View Full Version : Turbo FRC Heavy Assault Carbine?

06-30-2013, 03:53 AM
Has anyone in any platform used a turbo capable controller with one of these beasts equipped? If so does it improve or degrade it's performance?

06-30-2013, 04:22 AM
You should post this on the ps3 thread... or xbox360....

erm honestly i wonder if that violates the tos because your hardware gives you a advantage over the norms...

06-30-2013, 04:48 AM
Attach a Burst mod to it, and press that fire button. You will chew through anything and your ammo pool in no time. Quite fun. No turbo gamepads needed.


06-30-2013, 05:15 AM
did abit of searching and gamestop has a turbo approved controller. Microsoft on their site said datel & rapid fire no but turbo ok. if the gamestop near me has one Ill try it out.

I have a orange heavy frc assult nice one with siphon never use it because its slow. pull trigger 1 bullet. Can only shoot as fast as trigger pulled and that sucks and too time consuming. I play to enjoy the game not get a cramps from chain pulling right trigger button spam non stop. Hate that kinda crap.

Stats in my FRC heavy assult is siphon, 1.25 crit, 1.15 crit, increased mag size (at work atm not online don't know the exact number) . Unlock bonus is increased damage 1.25 I think it was might be 1.20. The mod bonus is increased rate if fire and last one is ego refresh percent.

(btw stats above is the gun raw without any mods straight vanilla gun)

I put cheap white mods reload and tightened up the bloom. Added a scope (regret doing that).

I'm going to remove the mods and try to find the mods the weapon is asking for to get the increased fire rate up to 10.

I did put in a 3 burst mod - and it did not improve the gun much at all. Slow I got like maybe 3 or 4 bullets a trigger pull still sucks. I wish at base before adding the 3 burst mod it would dish out say 5 bullets then add burst mod to get 8 bullets that would be far better then what it is now. Right now the gun is awful.

Awesome stats IMO but absolute crap performance. Looking nice isn't what takes down hulkers, hell bugs & dark mater LOL.

I also have a orange VBI assault heavy similar stats minus crit bonus. Has a lightning bolt effect I placed a 3 burst in this one and its pretty awesome. I never use it tho stats suck on it IMO so I use basic assaults or saw.

Can never go wrong with a good saw or standard common assault rifle. I'd post a screen shot of my FRC but no screen shot feature on Xbox platform yet. I hope they add a screen shot feature in game as well as when you inspect another person you can inspect the players weapon to see stats and mods they use.

Features like that would be helpful to players and help improve a player who is new to have an idea what to look for to improve their gameplay experience.

06-30-2013, 05:16 AM
@Samyaza: I posted this exactly where I meant to because if I had bought this game for pc I would play it with my 8 button pc controller as I see no need for excessive hotkeys and hold a general contempt for aiming with a mouse. Secondly, I doubt a retail available controller with turbo switches will violate the TOS or EULA. I wouldn't be manipulating their programming or causing my weapon to fire quicker than it is already capable of. It has a set fire rate (with or without mods) that can't be surpassed simply by pressing the button faster.

@Flippycake: This I know. I have a few burst mods just waiting for the right weapon. I'm simply wondering if anyone has already tried my idea and what the outcome was. This quandary is due to a soreness/stiffness (getting older I guess) in my trigger finger that surfaced after running all day with a few of these weapons.