View Full Version : Rise Gaming Looking For New Members!

03-26-2013, 12:49 AM
Region: NA/EST (We also accept members from other regions should your time schedule sync with us)
Times of activity: Primarily late eventing EST (6-midnight)
Age: 18+
Voicechat: Mumble
Focus: PvP/PvE
Activity policy: Yes

Website: http://risegamers.com

About us:
Rise Gaming started as an idea, formed by members with a desire for a guild unlike the rest, a truly active, mature and friendly guild with a serious attitude but as active sense of humor.

A guild where even the lowest of members voted on the direction the guild would go, what events and contests the guild did and even what officers were elected by there peers. A guild where all types of players and play styles could log in to get a friendly hello, have friends to raid or pvp with, leave the stress-filled real world and most of all have fun!

This idea led 3 experienced players that met together in GW2, and continued to play various games together in order to come up with the idea of the "Ideal guild". With the Elder Scrolls Online on the horizon,
Rise Gaming was formed.

A guild for all players and play styles, a guild full of mature, active, friendly members and leadership all striving for one thing, "fun". Be it slaying people of different factions in TESO, to dungeon parties and PvE progression, to helping you become a master crafter. Rise Gaming will do what it takes to make our members feel welcomed in the guild, because we will never forget, without members a guild is nothing!

Rise Gaming will create and maintain a strong positive influence in PvP/PvE, and dominate in PvP.
Be a leader in PvE progression.
Maintain an active, friendly, mature member base.
Maintain a relaxed, and enjoying gaming atmosphere.
Strive for world Firsts.
Create bonds of friendship.
Become a standard to other players and guilds.
To treat all players, allies and hostiles, with respect and dignity.

Rise Gaming is a new guild, and thus we are low in numbers. We are looking for our "core" members and officers, that want to be a part of the exciting experience of starting something new and molding it into something we can all love and enjoy. So please, visit the website and take a look at our forums, even if you do not become a member of Rise Gaming, feel free to register and get in our forum discussions and theory crafting. If we do feel like the right fit for you, then please sign up and let's get to know one another!

Until then, happy hunting for your ideal guild, and thanks for checking us out!

- Rise Gaming, Council Members