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Notiss Skii
03-27-2013, 04:37 PM


AREA : Mt. Tam, Madera, Paradise, BAY AREA
DATE : 03.25.20__(2013)


BLAST POD : When BLAST PODs arrive they can immediately begin to damage an ARK HUNTER on the other side of the battlefield. Their bombardment is constant and effective. TECHNIQUE: Use of powerful piercing weapons, such as SHOTGUN type weapons and ASSAULT WEAPONS, are proof against their tough hides. Alternatively an ARK HUNTER can stand right next to a BLAST POD and recieve cover, thus avoiding that BLAST PODs attacks. HYPOTHESIS: Using EGO DECOY you can place your DECOY at base of invading ARKFALLl crystal and potentially have BLAST PODS damage crystal as they bambard your DECOY.

HELLBUGS Skitterling : Easiest of all of the creatures present in the Mt. Tam/Madera/Paradise Area. TECHNIQUE: SHOTGUNs and BMGs

HELLBUG Warrior : Armor plated. Will burrow into the the ground when overly threatened, and follow after you to continue the fight. TECHNIQUE: Use of powerful piercing weapons, such as SHOTGUN type weapons and ASSAULT WEAPONS, are proof against their tough hides. When one sets its sights on you it will come pincering across the ground at you, and at one point when its is close enough it will stop. **WARNING** It is about raise up to do an explosive attack that will send you flying. The final side that this is its plan is it will rear of like a horse on hind legs about to kick your teetth out! Just back up or move to the side...quickly! When being track by one, underground, run away at first, then turn back and run back and over it's undergound position, it then should rise shortly from the ground after you have passed(though they have also been known to stay under for longer periods in ambush mode). Note: Have recently found Spread Rocket Launchers with their special ordance exploded over HELLBUG Warriors seem to have a more direct effect than direct rocket attack.

HELLBUG Elite : Same as HELLBUG Warrior...but bigger and meaner.

HELLBUG Monarch: The Beast Of The Battlefield" a large tank like version of the HELLBUG Warrior. It can move rapidly over the battlefield, turning itself into a rolling wheel of death. It manifests the same explosive nature as the HELLBUG Warrior. TECHNIQUE: Dodge and unload everything you have on it. My personal technique is to use a BMG and blast constantly in its ***. HYPOTHESIS: After the Elite HELLBUG Warrior completes one of its death rolls across the battlefield a section of its... *** armor?...opens to expose its glowing internals. This I feel is its one chink in its armor. Also potentially the belly when it rears up to strike might pose another area of weakness.

HELLBUG Archer & Elite HELLBUG Archer : Each class of HELLBUG Archer has the ability to bombard ARK HUNTER at close and distant ranges. Elite HELLBUG Archer stronger bombardment. Projectile type explosive with movement hampering secondary effect similiar to BioGrenades, aka sticky grenades. TECHNIQUE: All SHOTGUN type weapons can bring these opponents down quickly. BMGs also handy with these flyers.

HELLBUG Hellion : As noted in the ARK HUNTER briefing documents, supplied by VonBachIndustries.com, the HELLBUG Hellion comes in two forms: Mature HELLBUG Hellion three fanged-ringed mouths that emit balls of explosive energy atop a gargantuan column of armor protected flesh; HELLBUG Hellion, another gargantuan column of armor protected flesh this time sporting three Titanic armor plated segmented arms(think giant crab legs... really, really, really, really, really, really- really giant crab legs!). Both release a SYMBIOTE that is the life of their battle. Once these SYMBIOTEs are destroyed the battle is won. TECHNIQUES: For the Mature HELLBUG Hellion run up to the columnn and shoot from just below the opening of the great mouthes. The Mature HELLBUG Hellion cannot launch attacks against anything close to the base of its' structure. In my mind there is no better weapon for this task than the BMG. When the flying SYMBIOTE is released chase it down and once more use a BMG, or alternatively a SHOTGUN or ASSAULT type weapon. I have yet to formulate a technique for dealing with the arms of the HELLBUG Hellion, but feel SNIPER type weapons positioned far from the impact zones of the arms and at 30 - 45 degree postions, , from the armpits of the arms, could prove very effective. When the HELLBUG Hellion releases its' SYMBIOTE it will stay attached to the top of the Hellion's armored column. Get to the base of the column and light it up!

