View Full Version : In-depth outline/suggestions for HARD Co-op instances.

07-24-2013, 07:26 PM
EDITED - sorry! By now we have all become deeply acquainted with the existing co op maps in Defiance. Everyone that has devoted hours to immersing themselves within this potential-filled game should have an intimate knowledge of each section and lay out. Please use this thread to offer suggestions for new maps, add in-depth info regarding sections/bosses/delegation/aggro etc. I make this thread in the interest of those who want more intense co op maps that will leave us with a heightened sense of satisfaction upon its completion. I will add my own suggestion later on, count on that. I am hoping someone with power and sway will come across this thread and incorporate your ideas. Let your imagination run amok!

07-24-2013, 07:33 PM
To me, I would find it far more interesting if they completely abandoned instanced co-ops and PvP and focused purely on more complex open world stuff.

I mean Arkfalls, sieges, shadow wars, emergencies are FAR more interesting and replayable then the instances.

Why not go further with things like hoard modes, where you have to defend a point as long as possible, like.. Stopping wave after wave of EMC from getting to the downed stratocarrier.
Or the opposite, where you try to get to a point on the Dark Matter base in SF, while more and more mobs spawn the further you move in.

You could even do those modes for PvP.
And if instanced PvP didn't exist, Shadow Wars would be up FAR more frequently, especially if you queued for any region, not just the one you are in at the time you queue.

In fact, I think this game would've been far better if co-ops and instanced PvP didn't exist at all.

While some MMOs the instanced portion is it's strongest point, I think in this game, the open world stuff is the strongest point.

07-24-2013, 07:44 PM
Then let's go with your train of thought, hardy - what can you think of that could be added to open world pve? Can you think up new types of events or emergencies or something NEW that will last and enhance the immersion? I write this on this section of the forum because i figure more people will see it.

07-24-2013, 07:54 PM
In my opinion I would prefer if they exchanged the current rewards for just xp and a roll on a unique weapon chance. It'd set the instance missions apart from the grind of lockboxes and give incentive to run them more to get that fabled BMG or SMG. I suppose I got the idea from the usual mmorpgs such as WoW where a set item would be from a specific dungeon and you'd get a chance drop and pray you got your treasure. I'm not suggesting they make the weapons overpowered, just unique.

07-24-2013, 08:02 PM
As for open world content there is a ton of good ideas out there that people have suggested. I'm personally in favor of a PvE vehicle area mentioned earlier. Where raiders will travel in caravans and if you aggro them they will chase you. Spices things up abit more and gives incentive for that buggy turret or passengers shooting one of their weapons out of the window.

Perhaps a defined settlement where there are actual shops or mini games. Somewhere you can just go.

Perhaps a town under constant siege. Put a special vendor there where if it us under your control you can use it. Make it a constant though. I mean waves and waves attacking it to where you must fight your way in and then have friends mount the wall to keep control. On server downtimes when there's not enough people to hold it the NPCs overrun it and a group must band together to clear it of the enemies to regain control again for vendor access.

How about a badlands area where global PVP is open and people can simply attack one another for venturing into it? No law land. Why go there? To wreak havoc on fellow players or to gnab something unique and escape with your prize before a player acting as a raider steals it :p

How about instead of a privately owned house you can set up a personal chest to store items but you must hide it in the PvP lands and others can search for it not to steal your items but they get key code prizes for finding them and you lose keycodes or something.

There's plenty of ideas out there and they're fun to come up with. Chances of it happening? Who knows.