View Full Version : Hoping ckoak gets a much needed tweaking.

07-05-2013, 05:56 PM
Nope not gonna use the "N" word ( nerf for clarity lol). Now im an avid cloak user; I love it honestly, but for pvp its just not even a fair perk. PERIOD. Now I know there are tons of threads about this allready, but as I have read time and time again, feedback is what gets things fixed. When a teamate cloaks I can still see him. Sure he's an outline, but still visible. The opposing team cant see you AT ALL. Its obvious as I have run directly up to someone, stood right in front of him for roughly 3 seconds before blasting him in the face with a sawed off. Even though this is hilarious, its not right. Limited visibility is fine, but total invisibility is just plain wrong. How about at least letting the reticle turn red, a health bar appearing when you scroll over them with your sights or something? I like the game but it lacks diversity in pvp perk loadouts. Starting to see more diverse weapon choices, but fighting an entire team of predators isn't fun if you want to use any other perk loadouts.