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  1. Besieged; Shrill and Afflicted ~XBOX NA~ 5/23/16
  2. Cronus Claniversary 2016 (PC/NA Event)
  3. ~xbox na~ pvp 5/15/16
  4. Big race on defiance!!
  5. Warmaster Wednesdays ~Xbox NA~
  6. Trion Creator Program Community Run Discord & Imzy
  8. Defiance Terminators 2nd Claniversary (10-10-16) PS3 N/A
  9. Team Volgetech - information
  10. [PC-NA] Community PVP Day: Let's fill Monterey Coast and Shadow War!
  11. Final month of giveaway! A winner every day!
  12. Spirit Festival 2016 (PC/NA Event)
  13. [EXTRA LIFE] Seshatar’s EL 2016 roadmap: 24h+ stream, giveaways & more
  14. ThanksGiveaway 2016 (All Platforms)
  15. Memory Lane Challenge (all platforms)
  16. Giving away every single jp drop this event!
  17. Memory Lane Challenge #2(All Platforms)
  18. Giveawayy pc naaa
  19. Colony Courtship Marathon.
  20. Singin' in the Rain Dance March!
  21. Memory Lane Challenge #3 (all platforms)
  22. HyperX cloud II Headset giveaway (ANYONE/EVERYONE)
  23. DT's Clan Anniversary Event
  24. Headhunters clanniversary events
  25. Guardians of defiance PS3EU event.
  26. Chaos Crew clanniversary event pc/na
  27. Cronus' Armstice Anniversary [PC/NA]
  28. A S G A R D - Clan Anniversary Event - PC EU
  29. RED THUGS PC -EU invites you to Defiance Anniversary Celebration events
  30. 7Th Legion (X360NA) Welcomes All To The Defiance 4th Anniversary Celebration!!
  31. Freemasons Clanniversary Event (XBox360NA)
  32. April 2017 PC NA Community Picture
  33. Xy's P.O.V incursion clanniversary video contest [PS3:EU]
  34. My YouTube Channel Anniversary
  35. Memory Lane Challenge #4 (all platforms)
  36. Xy's P.O.V incursion video contest April 14th at Diablo [PS3:EU]
  37. Siege event 17/4
  38. We have the wieners
  39. OUtbreak Jp Drop give away and Arkfall Callout contest.
  40. Cronus 3rd Year Anniversary (All Platforms)
  41. Chaos Crew community raffle, eat a pow burger
  42. Christmas in July 2017! (All Platforms)
  43. PS3 NA Sword Battle Atop Golden Gate Bridge!
  44. Spirit Festival 2017 [All Platforms!]
  45. [FIXED] Extra Life Event Reward of 500 Loyalty Not Recieved for ChipHead
  46. Big community event on xbox na
  47. ps3 na mass sw
  48. Chaos Crew holiday 2017 raffle PC/NA only
  49. Death March
  50. Chaos Crew Armistice give away PC/NA ONLY
  51. Sprint the Bay! [PC/NA Armstice Event!]
  52. Chaos Crew 2050 beta key raffle, pc only
  53. Year Anniversary
  54. Chaos Crew Memorial day event
  55. Streaming Defiance 2050 On twitch
  56. Christmas Dance Party Giveaway with DJ COOTERs
  57. Is there going to be ??
  58. Halloween give away for newer players
  59. Wanting to get 4 players together with Organic Torment - Heaven