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  1. Legendaries For Sale / Trade
  2. Looking for Cannoneer External Recoil Reduction
  3. Looking for Respark/Halo ARK Shields
  4. Advertis it
  5. Looking for Stalker Shotgun Hip Spread Mk3 Sight
  6. Looking for Grenadier Stock for a Detonator
  7. need a shield
  8. (PS3 EU) Bishop's T3 mod shop
  9. Need
  10. Looking for Grenadier and Assassin AR mods
  11. Looking for Cannoneer Mods for AR
  12. need a lmg non-syn recoil reduction and high cap mag! fast! ^^
  13. Vot blaster pistol orange wanted.
  14. Needing these mods
  15. Hurrican Booster V ARK 4 Trade
  16. LF a Rhino Regen w/ at least 75% Health-Regen...Color doesn't matter & Tachmag Pulser
  17. trading Power Bore III Asassin synergy
  18. trading Stalker power bore 3, ar/lmg/smg
  19. Legendaries for Trade (no scrip)
  20. Orange respark wanted.
  21. Legendary Required
  22. Looking For A Siphon SAW
  23. VOT Pulser SMG (incendiary or toxic) with Rollin thunder wanted
  24. Wanted please have alook
  25. want blue OR green AR recoil stock/mod, have script and mods
  26. Trading only Orange Saw fire ego 4074
  27. looking for the best mods for detonators
  28. trading Respark V orange, ego 1800
  29. Looking for mods (blue synergy)
  30. Looking for a Rhino Regen 75%, color doesn't matter...offer oranges
  31. Looking for Stalker Toxic Converter for assault rifles
  32. Vbi fully automatic Cannoneer assault rifle 4272 ego.
  33. looking for a orange assault rifle
  34. Trading Orange FRC SAW, Bio, Canoneer
  35. Wtb legendary
  36. Looking for Stalker Mods for AR
  37. Mods for sale
  38. What i look for
  39. looking for a orange vbi tacc assault rifle
  40. Orange respark contender shield for trade
  41. orange shield 3 sec delay
  42. seek external recoil reduction, non-syn paying 10k each
  43. Looking or Respark Energizer/Survivor Shield
  44. List of mods needed
  45. For trade iron clad regenerator iv ex
  46. NEED Canoneer mods lvl III for SMG
  47. LF mods - AR quartermaster & SMG grenader
  48. Rolling thunder shotgun mods wanted.
  49. 2 for 1 offer
  50. My little Shop
  51. Blue Mod Synergy sale
  52. Wanted
  53. Looking for Respark Regen (75%HP)
  54. Orange iron clad regen 75%hp for trade
  55. Paying 100k for a Grenadier Sledge Arm mod for Detonator
  56. Looking for VBI Assault Rifle`s paying top price or trade for nice stuff
  57. Looking for vot grind fragger with syphon
  58. LF VOT legendary VOT Pulser/VBI AR/VBI SMG Siphon, offer VOT Tachmag Pulser Siphon
  59. VOT Grind Fragger Orange
  60. Aimee's Armory
  61. WTB Infector Mods
  62. canker with stalker for trade
  63. Orange SAW for trade
  64. Rhino Grenadier V ARK
  65. Orange Hurricane Regen 75% for trade
  66. Post your charger weapons here
  67. Aimee's Armory
  68. Vbi syphon sniper for trade
  69. Saw for trade
  70. selling orange ground pounder and a orange pistol
  71. Ironclad V, ego 3270, cap 2055 up for trade/sell *-pvp-monster-*
  72. Hi value mods for who ever pays the most need cash!!!
  73. NEED Quartermaster-Mods lvl III for Sniper
  74. Selling - Orange Rhino Contender V DX Shield
  75. Guns And Mods Sell/Trade
  76. wanted mods
  77. Offer Nano-Fragger
  78. Orange VBI PSR-7 Cyclone Charge Sniper For Sale
  79. selling orange frc matchlock boomer CHEAP !
