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06-30-2013, 01:15 PM
Just spent some rep for a purple rifle from Top-Notch. 200 Rep and just under 5K Script. I did not notice the level 1600 weapon had ZERO slots opened. Now I have to grind out arkfall to open the slots (at silly high costs per slot) only to follow that up with grinding out more rep to take my chances with the RNG nonsense that is the rep mod-cache system. So that one day in the next year of so I'll finally have 4 matching mods. I'd like my time, rep credits, and script back instead. This rep system is a complete joke.

This is part of the overall problem with the current game. Once you complete the main story a few times there is really not much to do to feel like you are progressing. Which is sad. I do enjoy the game but there is only so much repetitive stuff you can do until you find yourself not logging in anymore. Quality, tangible rewards from the rep vendors would help while you wait for new content.

06-30-2013, 01:25 PM
The cost of mod slots as your EGO increases is one of the most broken things about the game. I wouldn't be surprised if that system was actually a mistake by Trion that they haven't fixed yet, because its so illogical. By the time they do fix it, it will be too late.

But rep vendors are almost as bad. The gear in the machines sucks, and trying to get the right mods for the few decent ones is impossible. I finally broke down and spent the 1000 rep points I accumulated (since day one) from one of the vendors just so I could complete the pursuit. There was a decent SMG, so I bought it - and had 800 rep points left over to try and get any of the 4 mods that would go on it (mods are 100 rep per mod, but they are random). Believe it or not, I got 8 mods and none of them were for an SMG! Not to mention that I would have to had spent tons of ark salvage to open 2 of the mod slots, and even if I could get this all to work, it would take months of grinding and the finished gun would still not be all that great.

So yeah, the rep vendor system is a complete waste of time.

06-30-2013, 02:32 PM
The number of slots open on a weapon and there nano effect is based on ego
Every 200 ego the nano effect is removed or added back. So if the weapons at the store have no nano effect, check again after you have another 200 ego.

The slots go something like

EGO Rating 0 - 399: 0-1 slot
EGO Rating 400 - 799: 1-2 slots
EGO Rating 800 - 1199: 2-3 slots
EGO Rating 1200 - 1599: 3-4 slots

A 1600 it changes and all weapons get a extra bonus but go back to 0-1 slots open

EGO Rating 1600 - 2399: weapons have 0-1 slot
EGO Rating 2400 - 3199: weapons have 1-2 slots
EGO Rating 3200 - 3999: weapons have 2-3 slots
EGO Rating 4000 - 5000: weapons have 3-4 slots

So yes, all weapons at the stores will suck for a while once you tick over 1600 ego

06-30-2013, 02:37 PM
A seriously broken and flawed system.

The problem I have is at 2600ego they still have 0slots unlocked ...

That's why rep weapons are pointless.

06-30-2013, 03:29 PM
Well lucky for me the BL2 DLC4 is pretty good. By the time I'm done with it maybe the DLC here will have dropped and some of the flawed systems like REP will get some changes.

06-30-2013, 03:44 PM
Well lucky for me the BL2 DLC4 is pretty good. By the time I'm done with it maybe the DLC here will have dropped and some of the flawed systems like REP will get some changes.

same im killing time till lost planet 3drops ...... Hopefully between that and some of the fall season releases will keep me busy until I buy a ps4 and the division......cant wait till division drops.