View Full Version : Nim Second Time .. w/ New

07-07-2013, 09:21 PM
Just fought Nim for my second time, first with a new char. Fought Nim back when the game first launched.

I am about echo 300ish, and let me tell you that defensive perks make a big different. Regeneration, and Cellular Armor. That and a shield with high Capacity (ironclad).

Without dying, or getting incapacitated and only using an infector (with a BMG for support). I also use decoy a few times.

The first time, I use cloak and no defence perks with respark shield and shotgun before the nerf. I got incapacitated many times, and died a few. Very long and tiring fight. Not so fun

This time it was fun. Just thought I would share, that defensive perks make all the diff