  80. Ego 4321 Biological Vbi tacc Assault Rifle Orange.
  81. Ego 4321 Frc Electrical Saw.
  82. Lookin for 1000 ego oranges
  83. Look at this......
  84. Need help with mods
  85. anyone have any machinist or veteran mods for sale or trade?
  86. Orange Fragnova-std 55z, ego 2155 up for trade/sell
  87. Vbi Smg syphon cannoneer ego 1675.Trade only.
  88. Looking for Orange Syphon Particle Repeater
  89. Need help :_)
  90. Need a top (lower ego) Siphon SMG, any color appreciated
  91. Frc partical repeter grenadier fire for trade
  92. Selling Rhino Regenerator IV D Shield
  93. Grenadier pistol mods needed.
  94. selling items
  95. offer me something nice for 500K
  96. Looking for a legendary VOT Surge Bolter Electric/Siphon
  97. Frc partical repeter for trade
  98. Looking for a good LMG
  99. Orange assault and sniper PRICE CHECK
  100. LF Legendary vot surge bolter
  101. VOT Spanner Protector Legendary?
  102. Games a big joke
  103. (Orange) VOT Spanner Protector?
  104. 40k for an SMG External Recoil Reduction III (Cannoneer)
  105. Buying Orange Flash Grenade?
  106. Legendary VBI Assult PRICE CHECK
  107. Offer legendary FRC Saw
  108. Selling ego 4455 vbi smg
  109. Selling VOT Disruptor
  110. OJs for sale/trade
  111. Radiation grenadier vbi ar for trade
  112. Purple Tachyon Regenerator IV EX
  113. Respark REgen ARK V
  114. Orange FRC Sawed-Off Scattergun
  115. Bargain Basement Sale
  116. Orange blast rifle and sniper for sale
  117. Oj,s for sale or trade
  118. PS3 EU: search VOT GRIND Fragger, green,pisin, firerate 3.0 / 3.1
  119. Looking FRC Assault Carbine
  120. WTS Purple VOT Volge Typhoon AR
  121. dlc 2 in psn store !!!!
  122. Any interest in a Legendary Outbreaker?
  123. WTB VOT Surge Bolter EGO 1500 or below
  124. Hey - I'm new to the Defiance Community!
  125. WTS Orange FRC Nomad SMG
  126. Eu/na server question
  127. looking for a orange respark
  128. Want to buy Wolfhound purple or better.
  129. Oranges weapons for trade
  130. Anybody still playing?
  131. looking to trade for a purple Volge Typhoon AR with a Ego of about 1070-1100
  132. Buy, Sell and Trade with The Hulker Cafe
  133. looking for a orange Respark Regenerator IV DX
  134. What Happen to the callout?
  135. WTB Ego 1000 ish volge battle rifle mk3 and pistol.
  136. looking for a vbi tacc assault rifle electric
  137. Hoping to trade/sell some oranges
  138. quartermaster zagger for trade
  139. Purple & Orange EGO 2000+ Sale
  140. Would like if possible
  141. mouse anda keyboard
  142. Zapraszam Polaków !!!
  143. wtb oj votan autobolter (semi-auto sniper)
  144. respark regenerateor ||| DX for sale
  145. anyone selling pumkin head gear?
