ruined my carving knife
  219. Stop chimera glitch !!!
  220. did anybody else get nerfed?
  221. RS Ground Pounder/Munition Interchanger
  222. Disconnected from servers - No response to support request
  223. defiant few II pursuits are all reset
  224. For PS3 players with the Trophy Bug GOOD NEWS
  225. My weapons disappeared
  226. Group phasing
  227. More trade glitchers
  228. Dropped gear from enemies not going to inventory
  229. SERVER DWN again n again n again
  230. Bug with TOP NOTCH contract on Kenn Farm.
  231. Invasions.
  232. PS3 Power on issue
  233. PvP invisibility without cloak glitch.
  234. Cant submit tickets anymore?
  235. Time trial Lags
  236. Sawed off courrier Lag
  237. Store prices still lies
  238. Swap weapons lag
  239. VBI Incinerator does not ignite foes properly
  240. Health Regen exploit
  241. Amakuni still invisible.
  242. Dark matters found a new ego power
  243. Have you seen the big red button on surge guns?
  244. No synergy on orange shield from "SPECIAL DELIVERY BOX"
  245. Santa hat display bug
  246. Paradise Weapons
  247. When will I get my trophies?
  248. Ego Evolution VI - Never updated for Arktech Revolution!
  249. Can't accept quests
  250. booted