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07-26-2013, 09:33 AM
okay i keep having the hardest time with this guy. my ewgo raiting is in the 350's any adivce on how to kill this guy i get him close to comong down but bam i go down :(

07-26-2013, 09:44 AM
When he's up on the catwalk, you need to knock the Smelters down as they approach you by meleeing them, then shoot their backpacks to set them on fire and they run under Joe and explode and for about 5 seconds his shields are down. During this time unload on him with your best weapon. When his health is down to 50% he comes down to fight you. All he is at this point is another Blacklung, dodge his grenades and unload on his face with your best gun.

Any of the EGO powers work here, but I find that using Decoy and sending it over towards Rosa will cause him to continue attacking Rosa even after the decoy is gone. I like perks like Failsafe, Fortitude, Regeneration, Thick Skinned. Any weapon will work once he's off the catwalk (with the possible exception of a sniper rifle, which will work but it will be hard to hit him) but while he's on the catwalk I'd use a SAW or AR. I like a Respark Regenerator shield too.

Good luck!

07-26-2013, 12:03 PM
I had the same issues with him- I kept dying to him all the time-especially after going through the whole process of killing the adds and getting the smalls ones to run under him to cause the explosion.

OK so... first off hide and kill all the big adds that come at you- don't kill the small ones or shoot them- wait for them to get near you- then melee them so they fall over and they tend to fall on their faces which exposes the flammable pack on their backs- shoot that to ignite and and then watch them run under him- they explode causing his shield to drop- shoot him and keep repeating this process till he jumps down.

Ok this part is the tricky part until you realise how easy it is- you just have to keep moving using the obstacle on the edge and moving from one to the next avoiding his explosive shots- now this is where I used a BFG and just kept moving constantly and killed him that way.

You can google a video and watch it and that's the same tactic I used and killed him 1st time after watching that video.

GL with him.