View Full Version : DELUXE EDITION Clan

03-26-2013, 07:05 PM
Hey PC players! I noticed a few other clans branching off onto other platforms (especially with with the consoles)And wish for this idea to extend on over to PC. The idea of our clan that will be establish will be like no other and will be unique in its very own way.

Our clan will be composed of Collecters and Ultimate and Deluxe edition game owners.
More of the origin of it all can be seen in this thread here⇩

But the jist of it is that you Deluxe edition game owners have a leg up on all other players straight out of the gate. A unique uniform with the Ark Infiltrator Outfit. Powerful starting guns. 30 day scrip and xp boost. More inventory slots, and better shields and vehicle right from the start.

Deluxe players are armed to the teeth before the game even comes out.

Now imagine a clan straight from the start having all that and continue doing so as time goes on.

Uniformed. Armed. Tactical.

Seems pretty cool to me. All I ask is for someone take the reins for this onto PC and be willing to up date the list and welcome new clan members here. I also ask to shoot me a PM so I know who you are and we can continue our expansion into making some kind of social hub where all clan mates on all 3 platforms can converse to share ideas, strategies, and everything related to Defiance.

Its in our grasp for us to be reckoning force. We just need to seize it!

Thank you.