View Full Version : Post your best player run event ya ever been a part of in a MMO...

07-02-2013, 04:58 PM
Since I have seen a few player run events happening in this game it made me remember my fav plyr run event I ever went to in a MMO (Played SWG, EQ2, SW TOR, AoC). Thought I would ask if anybody has a few to top mine. I never played DAoC, WOW so I am curious to what I missed.

I played Star Wars Galaxies(my first MMO) on the Intrepid srvr from launch until summer '05 (3 yrs). On my srvr we used to have Groovefest (Up to #5 that I know of) It was set up in northern Tatooine. Plyrs would plop down guildhalls for the "retail" part where wpnsmiths, armorsmiths, chefs, droid engineers,..etc sell there wares. Droid battle events with Droid engineer made bots. Bar setup for buffs from dancing and listening to music. PVP duels or wars between guilds. Even had a set course on Tat for a pod race when spdr bikes were added to game. It was totally plyr setup and run. It was a success.
At GF 3 the game developers got involved. During the final event duel for Jedi/ Sith PVP duel winner a dust storm came in on the event. Then at least 300 sandpeople/ tuskan raiders came storming the event with banthas from the cliffs behind us. That was awesome!
At GF 5, Han solo and chewie were in the plyr run bar. Word got out and All of a sudden the imperials were in the sky and shuttle crafts were landing with stormtroopers and eventually DARTH VADER! I didnt witness that event due to being away for work. But saw pics of my buddies kneeling at the side of Darth Vader.
That was 10 yrs ago now. lol