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03-26-2013, 06:59 PM
The game is really good. It's everything I was hoping for and really surprised me in some areas and could improve in others. Below you find my attempt to organize some specific things I took from the game.

1. The best thing I like about the game is the huge open world. I took some time and literally drove over mountains..or tried really hard. The giant open world, buildings you can jump on, background, beautiful sunsets, incoming arkfall sky effects and how how it all comes together really have me sold. The way enemies spawn alone is quite amazing. Not many games integrate that real of a feel to enemy spawns. Badguys running out of the backs of troop carriers, warehouse doors and man-holes is pretty damn awesome!!! The matchmaking, the arkfalls, the location lock that puts everyone in that area or same mission together is pretty ingenious. Incorporate voice chat and easier grouping = gamer gold mine! :D

2. The weapons system and mods are pretty cool and fits well with the game. Its nice that these improvements can be seen in game on the weapon itself. It will be rare to find more than two or three people with the exact same gun and mods. I even experimented with different sight mods and each had a different reticle and design. Very cool!! However, It would be nice if adding a sight didn't always mean a scope though...I saw a similar post on this and have to agree that some weapons are better served without a scope. I didn't test a sight on ALL the weapons, but the ones I did gave the gun a scope making it a sniper rifle of sorts.

3. My biggest gripe!! The grouping/friends/clan feature is unique but counter intuitive. I feel this was the number one downfall. If they are calling it a shooter first and MMO second...they really need to nail the MMO part. Xbox already has plenty of good shooters... (Please keep in mind that I am judging the beta). It was not easy to figure out how to join with friends in the same server, it seems that it would make much better sense to be able to "go to party member" instead of having to click on your own name and choose "go-to leader" I will say the quick menus are great though and very easy to navigate. Streamline the party/grouping with an incorporated auto-chat while grouped = everyone wins! If Trion can nail the social aspect, this game will be an instant classic.

4. THE MAP and MINI MAP!!!!!! Are not that great. Waypoints are convenient and the terrain features incorporated are really nice but that is about it. With the size of the map we should be able to zoom ALLLLL the way out to get an idea for just how big our exciting new world is (sorry kind of in the weeds on this). Exploration is a very big part of games like this and I enjoy that aspect...especially getting pursuit rewards just for exploration. COOOOOL. But at least put some location indicators....Like where Mt. Tam is in comparison to Iron Demon Ranch...etc. Whether it shows what that area is as you scroll over it or generic area names might be helpful and necessary. Maybe add it to the map after you've "discovered" that location to keep the exploration factor up and exciting. The minimal and simple legend in the beta is nice...but with all the other details incorporated into the game....the map seems lacking....and now the MINI MAP! AI locations, especially for enemies is hardly accurate. I don't want CoD baby monitor accuracy but if your going to put baddies on the mini map at least make it close. Many times I would see red donts on the mini map with no enemies in sight. Some of them were stuck inside buildings and never spawned...sometimes they did spawn...sometimes enemies never showed up on the Mini map at all...and I'm like "where z eff am I getting shot from". Last map idea I promise. Area maps!! Increase the zoom so you can focus on a more specific area like Iron Demon ranch and town/hub like places or create an area map for those locations making important NPC's easy to identify and find like the faction Reps. andddd I am done with maps.

Pursuits are a great way to track progression and content. I really enjoy how they are designed and offer rewards outside of XP and EGO rating boosts. If you want to level fast...completing pursuits will be one significant way. There's something for everyone in completing pursuits...exploration, pvp, pve. Love it!

Sound syncing with EGO was almost always bugged for me...I'd see the face of Cass or Ego show up...hang out for a minute then audio would finally play. The EGO pane would disappear and auido would continue to play. On several occasions audio never played at all.
The extremely high pitch, "rewind" audio bit associated with every type of matchmaking load screen has to go. I'm not sure whats up with that but its awful. I though the game was getting ready to sieze the first few times I heard it. I found it to be on every loading screen. Anyone else have a different observation?

I'm sure I missed quite a few things but its already quite long. If you've made it this far already I commend you and thanks for reading. I really really like the game and have high hopes that this game will change console gaming forever. Thanks Trion for making this ground breaking game.

03-26-2013, 07:04 PM
Totally agree on the rewinding sound before a PvP match. Idk if the devs missed that part because its very out of place lol!

03-28-2013, 01:04 AM
Another thing I saw mentioned before that would be really cool is changing the color of the mounts. Nothing crazy like lime green or hot pink but it would still be a nice subtlety to customize our gaming experience by adding our own flair to mounts. It would also be worth a mention to maybe add mount mods. How cool would it be to have a hefty grill on the front of the roller or ATV that causes more impact damage or gnarlier tires that get better clearance and climb hills just a tad better. I would say add weapons but I think too many people would show up at arkfalls with their mini-gun laden dodge charger which wouldn't be all that cool.....