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  1. Buying or Selling for Real World Money (Not allowed)
  2. LF grenadier mods for ar.
  3. WTS FRC BULL RUSH 45 Crazy Crit
  4. MrDakka's Mods
  5. Peavstar's Weapon and Mod Shop
  6. Rids Mod Shop ( Frequently Updated)
  7. new synergy mods list for sale
  8. I need BIG help modding FRC Heavy Assault Carbine - SIPHON
  9. Culli's critical cathedral (na)
  10. Oranges, purples and mods Unchained. (na)
  11. Trade: Legendary Swarm Cannon / 25% Speed Boost/Dbl Fire Rate/+8% Dmg/EGO 3021
  12. Mods for sale
  13. Orange Weapons ( Mostly High EGO ) for sale or trade
  14. Organleggers Black Market
  15. Mythos's Orange Trade Shop (PS3 NA servers)
  16. looking for some items...PS3....N/A
  17. Looking for
  18. TANK's Mods
  19. Alyn Lux's - The Purple Haze - Now with Greater Variety! Still the Best Epic Weapons!
  20. Legendaries for Trade
  21. Script vs Your Legendaries
  22. SiN-sations Mods NA
  23. FRC Assault carbine for Trade
  24. Assassin Stabilization vs. Tactical Scope
  25. Orange & Purple Immunizers Available - Get To Infectin'!!
  26. WTT for a decent roll Orange Courier or Bolt Action Repeater/ VBI Sniper with nano
  27. Mod wanted: Assassin Rapid Shot Pod III. Will pay 50K or trade Brutal Power Bore III
  28. Rhino Contender IV EX for sale/trade
  29. Nades for trade!
  30. Taco's trade thread
  31. I just saw... Does anyone know more on this shield
  32. Hurricane Blockade V ARK
  33. Looking 4 run n gun ar mods
  34. looking for AR/LMG mods
  35. The DLC blade weapon video.... its kinda meeeehhh (more effort is needed)
  36. Feeler Thread on Two Legendary Weapons (NA PS3) (Syphon Courier ego 1000, VBI Invader
  37. Pretty sure they killed the drop rate of the boxes for the weekend.
  38. LF Stalker External Recoil Reduction Any Color i would prefer blue
  39. trading 1-1 smg mods
  40. Friday Night Epic Shy-lds
  41. Looking for non syn smg mods!
  42. Question About this beast setup
  43. Just chking: are Siphon VOT Blaster(Rolling Thunder) worth smithing now days?
  44. LF a pro 52-Z bio nova
  45. [NA] Scopes for sale 20k/ea
  46. Purple weapons and Blue mods for sale/trade
  47. [NA] Selling 3 Stalker Sniper Mods 50k Total
  48. Todays Tier 3 Suprise
  49. Looking for cannoneer mods
  50. Creeper's Mod Shop
  51. The Legendary Shop Returns (NA PS3) VBI AR, Invader, Blaster, More *LOOK*
  52. [TRADE] VOT Blast Rifle: Siphon (Rolling Thunder)
  53. Crit Roll Wolfhounds (NA)
  54. legendary grenade wanted
  55. Looking for Cannoneer External Recoil Reduction (EU)
  56. Looking for a nice 100% health regen ark
  57. **Trading most of my sheilds**
  58. Sawed-Off Wanted
  59. Want to buy a legendary
  60. Syphon clustershot vbi smg
  61. Looking for non syn smg mods
  62. Looking for full set of stalker mods
  63. 38 days played what about you ?
