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07-05-2013, 12:39 AM
So I never really messed with infectors. I guess I'm just old school and I spent 90% of my time with ARs, LMGs, Snipers, and Pistols. If I was fighting a "Boss" or a crowd I might use a Rocket Launcher or Detonator. I messed with infectors long enough to decide I'd rather headshot someone 10 times in half a second with an AR. My biggest experience with them was my one brief stint at PvP where I got slaughtered with them. That was a while ago.

Then I got this blue FRC Incubator (now with slowing!) I'm playing story mode again since I play in the middle of the night and need something to do between waiting for arkfalls. So I figured I'd try it out.

This can't be real. All you have to do is run around and pull the trigger whenever the reticle turns red and magic darts hit whatever's in front of you? Then the poor idiots turn into the elephant man until their space herpes explode and ticks the size and temperament of a terrier maul anything that isn't you. (+1 pretend e-cookie if you got the ice pirates reference) This can't get better. Then some mutant pops up right in front of me and I backhand him to death with one shot. I didn't even notice that this has a decent melee and the crap white mod stock I added had a bonus for it. The only problem is the limited range. Oh wait, there's an anti sniper one too! HOLY BABY CARTOON BADGER HEY-SEUSS, THERE IS NO WAY THIS COULD GET ANY BETTER!!! Oh, but guess what? I shoot one of those splodey barrels, and somehow it gets sores, blows up and magic space bugs come out and smite myne enemies in the name of Irzu. Oh that's right, THESE GUNS ARE SO AWESOME THEY LITERALLY DEFY LOGIC AND REASON! I leveled up three times in about two hours. I'm about to lobby my congressmen for the right to marry videogame weapons. I'm pretty sure the Oranges rub your back and turn your EGO hologram into a nude Kate Upton that does jumping jacks.

So what's the point you ask? IF YOU HATE THESE GUNS, START USING THEM! I am. I'm going to start collecting these like a Real Housewife collects shoes. Pistols? SMGs? You might as well tie a rock to a stick. And guess what? My first EGO power was cloak, I have a ton of awesome perks that work with it, and I have some sweet combat shotguns. LOOK OUT PVP! BWAHAAHAAAA!!!! OH I SUCK LIKE A DYSON ON CRACK NOW, BUT IT'S ON LIKE CHARLES BRON-SON! YOU'RE GONNA THINK THE PREDATOR STARTED PLAYING THIS GAME! AND NOT THE 80S ONE, THE NEW ANIME-ISH ROBERT RODRIGUEZ PREDATOR!

Time to stop drinking coffee and play until the server resets at 4am cst. I should be at least level 10 by Monday, and ready for my PvP rampage. Foretold is forewarned. Thank you for your time, and let the TL/DRs begin.

Sincerely, your friendly neighborhood Krauser.

07-05-2013, 01:22 AM
The funny thing I find about these rants is no 2 are the exact same.

Some say you have to use the Incubator (the slowing one)
Some say the Immunizer (the long distance one)
Some say the Canker (the rapid fire one)
Some say you need to add a special lvl 3 mod to them to make them uber.

The fact that no one can agree one which Infector is the uber infector that keeps killing them says something. And the fact that many of us still use other weapons says something too.

PvE Infector play is also very different then PvP Infector play. Case and point, PvP players respond a lot quicker then PvE characters, meaning often you will get killed before your bugs ever appear, or you will just plain miss.

Also the common PvP player has around 1500 health and 1500 shields for a total of 3000 hit points. The average Infector needle does 3-5 dmg and the average bug does 500 dmg and the average mag has 20 rounds. You need to hit a player 5 times to spawn each bug. Meaning to get a kill you need reload at least once. On top that, the bugs are delayed, so you have to hope your enemy is running away or taking damage from others so that he doesn't kill you first, then just run/roll away from your bugs.

07-05-2013, 01:44 AM
Which infector is best?!?!? Which Lamborghini is best? Which strip of bacon is the best one in the package? Buddhist Monk's heads have exploded daring to attempt an answer to such riddles.

Also, I think everyone who pre-ordered DLC and didn't ask for their money back should get a special perk that allows dual wield for infectors, a black widow skin for their bugs, and heavy armor for PvP with a skin that says, "I infectored your mom" on it.

See how the forums like that business.

And I have junk white mods I got at Iron Demon on mine, still works like a flaming sword.

07-05-2013, 02:56 AM
Well somethings "flaming", that's for sure...

I got a good laugh from the "I Infectored your mom" armour though

07-05-2013, 05:14 AM
Such a dork

07-05-2013, 06:57 AM
I used to use Cankers (which are the ones that don't spawn bugs until death) for enhanced DoT against high-hp opponents (cycled with a backup weapon while the infection runs). Now I like the Innoculators (the semi-auto version that fires a cluster of darts). They're great for speedy, low-hp mobs like skitterlings that are hard to infect with a regular infector. They're so much fun to use on a skitterling swarm.

07-05-2013, 09:08 AM
Yeah there seems to be a lot of variety in these, especially when you factor in mods. More so than other weapons. I would guess one of the reasons they're so popular is that you can find one to suit just about any situation or style. They can work like a SMG, Shotgun, etc.

And yeah, I got more than a little wound up in a post-booze coffee fueled frenzy last night. I was being goofy for the sake of poking fun at all the people who act like these are ruining their life. And lets be honest, they are friggin sweet. I was really surprised at how well these work after hearing all the hate for them on here. I don't know why all the people who think they're too powerful don't start using them. I don't know about everybody else but I seem to find them a lot, so it's not like I even have to spend scrip on them. It does make me want to play PvP once I get them leveled up and find one or two I really like.

It reminded me of the old saying about the colt peacemaker. "God made man, Samuel Colt made men equal." If everyone has one, how is it not fair? Infector up people!

07-05-2013, 09:28 AM
Well somethings "flaming", that's for sure...

I got a good laugh from the "I Infectored your mom" armour though

I like you. You're funny. I hope the mods don't spazz out over a little fun.

It's a game, games are supposed to be fun. I know MMOs r serius bidness for a lot of folks but come on. There's more important things to worry about in this world than "this needs nerfed" or "DLC needs to happen NAO!!!!"

07-06-2013, 12:51 AM
I only used them to get the commando title.

07-06-2013, 08:37 AM
I use them on the crystals, I used to use a canker but got told to use an outbreaker with the burst mod, either way I do enough damage to be in top 3 on arkfalls if i get to enough crystals. I was only going to get them to 10 but I started to like them the more I used them. Same with BMG & SMG.

07-07-2013, 08:58 AM
That's pretty much how I felt when trying them out. I actually got purple VBI INF-27 Immunizer, and VBI Invader as rewards for one thing or another, and decided to mod them out with tier 2 and 3 mods in preparation for whenever I got around to doing the combat pursuit that requires you get them to level 10. Then they just sat there in my inventory taking up space. I even considered recycling them a couple of times. I'm sooo glad I didn't. They're really the only two you need for just about any situation.

Immunizer has huge range, more power, but a slower firing rate, so it's great for anti-sniper, as it says, and makes for a great 'Boss Killer'. The invader is fantastic for close-quarters crowd control, as it is fully automatic. Just empty a clip into one guy, then reload, hit the next, rinse and repeat. By the time you're through the first 3 enemies, there's a small army of Half-Life head-crabs everywhere mauling your foes.

If you get your Infector skill maxed out, you should get a title, like 'Phage Sprayer', or 'I am Legion' or something.