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07-26-2013, 02:41 PM
Looking to start-up a PC clan/group/team/community what ever term floats your boat, I have ran communities in the past and after a 4 year break I would like to get back into it.

Off the bat I'm not looking for funds or even have a donation requirement, I can take care of all that.

I'm looking for a re really targeted towards PR, Recruiting, and just building a team, but I would like to have a partner to go 50% 50% in regards to gaming law and other controls.

Call of Duty is really my legacy, I support ALL of them, however I do have my favorites, MW(1) and BO (1), I don't own the second installment of BO however I will get it soon. I am also not apposed to playing BF games, I have Bad Company and BF3, I do prefer to own our own server for games that allow it.

Time & Dedication:
Running a setup requires time, I personally work full time as a Web Developer & CIO for a merging technology company, so I am online or available pretty much all day. Now I don't expect you to but would be ideal to see you everyday at least for a hour or two, I understand Life and Family comes first, I have a wife and a son, however they are in CA and I am in Alaska.

Server Demographic:
I will prefer West Coast servers as I live in Alaska, Seattle is my number one, but I'm not apposed to having a Dallas, or Chicago server.

Communication Forms:
*VOIP - Teamspeak 3
(*Final and Required) [Regular members not required, but any higher level of administration must.]
(no mumble, ventrilo, etc)
Xfire is an option
Steam is an option
Open to others for headquarters

I will be making a website, and it will contain forums, which won't be a requirement, but would be nice to have some good activity on it.

I would like to have different kinds of events either weekly or monthly, with medals and awards that can be earned and displayed in the forums of the website.

Well that should get me started. I'm usually on the TS3 just sent me a poke, or on xFire,

xFire: xtrashot

-Peter Sa'Kier

07-26-2013, 05:38 PM
I guess I should have added this to the original post, I am looking for someone with SOME past experience in running a gaming clan/community, etc.

Being +/-2hrs of my time is great, anything past 4 hrs is just too much.