HELLBUG Matron : The Great Mother to the vast Hive she appears at the biggest battles. For most of the battle she dwells underground appearing in an explosion of dirt and tossed bodies. Once The HELLBUG Matron's main offenses, once risen to the surface, is tracer-like bombardments shot from her mouth and (sticky bomb projectiles) spit from the pores located on her massive back. TECHNIQUE: distance, distance, distance... But even with distance she can spot you. Once the HELLBUG Matron's underground position has been pinpointed give this area space and when she rises to the surface opened fire. Distannce weapons would be advised. This Ark Hunter prefers any BMG or ROCKET LAUNCHER types. When she launches her tracer attacks, and they're headed straight towards you, run directly at the HELLBUG Matron.


DIFFICULTIES there are many, but the main one, that this Ark Hunter has encountered again and again is that we are not only involved in the defensive of a position, at an ARKFALL, but also of the destruction of an ARKFALL crystal, which is a time sensitive operation in and of itself. The Problem: the position is always defended, but the ARKFALL crystal is not always destroyed.


- VEHICLES : Arriving at an ARKFALL in a vehicle is a good thing. This is your first weapon, but only when dealing with HELLBUG in their early stages.

- HUMANOIDS(Raiders, mutants, etc.) : Stick 'Em. Shock 'Em. Blast 'Em! Sticky grenades and projectiles followed by shock grenades to stun, then followed by large doses of SHOTGUN and ASSAULT type weapons to the face!

- EGO : Yes, your DECOY can draw away attackers when the shtako is hitting the fan, but you can also have your DECOY positioned at the base of the Ark full crystal, so that not only are you blasting the crystal and the enemy, but, hypothetically, the enemy could now be damaging the crystal also! Your EGO abilities should always be thought of as two-sided, offensive and defensive!

- SPREAD ROCKET LAUNCHERS : One of your best friends! See a group of combatants arriving across the battlefield. Launch an attack and spread the love!

- BMGS : Get to know them well!

(untested, potentially could work with a minimum group of 6 ARKUHUNTERs, but for best feel 8 -9 are necessary)
formulated by Notiss Skii, ARK HUNTER
Mt. Tam, Paradise, BAY AREA


SNIPERs with ROCKET LAUNCHERS, and sticky or shock grenades. GROUP ALPHA splits its numbers equally to form a perimeter ring just beyond the red encounter beacon of the ARKFALL. Their main goal is to send a continual barrage of rockets and bullets down range at the ARKFALL crystal. NOTE: For ammo runs advise use of CLOAK, BLUR, or DECOY.

SHOTGUN/ASSAULT weapon users with their own ROCKET LAUNCHERS(to be used mainly when ALPHA runs out of ammo and has to run into battlefield for more). GROUP BETAs' main objective is to protect GROUP ALPHA. Choice of grenades is up to the operators. NOTE: To back-up GROUP ALPHA when GROUP ALPHA makes its' ammo runs advise use of CLOAK and DECOY.

Mixed group of BMG users(BMG weapons especially handy when dealing with HELLBUGS, suggest switching to SHOTGUN/ASSAULT type weapons for all HUMANOIDS) and SHOTGUN/ASSAULT weapon users using DECOY and BLUR. Choice of grenades is up to the operators, but would suggest avoidance of sticky grenades in close quarters.

-end report-

Notiss Skii, ARK HUNTER
Mt. Tam, Paradise, BAY AREA

Notiss Skii
03-27-2013, 04:38 PM
Tell me your thoughts and share your techniques, especially if you got better ones for dealing with the day to night troubles of an Ark Hunter.

Help fill in the blanks and clear the ignorance.

Notiss Skii out!

03-27-2013, 04:57 PM
- VEHICLES : Arriving at an ARKFALL in a vehicle is a good thing. This is your first weapon, but only when dealing with HELLBUG in their early stages.

When you kill something with a vehicle you eliminate the chance for a drop. When people come flying in on vehicles and start running over skitterlings, you remove the chance for those mobs to create the weak points on the crystal, as well as take valuable ammo drops away from people who may be low on ammo.

If you're the first on the scene, have at it, but if others are there, think of them.