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  1. When did greens become uncommon? What happened to the boxes??
  2. Gm zarn
  3. Main quest bug.. Cant progress!?!?
  4. Hard Reset on PS3 while playing Soleptor Excavation
  5. Defiance fully refundable read and spread word
  6. critical the defiance service is not available. please try again later.
  7. game dont work keeps saying critical??
  8. Been a while since I saw this
  9. up in Delta bunker west
  10. Connection timed out
  11. the new patch is worse
  12. New patch isssues
  13. PS3/EU Perk "prepared" provides unlimited ammo
  14. Worst I have seen
  15. This is not occasional for me
  16. Holey Awful Patch Job Batman!
  17. Game is so broke
  18. delay when switching weapon
  19. so funny to see this happen but tweak it
  20. ALL Damage resistance disappeared on all my shields?
  21. Game taking a lot of time to load some things
  22. floating lockbox
  23. Please fix the crashing during Arkfalls..
  24. My Bugs List
  25. Crystal Bug
  26. first time this happen to me
  27. wtf not cool
  28. Issues
  29. Sniper damage not registering critical hits
  30. Time Trial bugs?
  31. Dark Matter Base Missin
  32. A few Problems you may already know about.
  33. Hotshot: Sharpshooting Savior failing no matter what score
  34. Clan Invites not being received
  35. Sniper Rifles (Semi and Bolt Action) not registering Weapon or Skill XP
  36. Sheilds with Nano Resistance
  37. Totally UNPLAYABLE!
  38. Why am I only in game for 4 minutes at a time?
  39. "Loading Death" is very annoying
  40. Can't finish data recorder pursuit?
  41. too many glitches in one session
  42. Lost perk!
  43. looks good on my end
  44. Fix?
  45. Voice and Text Chat down
  46. floating arkfall
  47. Please Trion...Take time and READ this threads !!!
  48. Need to fix this game badly
  49. Explosions 101
  50. Premature Completion
  51. server down again
  52. PS3 Connection timed out
  53. Patch Error
  54. Stuck at loading screen
  55. PS3 Lag Issue
  56. Major clan bug
  57. Why must you put these into the game so lame they are
  58. constant disconnects today
  59. Constant Loading Screen during missions
  60. 2nd floating arkfall
  61. ?
  62. Lag after Major Arkfalls
  64. Trion things dont look so good
  65. starting to really piss me off
  66. PVP pursuits reward outfits
  67. 68 bug, emails reports and no fix yet
  68. Clan issues
  69. sausalito what the hell
  70. No cutscenes in Torcs place.
  71. Reward not recieved?
  72. Really trion really
  73. ?
  74. Bump to new thread
  75. All lags gone
  76. My Ego
  77. no co_op
  78. severe time out rate.
  79. can you please tell us
  80. Clan Screen Has Disappeared
  81. The dreaded automated response email from trion
  82. No communication with trion
  83. Chat?
  84. Who has HARD LOCKS - CONSOLE FREEZES - Chime In: Trion Wants To Know
  85. servers down again
  86. past 3 arkfalls
  87. Delay on some stuff
  88. lost count how many I ran into now
  89. Floating arkfall normal?
  90. stuck at loading screen after choosing mission
  91. nother problem
  92. map going in an out
  93. Please dont unbuff health on enemy AI
  94. First time i seen this
  95. at raider Decimation wave 5
  96. walk into a hellbug destruction
  97. Yet another 'Lost Connection' - REF# 130708-001978
  98. at prosperity in '99
  99. Jittery screen/ lag
  100. EGO evolution V equipment pursuit bug
  101. Black screen
  102. walking into the air
  103. 3 ammo boxes
  104. Random disconnects are VERY annoying
  105. Newbie to Defiance. Critical Patch Error
  106. How lame
  107. Mods decreasing accuracy to zero
  108. up in minn 99 co-op
  109. Take out all wood fences
  110. Same always, too many to list lol
  111. arkfall bug happend again
  112. This has to be a Bug...
  113. Competative Multiplayer Bug: Permanent Poop Shoes
  114. Clan issue update and further problem
  115. Volge at time trial:mine alley
  116. Timed out :/
  117. The Defiance service is not available
  118. Cant log in
  119. Servers down.
  120. Another Friday another PS3 NA Server Down?
  121. Aiming issues
  122. Empty Ark Fall
  123. No Skill Up Points on Sniper Rifle
  124. Player nano effect bug
  125. Cannot get on the game
  126. just bought season pas on ps3 how exactly does it work ?
  127. just bought season pass today where is my hat and lock box ?
  128. 2 glaring problems with Military Academy.
  129. I was online and then it froze and now i get TO errors
  130. is any1 else having timeout issues?