  64. Need non synergy external 4 ar
  65. Blue mods for sale (NA)
  66. Looking for Pistol Mods
  67. VOT Mazu Blast Rifle for trade
  68. WTT Orange Respark Reloader
  69. LF Cannon Shotty Mods for sawed off
  70. Group XP Active from me!!
  71. LF crit force barrell II Assassin
  72. (TRADE) FRC Sub-Carbine
  73. LF QtrMaster AR Barrel
  74. Beastly Legendary VOT Nano Fragger For Trade!!
  75. Holy Moly VOT Grind Fragger You Have to See!! Possible Trade
  76. Buying Weapon Mods!
  77. [NA] LF: Blue-Quartermaster-High Capacity Magazine/External Recoil Reduction 65k/ea
  78. (NA) Legendary weapons for sale/trade (NA)
  79. Does anybody got a ARK shield for trade? Will make good offer
  80. (NA) Purple weapons/shields (NA)
  81. Looking for Legendary SMG, AR - Shotguns, Infecter for trade
  82. External Recoil Reduction III: Stalker for AR auction
  83. Mods Auction for AR
  84. Ironclad Grenadier V Ark Looking To Take (Fair) Offers
  85. Super vegeta's mods!! Ps3 na server
  86. Lf extended sniper mag cannoneer
  87. So which tier??
  88. Be carefull!!
  89. I'm wanting to buy some mods
  90. LF flashnova pro 55z
  91. Looking 4 a shield that fits
  92. Legendary Weapons for Sale (2800+ ego)
  93. Browse my wares
  94. trading 3 legendaries
  95. looking for mod
  96. looking for two bug gun mods
  97. Trading VBI Invader + Rebel V 2.4 delay BOTH for a Syphon VBI SMG
  98. Trading a VBI HP-6 wolfhound
  99. LF Cannoneer mod set for AR
  100. I have Mods for script/trade...
  101. Snipe Mods I need
  102. weapons , shields , mods
  103. oranges for trade(NA)
  104. WTT Legendary VBI LM-12 Rocker LMG
  105. 2 interesting questons for those who think they know the game weapon system
  106. Introducing My SAW's Secondary Weapon - Grainger - You Gotta See This!
  107. Looking for VBI Assault Rifle!
  108. Got a question...
  109. Assaults, Assaults, Assaults!!!
  110. Trading a baby frag nova pro-52zp
  111. quartermaster power bore 3 auction
  112. The Technicolor Sawed-Off - An Off Color Weapon Shop
  113. LAST Trade forum for me, last time to get these items
  114. Ionic Barrell III (assassin) AUCTION!!
  115. Im surprised ppl are NOT asking for Couriers, nano fraggers or saw-off shottys
  116. Lf a frc or vbi assualt with electirc
  117. WTFis with every legendary 15% self rev or 200% melee
  118. 1.3 mil ark salvage on t4s heres the trash 10 legendaries
  119. What happend?
  120. niiiiiiice new NA Side of trading forum
  121. Alyn Lux's - The Purple Haze - An Epic Weapon Shop - Repost for New NA Forum
  122. Trade Offer for VBI SMG (Syphon) (Rebel V 2.4 delay, Invader) stats inside.
  123. crap legendaries 10 for 10 all self rev garbage
  124. LF FRC ASSAULT VBI ASSAULT SYPHON WTT a few or many of my 60 legendaries
  125. Ionic Barrell III (assassin) AUCTION!!
  126. Creeper's Mod Shop
  127. Assaults, Assaults, Assaults!!!
  128. Looking for a VBI SMG, VOT Pulser, and a Tachmag Pulser
  129. Fragnova Pro-25z up for trade
  130. i'am looking for a orange saw
  131. Will trade 3 orange weapons for a orange saw
  132. Auction : Power Bore III Run-in-gun
  133. what do you horde? do you have a hoarding disorder?
  134. Cluster 55zfor trade
  135. tradeing orange sub carbine
  136. LF Stingray with a link roll
  137. Shield For Trade
  138. Looking for Expanded Magazine III Assassin Pistol Mod
  139. Oranges and Mods to trade
  140. Items for trade/sale
  141. AR Mod`s for sale
  142. Possible keeper thread
  143. taking offers on respark regen
  144. C-Beezy's Mod shop
  145. Ok, I swear Last Time I show Off for a Few Days - New VOT Grind Fragger
  146. How was everyone's Bonus weekend
  147. why in the hell!
