View Full Version : Linking MY EGO from beta with my recent STEAM install?

07-17-2013, 09:16 PM
I recently bought DEFIANCE from Steam. I have made my first character using the keycode Steam provided me.

My new He has 12 inventory slots and all of this weapon "skills" are at 1. No lock boxes. No titles or outfits.

On the "My EGO" web page it says LEVEL 9, 46/120:

Inventory +4, title "VBI recruit", bonus ARK Salvave, bonus lock box, and +1 SKILL to 4 different weapons.

How do I synch my new game character up with these bonuses? It seems like I am not getting them.

How many inventory slots does a new character have without counting these My EGO bonuses?

I also plan on using the "Recruit a Friend" system from Trion's DEFIANCE web page. This can provide additional cosmetic bonuses to my in-game character.

I want to make sure my new character IS linked to these bonuses on the Trion Defiance / My EGO page.

Help? Thanks.

I was a beta-tester and I had done some of the My EGO at that time.

07-18-2013, 01:10 AM
it looks like you have them already - i think you start out with 8 inventory slots and your +4 makes 12

the lock box's +1skill and other bonuses are in the store page at the bottom left under "claim items"