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Alexander Greer
07-07-2013, 12:02 PM

About: The 1785th isn't your typical Organization. Based on small squad/team operations supporting each other through overwhelming fire power and tactical maneuverability.

Now that we have all the fancy words out of the way, The 1785th is all intents and purposes a fun, unconventional organization in Defiance.

1785th uses Special Operations Small squad Military tactics translated into Game as its approach to situations. Functioning as a small team/squad rather then saturating the area with huge numbers. The Outfit lead, Alexander Greer AKA Lex, has been using Simulation systems to train Military Personnel in the real world going on over close to 8 years now.

We will never be a "HUGE" outfit/guild.

We are gamers who enjoy playing to play, the fun of the game, the challenges, even the deaths within the game. Teamwork, and comradery are the keys to 1785th. And a tad bit of craziness.

The 1785th started as an Pre-Beta outfit in Planetside 2, We still have deployments in Planetside 2 but are focusing more on Defiance.

Playstyle: Plain and simple we play the game to play the game. We don't have a specific play-style format, members of 1785th are welcome to explore and try all that Defiance offers. BUT 1785th works together as a Team. We typically conduct PVE operations, conducting Missions, Arkfalls, Sieges, etc. We don't delve heavily into Shadowwars as of yet.

Requirements to Join:

- 18+ and older required.
- Play Defiance on the PC.
- Mature Attitude, with a sense of humor, and patients. Its not always about running and gunning.
- Willing to play with us and see how we operate, before deciding if you'd like to join.
- We currently use Steam for voice chat, its free.
- Understand that real life comes first, we are a laid back group, play when you can/want. If we set up certain dates for events etc. Make it if you can. You wont be bounced from the outfit if you can't make events.

What we do not require:
- Forum accounts. Forum participation. If you want to participate on our Steam Group your more then welcome but its not required.
- No registration forms. You want to join, you speak to a real person, spend time with some of the members.
- Ranks, No fancy ranks, no fancy titles. We have Senior members and members and the Outfit lead. That's it. Experience gains trust, trust gains responsibility.
- Purchase items in game. If you want to, go for it, if not, don't worry about it!
- You're Life. Its a game. Play it for YOU, have fun.
- "Yes sir, No sir". Yes we use military tactics in many ways. but no one will require you to call them sir or ma'am.
- "level's, gear, EGO Levels etc." We don't care. just stats are your concern, you can track them don't track them. which ever you like. We as an outfit do not care. You can have the most elite build ever in the game, but if your not having fun, and don't mesh with us and we don't mesh with you then it just doesn't work.

How do you join?: Well thats simple. You can post here your interest, by including your in game Character Name so we can get a hold of you in game. If you are on steam and do not mind sharing your steam name you can post that as well.

Or simply find me in game.
Search for Alexander Greer, or DanncingDevil. Once we are in touch, Come play. Again having Steam will greatly benefit you and us in the joining process as its the VOIP choice we currently use.

We typically like to play with potential members for a couple of sessions utilizing voice chat before a final decision is made on them joining. This is more so to allow you to see how we are/operate and let you decide if you would fit with us. In most cases one game sessions usually settles the matter on both sides and your invited to the Outfit.

Alexander Greer
07-08-2013, 11:10 AM
In game right now for any one thats interested in running with us for a while!