  146. Hellfire Weapons EG Beelzebub?
  147. looking for T4 purge mods for pistol and smg
  148. Buying any orange grenade's
  149. Looking for Carving Knife
  150. Granade Legendary
  151. Orange VOT Disruptor for trade
  152. In need of a BGM endless charge.
  153. Looking for
  154. VOT Nano Fragger, Zagger, VBI Cyclone?
  155. Eleni's Wish list
  156. DC weapons EGO 2400?
  157. Help 25 kills by vehicles (PS3 EU servers)
  158. Im looking for
  159. Strain reducer
  160. I'm looking for
  161. My wish list
  162. Loan me orange grenade?
  163. Trade Final Cross vs Thorny Rose
  164. Need survivor v ark shield
  165. Need Heartbreaker AR
  166. Looking for
  167. Heartseeker
  168. WTB/WTT Saturnalia Mods
  169. Selling cupids arrow
  170. Rearm V ARK
  171. SEEKING: Typhoon-X AR (Electrical) @ EGO 5000+
  172. WTB Ghost Duster - Offering: Fates Kiss or other OJs
  173. Looking for
  174. I need grind fragger
  175. SEEKING: Typhoon-X AR in all nanos, purple, EGO 5000+
  176. GrosBill's trading/wish list
  177. WTB EGO precision AR mods
  178. Tarmim's Wish List
  179. Buy 2x OJ Big Boomer
  180. Looking for dc-11 piper pleaseeee respond looking to buy
  181. Taking offers on reckoning ego 5170 (only trades)
  182. Group for expeditions?
  183. Gaasden Trading thread
  184. For sale
  185. Can someone OJ these items:
  186. WTB ; feaster , stingray , big boomer , carving knife & More
  187. Oj canker for trade (full t4ed , triple fire rate)
  188. Named Assault Rifle.....And Taxes ---Give Away
  189. Selling: OJ FRC Big Boomer fully OJ modded
  190. Trading oj canker/blighter for Feaster (mkii preferred but also buy old one)
  191. Angel for exchange
  192. Bounty for these:
  193. Selling DC-11 Piper Mk II (EGO 5900) / Fully T3 Modded
  194. Price check ego 5300 carving knife
  195. looking for a sat recoil ars t3
  196. looking for T4's...
  197. Selling legendary event weapons
  198. WTB Quickburst Pulser MK2
  199. Orange grenades
  200. Buying ego 3000 oj shields please help
  201. WTB ; dc-7 swimming swan, dc-11 piper , vbi ps-30 slugger , spanner trapper
  202. Got wolfman mkii ego 5300 to trade
  203. Paying 100k script for ego 3000 oj shield
  204. Armistice
  205. White's Armory
  206. looking for a few purple mods
  207. WTB purple weapons
  208. Sell convertors
  209. buying guardian angel or any survivor ark shields.
  210. Need some T4 mods
  211. Buying heartbreaker northstar blaze
  212. i need i want a ironclad blastproof ark
  213. Looking for
  214. trading jackpots
  215. in search of a few T4 mods
  216. Buying Assassin Big Boomer
  217. Buying Prepared Big Boomer
  218. my wishlist and my business(yh i sell too)
  219. Trade JPs
  220. (Spock's Stocks) T4 mods & converters
  221. Is there a Chaos here on EU?
  222. Bloodhound MKII
  223. Want a nanoless springer MKII
  224. T/O on Oj tumbleweed
  225. Buying
  226. Derps selling thread
  227. Gaasden good bye giveaway
  228. looking for....
  229. Eleni Harakiri
  230. Looking for purge mods AR
  231. Trading & Selling — ianvoyager
  232. Wtb / wtt
  233. legendary TN Big Boomer (no FRC), ego 5500 or plus, high dmg
  234. Trade enervator mk I low ego
  235. Please Exercise Caution with Trades
  236. Search CARVING KNIFE
  237. trading t4 ps +4 det mag
  238. Trade orange for cyber kit
  239. looking for oj TN Big Boomer ego 5900/6000 high dmg
  240. Don't be so scared, all the time
  241. Sustained Suppression mods
  242. Radiant Solstice/Plate Slicer/Heartbreaker T4/T3 mods & a few guns
  243. Expedition team wanted
  244. WTT - Autumn S., Enervator, DC-5, Emancipator
  245. Looking for Phantasm and Afterlife
  246. Franky's Shop
  247. Trading a Hobgoblin. And selling a t4 AR purge mod.
  248. WTB Plate Slicer Catalyst Injector II
  249. Wts weapons mods and shields (ps3 eu)
  250. WTT/ x3DMG rolled OJ TN BB (pre-patch)