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  1. [EU] Subx - Legendary, Epic & Mod Shop
  2. [PC-EU] [Trade List] Dracian's Lair - Legendary Weapons, Mods and Misc [05/30/2013]
  3. EU-PC "Friday`s shop"
  4. [EU] Shields and Mods for Sale
  5. [EU] WTB "Brutal" and "Assassin" MODS
  6. [EU] Alexri's Shop
  7. [EU] Reys' shop
  8. [eu] wts mods
  9. [EU PC] Rocketjumper's shop
  10. [EU-PC] WTB Prepared AR mods
  11. [EU] WTB Power Retention Choke III w/Rolling Thunder, paying 75k
  12. [EU] WTS/WTT Legendary syphon VOT Fragger
  13. (EU) bishop's T3 mod shop
  14. [EU] WTB Tachmag Pulser Syphon with Veteran synergy. Legendary prefered.
  15. [EU] Store of Epic / Good Guns and Blue Mods
  16. [EU] Clear up inventory
  17. [EU] Sammael´s shop
  18. [EU] WTB Wolfhound,syphon,1.15crit,stalker synergy
  19. (EU) Legendaries for sale or trade (EU)
  20. (EU) Want to Buy VOT Blast Rifle
  21. EU Can I get a price check on shield
  22. WTB/WTT Orange Tachmag Pulser
  23. wtb rapid shot pod III(quartermaster) and precision sniper mods
  24. Aerti Bearti's Thrift Shop
  25. WTB/WTT Orange Pulser
  26. wts/wtt red frc quick repeater
  27. Legendary grenade
  28. EU WTB VBI Sniper Rifle
  29. WTB FRC Assault Carbine (Any color)
  30. Hellbugs
  31. WTT/WTS legendary detonator(low ego!!!)
  32. Wanted : FRC Heavy Assault Carbine w/ Assassin Synergy, Syphon and Crit Bonus
  33. Looking for VOT Nano Fragger
  34. EU Price Check 3 Orange Weapons
  35. Want to trade or sell!
  36. WTB Legendary stingray bmg/Vot fragger/Nano-Fragger/Tachmag Pulser
  37. Joe's Shop
  38. WTB 1000-1600 EGO Sniper rifle with Scavenger slots
  39. WTS Mods and Weapons
  40. DarknessEyes PT - Shop
  41. Looking for Votan bolter sniper rifle with Crit multiplier
  42. WTB Shotgun Canoneer mods
  43. Viced's Cheap Shop ! Check it out !
  44. WTB Ranger,1.15 crit,assassin synergy
  45. 4x 1700ego syphon weapons for sale
  46. Buy rare rocket or grenade launchers.
  47. 1500-2000 EGO weapons
  48. Wts legendary fragnova-52z ego 30!!!!
  49. >>>wts some stuff<<<
  50. [EU] WTS orange weapons
  51. [eu] WTB scavenger mods
  52. Price Check
  53. WTS Legendary Inmunizer // Birdshot Pump
  54. WTB Legendary Assault Rifle
  55. 2k EGO SHOP
  56. WTB legendary tachmag pulser
  57. Stuffs for sale
  58. WTB FRC Particle Repeater
  59. WTB VOT Mazu Blast Rifle(legendary)
  60. WTB External Recoil Reduction III (stock mod) For rifle\smg\lmg
  61. WTB tier 3 scavenger smg mods/tier 3 stalker saw mods
  62. Prices Check
  63. WTS Legendary VOT Mazu Blast Rifle
  64. Tekrunner's shop
  65. Weapon shop
  66. PC on legendary Sniper Rifle
  67. WTS 5 Legendary weapons for 15k
  68. WTB Stalker mod for SMG/LMG/AR falloff+8
  69. WTS Legendary/Orange VBI Sniper Rifle
  70. WTB VOT Tachmag Pulser
  71. WTS: Legendary VOT Spanner & Legendary FRC Northstar Flaregun
  72. EU-PC Stuffs for sale
  73. (WTS-WTB-WTT) Astralon's Salvage Exchange
  74. Looking for Catalyst Injector II
  75. wtb Tornado with assassin?
