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03-26-2013, 12:36 PM
LEGION is going to be a cross platform organization that is very big. Our aim is to make the biggest guild/clan on all the platforms of Defiance, as our slogan is going to be LEGION for we are many. We want to make a massive impact on the game and try take control of the bay area as much as we possibly can. We want to make such an impact that if the producers of the tv series if they reference things in the game on the series that they reference our guild as we take down big foes and turn the tides of war. I refered to us as an organization as I feel its something much bigger than a guild or clan and ran more in-depthly. I'm looking for people to help run the guild with me on all platforms. We will have our higher tier leaders which will consist of me and others who want the position (first come first serve basis). They will run the main operations of the guild and they will have the next tier down leaders which will run the different platforms of the guild. I will only be playing Defiance through pc.
A website and forum are currently being create.
The guild will be doing co-op and pvp, as we will be all working as one huge force, We will have a section on the forum for stories and roleplay. This will also help toward the use of our guild in the tv series as they will already have dialog to work with.

Anyone who wants to join post here. Still need main leaders to help me with day to day running of the guild and also need subleaders for all platforms.

Anyone who wants to be just a normal member post here aswell.

This will be posted in the main guild area, the pc, xbox 360 and ps3 sub guild forums aswell.

03-28-2013, 11:08 AM