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03-28-2013, 01:12 PM
Hi all Digital Toxin are Recruiting for our mature casual Gaming community, we are a friendly group looking for more members to join our ranks.

we are currently looking for new members to join us in the game of Defiance!!!! Be part of our up and coming growing community.

All players welcome: we will be doing pvp, Group events, Arkfalls and Exploration. Make sure you not alone!!

stop by and take a look at our website and say hello on TS


will post more info on server name once available

Thanks and hope to see you soon Chiguru

03-28-2013, 01:27 PM
Hi all :)

some extra info about Dtox (Digital Toxin)

About Us!

Digital Toxin is a Multi-game TeamSpeak Community based in the EU. Our aim is to provide a central hub where you can play and enjoy games with friends in a social, casual and fun environment. While we are based in Europe we are happy to accept members from across the globe. We have a fully featured website, forums, TeamSpeak 3 server, Steam group and regular social events.
Multi-game community? Why?

If you have ever been a member of a multi-game “guild” you may have found the number of members overwhelming and highly impersonal or you may have encountered issues such as members being spread too thin attempting to run guilds within multiple MMOs. We believe we have solutions for all the shortcomings of classic multi-game “guilds” or guilds focused on only one game.

First of all, we are not a guild, we are a community. However at the same time we have chosen to inherit many guild traits such as being a gated community with membership limits. In our community we actively monitor our membership numbers along with forum and TeamSpeak usage and where appropriate close or open applications. We want a community where everyone knows each other.

We also have regular social events where members get together on TeamSpeak to play various games while drinking, chatting and socialising which is a great way for members to get to know each other in a relaxed environment. Many of the games we playing during these events are F2P games such as Team Fortress 2 or cheap co-op games like Left for Dead, Minecraft and so on. We also have a Steam group set-up to help facilitate these shenanigans.

Origins of Digital Toxin

Originally we started out as a guild called “The Sith Dynasty” within Star Wars: The Old Republic. This guild was formed 7 months before SWTOR released and enjoyed a vibrant, social atmosphere playing various games long before SWTOR even released.

Once the game launched we had one of the biggest most active guilds on our server and the good times continued. However as time passed some members found they were no longer enjoying the game; while others continued to play and still enjoy the game to this day.

We found this split was causing an issue where we were losing some of our most social and fun members who had decided to move onto other games. It quickly became clear guilds created with only one game in mind are always at risk. Variety is the spice of life and we feel you’ll never get that “long term” community only playing one game; all games end eventually, one way or another.

This prompted our creation of “Digital Toxin”.

If you play games and want other fun, mature and social people to play with; Be sure to Apply Today!


03-28-2013, 02:00 PM
Didn't realize we had a Guild Thread on here :) Good stuff

03-28-2013, 07:10 PM
We're planning to be very active with this game and allot of hours were put in during alpha/beta., but the more the merrier so do check us out :cool:

03-31-2013, 12:18 PM
hey guys a few of our members are on Teamspeak at the moment if you want to hop in and have a chat

just pm me

04-01-2013, 05:48 AM
We're certainly psyching our self up for the release tomorrow., are you ready? If you're still looking for a guild then check us out ;)