  148. The keeper thread aka gun show
  149. Looking for assassin mods for shottguns
  150. huge mod sale
  151. Alyn Lux's - Legendary Weapons - Updated 7/29/13 - New NA Forum!
  152. Mrjihad's Green Mod Thrift
  153. Mods for sale
  154. What is the deal with bits?
  155. tradeing orange syphon frc assault carbine
  156. 6 special mods up for bid
  157. looking 4- Canker
  158. Assassin Tactical AR Scope III Auction
  159. Mods for sale
  160. LF Stalker High Capacity Magazine III for AR
  161. orange 4 trade
  162. Mods for sale NA
  163. Orange's for trade (PS3 NA)
  164. Anyone selling orange items?
  165. BUYING a LOT of MODS (need AR and Shotgun no synergy mods) (6 total)
  166. **buying these mods**
  167. QUIK420s quick sale! A legendary,a buncha epics, and some mods!
  168. Low EGO weapons for sale/trade
  169. Mods for 10k a piece
  170. Just gotta give a shout out to
  171. HELP NEEDED Need someone who is over EGO 2700, i need a tacc AR XP maxed...
  172. Need Help Fellow Traders
  173. Mav's Mod Shop
  174. Selling random mods
  175. Random test... a new research project
  176. Epic Guns for Sale
  177. Lf purp bmgs
  178. Looking for Mk3 hip scope (cannoneer)
  179. Looking for a nano fragger ego 2k or lower
  180. Orange FRC Rocket Pod Syn Veteran for sale...
  181. Selling purples
  182. Should I try to sell these to people or just scrap?
  183. Siphon Wolfhound and siphon HVY Carbine for trade
  184. Couple Legendary shields n Frag for trade
  185. Looking for
  186. Epic Shields & Weapons for scrip
  187. Respark Reloader Trade For Ground pounder
  188. Mad Kains (buy/sell/trade)
  189. Would like opinions on my newest pull
  190. Granny Purps Epic Emporium
  191. Clusterluck
  192. can anyone help with this question
  193. Control Burst mods.
  194. This Sexxy Siphon Courier deserves a thread. I dubed her "Huevos con Chorizo"
  195. CLUSTERNOVA 55z for trade
  196. LF sniper rapid mag grenadier
  197. Syphon clustershot wtt
  198. trading a decent orange siphon clustershot
  199. nano fragger for trade
  200. BUYING: External Recoil Reduction III (for assult rifles) need TWO! no synergy.
  201. Am looking for non-syn mods.
  202. looking for 2 grenadier mods
  203. need non syn shotty mods
  204. Would like to trade or buy gold saw or battle saw if there is one.
  205. syphon vbi on the market
  206. Trading a Collection
  207. Looking for any orange w/ assassin
  208. rolling thunder ionic barrel for trade
  209. Wtt rebel 4 respark
  210. VBI SO-2 Courier [assassin]
  211. Trav's Hand Rolled Purples - Killer Epics with no Surprises! {NA}
  212. How do you feel about the new outfits and headgear??
  213. Buying Orange Fragnova
  214. Looking to buy orange shield
  215. selling ionic barrel lv3 synergy quartermaster
  216. selling stabilization sight III mod for AR syn run-n-gun blue and green
  217. I'll pay 75k for QM External Recoil Redux III
  218. Offering 50k for orange blt sniper and 30k for orange grenade or shield
  219. ledgendary infector questions
  220. For Sale:Rebel Regenerator III DX: cap-1350/rechrge 10%/delay-3/50% hp regen (shield)
  221. Looking for a nice frag nade
  222. Trading FRC Sawed-Off Scattergun
  223. I'm wanting to buy a Run-n-Gun Ionic Barrel III
  224. Lf rhino sheild
  225. Peoples choice best regen shield?
  226. A few mods I need.
  227. TANK's Legendaries and Epics
  228. Rids Epic (Purps) For Sale, NICE Items.
  229. Pandemoniums Mods
  230. Looking for an orange saw/battle saw or battle assault rifle
  231. search for the tele
  232. Favor for friend
  233. How would YOU mod this assault rifle? [AKA "Mother Russia"]
  234. BIG Trade for the Right VBI SO-2 Courier (Syphon preferred NOT Necessary!)
  235. Merkin's High Roller Mod Shop
  236. WTB RNG shotgun mods
  237. Vbi assault rifle
  238. Lf anything orange w/ assassin
  239. Trading ungodly double syphon cannoneer wolfhound!!!!!
  240. Demi's mod clearance
  241. Looking for purples and mods.....!!!!!!!!!!!!
  242. LF non synergy ar mods
  243. is there any way to change the lettering on defiance to Spanish?
  244. looking for purple shields and grenades
  245. AUCTION:(Shield) Tachyon Bullseye V ARK
  246. Set of Lv3 Ar mods Grenadier
  247. **sexy mods for Auction**
  248. Looking for a external recoil and stab scope stalker for smgs
  249. 20 Synergy mods and 6 synergy weapons for an Assassin AR FULLY MODDED
  250. LF AR Brutal stock