  76. WTB Breaker Cannon
  77. WTB SMG Scavenger stock mod (recoil type)
  78. [EU-PC] Joiku's Decent Weapon Shop (EGO: 4,9-5k)
  79. WTB Orange FRC Auto-Scattergun Chemical (EGO 2-3k)
  80. [PC-EU] Dracian's Lair (Legendaries, T3 Synergy Mods and much more) (v2.0)
  81. WTS Orange VOT Bolter
  82. WTS legendary weapons
  83. WTB legendary sniper rifle
  84. WTB VBI assault rifle
  85. WTB Power Bore III with Rolling Thunder
  86. WTB VBI TACC Assault Rifle with ego precision
  87. for sale
  88. Legendary FRC Heavy Scattergun for sale
  89. WTB Rapid shot pod III (stalker)
  90. Siegmals junkyard sell and buy :3!
  91. WTT orange VOT Rebound Lobber
  92. Selling a few things
  93. WTT Orange FRC Particle Ultimag & Orange VOT Surge Nano-Fragger
  94. WTS some mods
  95. WTB Purple SO-2 Courier
  96. WTB legendary weapons
  97. WTB legendary grenade/shield cheap
  98. WTB Stalker mods
  99. Selling VBI BM-4 Stingray (Legendary) BMG 30K Level: 318
  100. WTB low Ego weapons
  101. Selling VERY accurate Sub-carbine!
  102. Gulc's (mostly)high ego shop
  103. Anybody have a spare standard Invader for sale ?
  104. WTS Legendary VOT Meteor Bolter 4459
  105. Stuff for sale
  106. wanted orange shied
  107. WTS VBI PSR-7 Cyclone
  108. Zewy's Trading Post [PC-EU]
  109. Coke's awesome shop!
  110. Psyclown's shop (PC-EU)
  111. Price check- possible to sell Legendary shield 100% hp regen!
  112. WTB Rolling Thunder LMG MODS
  113. legendaries for sale!
  114. TriGlav 2000's shop
  115. WTS Orange VOT Volge Battle Rifle Gun MK IV
  116. WTB Legendary Votan Pulser, Mods
  117. vbi short barrel shotgun epic for sale
  118. Volge battle rifles (Legendary)
  119. VTB crappy synergy (Brutal, Prepared) EPIC mods for assault rifle.
  120. Looking for Legendary VBI Assault Rifle 1000+ (automatic)
  121. WTB epic mods!
  122. WTB Purple SAW EGO 440
  123. WTB Close Quarters Buttstock III(assassinised)
  124. Alexri's shop
  125. WTB Volge battle rifles
  126. WTB a Volge Battle Rifle with 2x Velocity
  127. WTB Legendary Tachmag Pluser
  128. WTS/T Legendary FRC Quick Repeater
  129. WTS/T Legendary VBI Autopistol, Vot Rebound Lobber and Rizifyo Blade
  130. Selling Legandary VOT Breaker Cannon | EGO 758 |
  131. Stuff for sale
  132. Wtb frc assault rifle and volge battle rifle.
  133. Price check
  134. FRC Assault Carbine + Synergy:Quartermaster
  135. Etaew's Store
  136. WTB cannoneer critical barrel for LMG
  137. WTB 30% self revive weapons..
  138. Nim's Shop Of Brutal Maiming (Legendaries and DLC Epics For Sale)
  139. Sabre 22's wanted list
  140. Vot pulser
  141. Wtb svavenger SMG mods
  142. selling / trading orange VBI SMG, 3976DPS, EGO level 4059
  143. WTB Extended Magazine IV & Recoil Dampener IV
  144. Fuzzy's shop (Mostly Ego 5000 stuff)
  145. Wtb wolfhound.
  146. PC-EU Legendary Wolfhound (crazy crit?) pricecheck/trade
  147. Buying: Orange Wolfhound ; Offering: A dozen+ legendaries.
  148. Trading legendary VBI LM-12 Rocker
  149. Legendary Typhoon X Wanted
  150. Selling: Volge Battle Rifle MKIII fully modded & synergized
  151. Buying Epic Pistol Mods
  152. help!
