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  1. List of Disabled Maps, Emergencies, and Items
  2. Patch error, 2nd patch in a row-is there a solution TRION?
  3. A bug of bolt action sniper refles =.=
  4. Clan chat when I am not in a clan
  5. How do I get started? It is taking over 2 hours and counting just to install the game
  6. Bug Character changes on login
  7. cant continue character when playing on multiple systems
  8. Steam patcher issue
  9. Infinite ammo glitch with new patch
  10. "Patch Error. Please try again later." *HELP!*
  11. Major Miner Recue Mission bug
  12. Added to clan randomly without my permission and i can't leave
  13. Game not Recognizing XBox Wired Controler
  14. Can we say Deja Vu with Trion at all? o_O
  15. Missing Items
  16. Unable to complete side quest - "scorched earth"
  17. Dodge Challenger RT Hemi orange bug
  18. Eternal "Connecting to Servers" message
  19. RAF: '+1 Assault Rifle Skill' reward useless
  20. Server issues
  21. Well....can't seem to launch to Character Creation.
  22. Connecting to Servers Taking FOREVER!
  23. Ingame Account Name.. waiting to the server. PATHETIC.
  24. Retina Macbook Pro Resolution
  25. For those timing out who have Leatrix Latency Fix installed...
  26. Unplayable.
  27. Fix your game on steam. The download is broken.
  28. Anything that deals with Pressing or Holding E is delayed
  29. Scrapper arkfall are bugged
  30. Stuck at "Defiance Account Name"
  31. Why am I in EU if I am in NA?
  32. Stuck on Connecting to Servers
  33. Deluxe Edition Upgrade
  34. Well, I WAS going to buy the full version...........
  35. Manual update?
  36. bullet for a bad man
  37. Test Server Needed
  38. I cant buy the game.
  39. Patch 1.025 UI Not Fixed
  40. Patcher shutting down
  41. No blue circle/activation for boss fight in co op
  42. Does Tier 3 support actually exist?
  43. Failed to allocate texture
  44. No option to abandon missions
  45. CONTRACT COMPLETE! upon logging in after patches 1.025 and 1.026
  46. UI Bugged Again, worse than before
  47. Time Trial Enemies spawns or roam midtrack
  48. No keycodes if you use Rocket Launchers in minor arkfalls
  49. Just installed Windows 8, can't get Defiance to play.
  50. All day long frequently "Defiance service not available" disconnects
  51. Not receiving Paradise Faction points for Dodge High Speed Challenge.
  52. Scrapper Major Arkfall Arkcore Bug
  53. Infector crit-multiplier bugged?
  54. "Something Wicked This Way Comes" does not update
  55. Out of combat damage doesn't apply
  56. Not in a clan, but seeing clan chat
  57. Defiance Raptr Duni for PC is did not work
  58. Scrapper Major Arkfall disconnects
  59. Finished story line selected redo story line now bugged only arkfalls work
  60. Ladder glitch
  61. monarchs. again.
