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  1. Hard Freeze 2nd toon only
  2. No friends in the quick menu or social tab
  3. Bathhouse glitched for two days at least.
  4. Raider Roundup not giving credit
  5. Missing silicon shards
  6. glyph account problems
  7. all my oj nades are all unencrypted
  8. oj nades from boxes
  9. Game won't launch
  10. Dlc2 bugs.
  11. dailies and incursions dont appear to load
  12. Episodes codes
  13. alot of lag and way to many crit out and hard freezes
  14. find player and keyboard return
  15. Help!!!
  16. the restart did nothing
  17. lag lag and even more lag and hard freezes
  18. Missing DLCs in Euro Store
  19. Someone help please devs anyone
  20. timed out after doing my 1st minor arkfall and no rewards
  21. daily and weekly contract sites
  22. Dev team server restart needed urgent
  23. New Synergy Not working.
  24. Bug gun mods are dropping from the new Crate
  25. DC's and Hard Freezes
  26. Ps3 critcal Patch Error
  27. Major Arkfall Drops ? Where are they ?
  28. Tarr family weekly for midsummer mutiny. 0/10
  29. Shanjifyo Title not showing
  30. server down?
  31. Could not generate score normally in Event Major
  32. Anyone else having trouble
  33. Ok ... now im getting seriously upset with this event weekly. >:|
  34. Patron: For the Record
  35. patron tarr crates not working again
  36. Enemies take no damage
  37. 1 hour without an event major
  38. Dc'd how many times!
  39. Increase in hard freeze today
  40. Rep Vendor Supply Crate duplicates.
  41. Ego upgrade problem!!!!
  42. Can't play
  43. No Major Midsummer Mutiny's anywhere
  44. Hard Locks - Nothing New
  45. PS3 NA - Is the bit store down?i
  46. Cyber Rig Menu keeps freezing my PS3
  47. Request #247165 defiance: Ps3 hard freeze in menu
  48. PS3 EU: Pls reboot Servers again? ^^constant problems?
  49. Submitting Bug Reports
  50. Phasing issues
  51. New Character Claims auto salvage issue
  52. Broken voiceovers
  53. expeditions
  54. latency and defiance service has timedout
  55. Hard froze... again...
  56. Fried
  57. my clan is still not getting its loot bonus for being level in arkfalls
  58. Chat not working
  59. 8:32 pm server crashed
  60. Heal stims not working
  61. Chat doesn't work in co op maps nor expeditions
  62. High Capacity Magazine: Incorrect Math
  63. Can't login
  64. L2 not working in vehicles
  65. SV Monolith issues
  66. If not a bug it should be
  67. Heavensent bugs and issues
  68. TRION support is real bad, help
  69. loadout, start menu ect. crash
  70. IMPORTANT , abusable Boost & 24key lockbox
  71. TRION/ KIWI.. when will you FIX THIS!!! seriously...WHEN...¿???
  72. Hard freeze
  73. no XP
  74. Hard froze again
  75. Redeeming Arkfalls
  76. VBI supply/ Gunslinger issue
  77. Players "duplicating" weapons?
  78. Linking account help!
  79. glitchout explosive barrels and gulanite crystals
  80. Hey trion/devs not cool guys
  81. area and zone chat not working
  82. Defiance Killed my PS3
  83. Item change /missing
  84. Another hard freeze
  85. Lost game progress
  86. Clan privileges not working
  87. Blast Rifle's Only?
  88. Scoring bugs
  89. What does linking do for me?
  90. scrolling down thru your chips in my rig isnt working for me
  91. hard freezing happens way more since patch about 5 weeks ago
  92. None of my issues have ever been resolved!
  93. 6/29/2015
  94. After newest patch
  95. logging me out of psn
  96. Getting real frustrated
  97. The 5th man
  98. Hard Freeze after Hard Freeze...please fix !!!
  99. Counting Hard locks & Disconnects starting today!
  100. founder administrator options clan kick
  101. PS3 EU now totally broken
  102. Freezing!!!
  103. Critical error trying to download patch
  104. New bug? During Bathhouse.
  105. Game freezes my Playstation 3 when I try to navigate character menus.
  106. no rewards from exped stolen purpose
  107. ammo regen rate of rig
  108. Pvp Cerberus bug
  109. World Server still broken
  110. invisible enemies
  111. Volge Lightening Rifle issue
  112. Game issues
  113. PVP spawn campers...wtf
  114. "Official" Social Bug Tracking
  115. PS3 Sever Not avaliable
  116. Heaven sent expedition--impossible or just this once?
  117. PS3 Trophies Issues
  118. Forced Extracted/Loss HR
  119. Expedition Death Trap
  120. Infinite loading screen
  121. Cerberus levelling not working
  122. PS3 server crash
  123. Huge issue with my PS3 freezing and lagging and so on
  124. reload style is broken
  125. Lack of a 'Score' Window.
  126. Stuck in expedition
  127. Critical Disconnects