  131. Friends / Quick Menu / Social Menu not working....
  132. Tutorial Error
  133. Critical: Patch Error???
  134. timeout!
  135. blue mods
  136. i can't believe i'm spending more time posting
  137. Multiple issues w/ new content (aside from DLC1's epic fail...)
  138. The great snafu dlc and still over 75 emails and counting
  139. Cannot Log In
  140. Game wont let me in..keeps saying I timed out..
  141. Trionworlds we have a problem!
  142. Time-Out PS3 US
  143. This Forun
  144. Dear Trion...
  145. Continually being timed out...And I haven't started playing yet
  146. Clan issues...
  147. was getting server timeout error now getting Critical Patch error
  148. PS3 Season Pass - No Castithan DLC
  149. Non-stop Issues
  150. keeps saying i have timed out wtf
  151. Paid for dlc twice wtf?????
  152. Trion, WHAT DID YOU DO?
  153. Stabilization Sights No scope anymore WTF
  154. Stabilization Sights No scope anymore WTF
  155. Friends and Clan missing!
  156. When can we expect The Dlc?
  157. Lag!
  158. Re-customization item missing
  159. Ego grid is not behaving properly
  160. PS3 EU has the DLC But
  161. Wow - I haven't ever seen the Game this Unstable
  162. Trion we want answers !!!!
  163. Group chat
  164. Ps3 server time out still ?! come on
  165. DLC is not working for me?
  166. Servers are messing up again for PS3 NA
  167. Scrapyards Salvage - can't advance after getting booted
  168. Arkfalls not ending properly
  169. Brakes not working on Runners & Rollers
  170. Was fun while it lasted
  171. Servers are down....AGAIN!
  172. Dlc paid content
  173. Suggestion to help with lag and freezing
  174. Server Timeouts on PS3 R Not Fixed
  175. New Patch freezing my system.
  176. Near constant disconnects during final phase of major arkfall
  177. Stupid Server
  178. Still cannot buy the DLC
  179. PS3 Patch Download in Alaska
  180. Ammo crates cause disconnect
  181. This is disgusting
  182. hard crash
  183. Refund
  184. More mantinece for EU.
  185. Weapon levels screwed up!
  186. Scrapper Major Arkfalls not working correctly (End Boss)
  187. Still can't even get past the patch...
  188. Energy Harvest side mission is missing
  189. ?
  190. cannot get on to game server timeout
  191. Critical Timeouts
  192. live chat not accepting anyone now?
  193. just got home
  194. DLC did not download
  195. Clan has completely bugged out
  196. boosts
  197. Volge Violence: "Complete Each Type" Will Not Credit
  198. PS3 Wireless Headset
  199. perks
  200. lots of time i seen this first time i done it
  201. Emergency Scrip Rewards
  202. to tell u the truth
  203. DLC Arena is practically broken: Mobs freezing right before they die = score reset
  204. Auto lock on not locking on
  205. Duels
  206. can't invite to clan since the dlc release
  207. Character deleted after creating another character
  208. I cant even get in game long enough to submit a support ticket that I cant get it.
  209. Trion..Please fix Bolinas area
  210. A Matter of Time
  211. Group disbanding randomly, other group issues
  212. Character Load Area - 5th Arena
  213. Friend can't hear me anymore, when i use my headset
  214. Emine Liro Bad guys run away
  215. Hotshot: preemptive strike bugged
  216. Kinship Plaza extraction point emergency glitch
  217. Broken Scopes
  218. Testing: ps3 locking fix
  219. Still trying to get the patch to download.
  220. Character loading error
  221. Paid for dlc content not useable
  222. June 12th, 13th patch features still not in game on ps3
  223. Broken Sieges
  224. Co-ops
  225. where is my dlc
  226. Audio Buzz everytime I goto an arkfall/seige
  227. arena dlc on psn
  228. siege glitch at north point mine
  229. Possible Pursuit bug?
  230. Arena and Volges
  231. kith and kingship mission
  232. New voice glitch!
  233. Can't buy bits
  234. huge delay and lag
  235. Volge Violence Pursuit Bugged.
  236. my game shows no friends
  237. Time Outs and DC's Are Bad Right Now
  238. Need Assistance
  239. Help
  240. Outside of Port Stinson
  241. Claimed my re-custom from DLC, and nothing happened
  242. Game lock-up while switching load-outs.
  243. Jeez What is Going On?!?!?!?! Massive Bugs & Glitches
  244. Mod Prices & Availablity
  245. Seriously.
  246. Lag...
  247. I am about to "TRION" a different MMO.
  248. again
  249. Disgusted at massive glitches!
  250. PS3 NA server is DOWN unexpectedly - @8:10 pm PDT - 8/29