  62. Worst customer support ever.
  63. The Defiance sevice is unavailable?
  64. Defiance causing PC to freeze
  65. No patients to scan for "Triage Center - Emergency"
  66. Music loop after completing story missions
  67. Commandeer Cronkhite Bugged?
  68. Wrong defiance price
  69. Fusion Conductor III useless?
  70. Invisible enemies at Minor Arkfalls
  71. Can't connect to servers
  72. Why the unusual place for the installed Game to be?
  73. Storyline mission bugged, cant complete or reset?
  74. Pvp hacking not cool runing game get a life. Trion please help.
  75. "Ulterior Motives" mission bugged
  76. I can't get in game
  77. If you time out during character creation you are stuck in "CRITICAL ERROR" loop
  78. Missing Clan tags, chat, etc
  79. Regions
  80. Use Mouse & Keyboard? No Walking For You!
  81. PvP perma slowed after death
  82. Zoom cuts in and out
  83. Credentials Expired!
  84. This bug needs fixing NOW
  85. Invisible shotgunner at Serenity Academy several times Thurs - 08/02/13
  86. Taming The Wild Part 3 - Not able to complete
  87. Perma-invisibility with vehicle
  88. The comfirmation code does not work even though i bought the game on steam
  89. Trion what happen on 8/1
  90. Weapon Level Bonuses randomly changing
  91. SweetFX crashes game upon launching via Patcher & where to disable Vsync?
  92. Vehicles not always drivable
  93. Annoying bug.
  94. Can't patch!!!!!!!!!!!
  95. Missing inventory and scrip
  96. Sniper Rifle doing no damage for headshots
  97. popping out of cover randomly
  98. crash on character select
  99. Cannot connect to server
  100. Not able to hold "E"
  101. Cannot complete "Cut 'em down to size" mission
  102. Roll Keybind Resetting
  103. Freezes On Logout
  104. Co-op issue
  105. VOT Pulser Bugged
  106. Small issue
  107. Im not getting anymore goal points for my Contracts daily and weeky
  108. Key binding bug still bugging
  109. Clan problems.
  110. Dont get the rewards! Storyline Mission Restart
  111. Hellbug Major Arkfalls - Mount Tam Area
  112. Spreading the Disease Emergency - Maderia
  113. Time out Bug.
  114. Yay. (May contain spoilers.)
  115. Is the Defiance store offline?
  116. Mission: Hostile Takeover
  117. Lefty woe
  118. Anti-cheat
  119. Failed to download versions patch aborted
  120. Ranchers & Raiders is STILL broken!
  121. server issues
  122. Cant Add Friends
  123. Inventory will not display
  124. Defiance and steam....virtual copy...downloads need upgrading..
  125. MISSION: Truth with Consequences Part 1
  126. I can not chat with clan mates
  127. Webpage live chat support broken?
  128. No loot?
  129. Slow spawning of main and episode missions
  130. Synergy mods I install show up wrong
  131. 4 Tier Locked Box
  132. perma stun/knockback
  133. Chatbox clan options
  134. Chatroom for all
  135. New shield 0_strings_missing
  136. Invisible on PvP
  137. multiplayer timeouts
  138. Help bug mission
  139. Still running into the invisible gunner at Serenity Academy several times week.
  140. Log in and cant move.
  141. Cerberus "ghosting"
  142. Game does not start
  143. BMG skill bugged.
  144. A series of problems Stuck
  145. 4 Tier Locked Box
  146. Ego units
  147. Three Problems in one week (Lookup Ozz)
  148. weapons skills
  149. maybe i ve been hacked
  150. Staring at the sky and circling
  151. Game won't launch after installing Win7 patches
  152. when i hit play, the game not come out
  153. Defiance Launcher Play Button not working...
  154. Major Scrapper Arkfall = 100% crash rate
  155. Car/buggy/truck wont 'boost'
  156. *issue*
  157. Game won't "PLAY" after windows update 8/14/13
  158. I've been trying to get my livestream giveaway prize
  159. Various bugs.
  160. Pressing play on the menu will not work...
  161. Problem of connection free version
  162. Defiance wont start i press play and nothing happens
  163. always reinstall
  164. I keep getting stuck in the ground.
  165. Infantry Hero outfit
  166. Still having XINUT1_3.dll problems
  167. 16 hours
  168. defiance DC service is unavailable every time after 10 mins of play
  169. Service unavailable?
  170. Press Play it does nothing..
  171. Server Select Window... Never saw that before!
  172. no explosive damage
  173. Toxic Converter Magazines for Shotguns
  174. EMC Armor Bug
  175. High Speed Challenge issues
  176. Dodge: High speed omelet - Madera
  177. Flying car
  178. Sniper headshots not doing anything
  179. Bullet for a badman-
  180. Lack of wall collision on Observatory
  181. Kill counters for pursuits.
  182. Logging in
  183. [BUG] Defiance fails to cleanup memory on exit.
  184. Appearance pack => unplayable character
  185. Trion You lied to us
  186. what up
  187. Did not get paid content...
  188. i cant download patch
  189. So im confused? am i failing or is the updater failing?
  190. Chat bug
  191. Chat Window - Please Change It Back
  192. Arena content not showing
  193. Camera controls inop
  194. season pass items
  195. EGO isn't appearing for me?
  196. Castithan DLC
  197. Crossfire ATI is not fixed yet
  198. Purchase dlc with in-game bits?
  199. Volgue emergencies drops bugged
  200. Chat is still bugged, same issue from the alpha client.
  201. New Missions?
  202. Buying multiple of the same item results in only one item in your inv
  203. Military Academy Invisible Walls
  204. where will it end.....problems abound..more created..
  205. DLC character customization CANNOT PLAY!!!!
  206. Dying on the final round of an Arena ends the match
  207. Issue with Mods and my Pistols
  208. Grammar bug on FRC Particle Ultimag
  209. Accidentally deleted character
  210. Synergies must be broken
  211. Invizible and silent gunman near truck outside Angels Fall Mine and Serenity Academy.
  212. Every player looks same
  213. charactor error
  214. White screen on startup
  215. Unacceptable DLC Patch Update..
  216. Vendors at World map
  217. Military Academy bugs
  218. Turret Turnaround Still Bugged.
  219. Cant update character -UNPLAYABLE
  220. Turn off new char sayings
  221. Entitled Account
  222. Chat dont work
  223. Season Pass/ Auto Item Claim
  224. Back seat of the Raptor bug
  225. Scopes bugged
  226. Ladders
  227. Patch or reinstall?
  228. need some help
  229. charge blade dmg bug
  230. DLC Mission
  231. Fragnova Std-55z buged
  232. the VERY LAST mission of the game...
  233. Kinship Volge siege
  234. Voulge Seige
  235. Mod Hoard's need to be fixed
  236. Season Pass not working
  237. DLC Bugs and issues
  238. Volge Violence
  239. Negative download rate for patcher. When can i ever play defiance? :(
  240. Hotkeys resetting after each logout
  241. [BUG ?] EGO Boost doesn't work on BMGs
  242. Military Academy...where to begin?
  243. Duel Requests
  244. sever down
  245. Patch 1.10 Mod Vendor Issues
  246. Mind telling me.....
  247. Chat system bug
  248. Was the PTR really successful?
  249. DLC Item Compensation
  250. DLC: How to start it?