  128. Just purchased castithan dlc
  129. Re roll rarity is Bugged.
  130. mjr arkfalls in silicon
  131. a could be scam with all war master 0j guns
  132. Enemies got a SUPER Buff!!!!!!!!
  133. Game worse since update
  134. R.I.P Shadow War
  135. War below expo broke?
  136. It´s not downloading the patch
  137. blurr is glitchout
  138. Fixing things
  139. Game fixed?
  140. Stolen Purpose Broke
  141. and shadow wars is down again
  142. Post-Mantinance Severe Lag (21/8/15)
  143. Warmaster Private instance issue!!!!!
  144. scrapworks salvage so bad
  145. new arkfalll........... useless (kill for nothing is not my favorites activity sorry)
  146. i have friends they have bad lags this morning
  147. Major Lag issues all servers all platforms
  148. Servers messing up now
  149. Problemi
  150. Expedition frustration...
  151. Expedition hellbug hunt Drop no loot on 5boss now
  152. Just a suggestion
  153. This weeks Ego code is not working
  154. Social bug again!!!
  155. Aps courier mk2 syn
  156. Help Please
  157. Not Earning EGO
  158. PS3 server connection issues for a year
  159. Hellbug expos still not dropping loot after 3.205
  160. weekly cap not resetting
  161. shield and rig
  162. Wow
  163. Hot fixes
  164. DLC 7ª Legion PROBLEM !!!
  165. pump shot reload random and sporadic (glitched or unintentional?)
  166. Armistice weekly contract showing 0/5?
  167. Lost chat and friend list, ps3 Eu server wide issue
  168. Zero Score
  169. Zero score constant dc and lag
  170. Event Bug.
  171. Disconnected.
  172. Kiwi ... Rashere help!!!! My toon is gone¡!!!!!!!!
  173. Hellbug expo boss clutching out of map
  174. Casthithan Charge Pack
  175. Mod named 935_string_missing picked up from solstice major (ps3 NA)
  176. Nice delay is back on PS3EU
  177. Coit Tower, constant crashing, nearly every fast travel
  178. PS3 : Loadout slots are not unlocking
  179. PS3 Hardfreeze and bugs
  180. anyone know a fix for.....
  181. reroll in salvage matrix bugged
  182. only got crit error on probably half the event majors arkfalls I've attended...
  183. Will DLC Trophies ever be fixed?
  184. Clan chat is super broken
  185. Armistice comp packs,problems
  186. Ego/lvl problem
  187. Armistice Rewards
  188. Armistice reward is not there
  189. Cannot finish expeditions
  190. Mount Tam (Earth Republic Camp)
  191. Event still going but no event arkfalls
  192. Carving knife glitched :( Lost nano
  193. Iris Drakkin didn't get week 3 gift
  194. upping ingame sensitivity settings on your controller breaks the controller software?
  195. Broken weapon
  196. Missing vendor purchase has me livid
  197. Supreme feaster fire rate
  198. my dc 11 is gone
  199. DLC Problem
  200. Clan chat from wrong clan? LOL
  201. Problems in Defiance for PS3
  202. Hard freezing
  203. No Reset Tier Option
  204. Lag
  205. Can no longer get to my Character Select
  206. Has anyone actually unlocked the add-on trophies? How?
  207. Not a happy customer tonight
  208. Arkf cap?
  209. Hard lock in loadout screen.. Again
  210. Entering Arkfalls
  211. Constant Connection Loss
  212. Armor Repair Stims do Abso****inglutelynothing
  213. OJ Bio grenade issues!!!
  214. ps3 lag
  215. Can't see clan chat
  216. Velocity on Detonators
  217. PS3 EU the worst delay since many months! Pls maintenance for PS3 EU
  218. Suvivor Shield(s) Issues Gaurdian Angel, Respark, etc..
  219. Bugs and issue
  220. Crater Hard Locked/ Daily Contracts
  221. odd gun issues, purp guns red locks, oj's missing blue rolls
  222. Synergy on Carving Knife?
  223. Sale Fail
  224. 3problems plz fix in future NA server
  225. Series of Glitches
  226. Expos defiance service is not available???
  227. Bug sinergy dc 7 mk2
  228. Cyber rig and chips
  229. Expedition Rewards
  230. kept spawning bugs
  231. smh skitterlinks
  232. 5 hard freezes in a row on startup after patch PS3 EU
  233. 6 hard freezes n/a server
  234. So, after taking a break...
  235. HH problems
  236. Arkfall Parking Lot
  237. PS3 EU Hard Freezes when starting Game
  238. im buged hulker hell/arkbreak
  239. Constant critical errors
  240. rashere /destromath. GP rig DMG issue is still active pls help
  241. vbi infiltrator outfit not showing after evolved ark hunter bundle purchased
  242. Hallowed invaders lifesteal
  243. I accidentally deleted my character
  244. My dc3 isnt working why
  245. Freeze, supreme
  246. Server issues
  247. Lost ALL of my Contribution (Watch out with this!)
  248. Server crashed.
  249. Kiwi do you have some ideas
  250. shadow wars is down