  153. WTB Legendary syphon Quickshot Blaster
  154. A few legendarys.
  155. Larianka's lair (Legendary stuff w/ EGO<2000)
  156. Want buy
  157. Looking for VBI TACC Assault Rifles
  158. WTB VBI PS-30 Sluger
  159. WTB: Orange HP5 Pistol. Ego: <=4509. WTS: Orange Corpse Infector.
  160. Quickburst Pulsar
  161. WTB Ironclad Blastproof EX
  162. Looking for FRC Quick Repeater
  163. WTB: VOT Fragger/Volge Breacher (Same thing.)
  164. IN NEED OF A Wolfhound!!!!
  165. WTB: VBI -CSX Clustershot (Purple or better), (Syn: Assassin OR Cannoner)
  166. Kamy's Shop
  167. Buy, Sell and Trade with The Hulker Cafe
  168. Trading legendary VOT Mass Cannon
  169. Respark Regenerator (Blue, Purple or Orange)
  170. Trading FRC Rocket Pod Legendary
  171. AR700SAW's Shop
  172. WTS a Wolfhound
  173. Kyda c'N'd Shop (EGO 5000)
  174. Looking for a price check (Legendary VBI TACC AR)
  175. WTB custom headshot bolters
  176. WTS shields and guns
  177. FOUR Epic Mods for just TWO.
  178. Needed: Orange VBI LM-43 Thunder Electrical or Nuclear
  179. Hulker Cafe Shield Update
  180. Needed: Purple/Orange Rifles of precision with loads
  181. Search LRC Particles repeater blue/purple or Legendary.
  182. WTS two orange pistols
  183. Scroll bar to inventory/Loadout/Salvage Matrix
  184. Personalized Storefronts now available on Hulker Cafe
  185. how do i use weapon attachments?
  186. WTB rolling thunder AR mods
  187. WTS some legendary weapons
  188. Epic Shotgun Scavengers Mods Wanted
  189. Wanted: Rhino Regenerator IV DX 2500EGO
  190. WTB: VOT VOLGE LIGHTNING RIFLE, 2500 EGO or less.
  191. Wtb: Vot fragger 1000
  192. WTS Lots of legendary stuff :P
  193. WTS: Legendary weapons & Epic mods
  194. WTB legendary ironclad regenerator
  195. Epic mods for sale
  196. Orange Weapons For Sale
  197. WTB blue/purple "Stalker", "Cannoneer" & un-synergied SMG mods
  198. Looking for an Orange Flashbang to trade for my Orange Frag
  199. Alexri's trade shop
  200. WTS 4 orange with ego 1.2-1.6k
  201. Price check
  202. WTB volge battle rifle MKIV
  203. WTB Orange/Legendary Shield 1-2k ego level
  204. I want to sell / swap. 2 orange weapons ego 1.5-1.6 k +
  205. WTS some oj items
  206. Alexri's rarity upgradable weapons shop
  207. Wtb hurricane shield
  208. [WTB] Grenade firing weapons(Clustershot, SO-2 etc.)
  209. legendary/rare/epic/shop
  210. WTB legendary grenade
  211. WTB Rapid Shot Pod IV (any synergy)
  212. WTT Orange cluster grenade for Orange frag grenade
  213. by_zbz or zbzrulez its my name in defiance
  214. Pob's Mod Shop
  215. Wanted: VOT Pulser with specific stats
  216. Shakk's Neighborhood
  217. Rare T4 mods for sale
  218. Garage sale !!!
  219. Looking for some bio weaponry.
  220. WTB Votan Auto-Bolter Siphon
  221. Epic weapons (orange) for sale
  222. Looking For Shield
  223. WTB A FRAGGER Pump Shutgun !
  224. WTB Typhoon-X AR
  225. Selling weapons
  226. WTT Orange bio grenade for Orange shrill grenade
  227. WTB Strain Mitigator V Mod
  228. High level weapons for sale
  229. Gun Runners
  230. WTB an orange grenade (frag prefered)
  231. WTB Respark Regenerator
  232. T4 mods wanted
  233. Crit Weapons for sale!
  234. Mods Needed
  235. WTB Bio/Rad Zagger
  236. WTS Rare&Epic mods
  237. WTB blue or higher rarity pistol mods with grenadier synergy
  238. WTB Legendary ironclad/rhino Regenerator
  239. LF Bio Tachmag with specific rolls
  240. WTB T3/T4 Rolling Thunder mods for Shotguns
  241. LF bio Crimefighter with mag rolls
  242. WTB Scavenger Epic Mods
  243. WTB epic cannoneer mag/scope for lmg
  244. quest for widows impact
  245. Buying Zaggers..
  246. Pob's Shield & Weapon Shop
  247. Want to buy a Bio DF Crimefighter!
  248. Mods
  249. Ark spike
  250. Trading T5 Shotgun Power Choke Mod for T5 Shotgun Power Retention Choke Mod