View Full Version : Please fix the crashing during Arkfalls..

07-26-2013, 05:10 PM
I am still crashing here and there during major Arkfalls. I get kicked from the game due to a "critical error". This has been happening since launch, when will you all fix it? And please also fix the glitch where you lose sound during arkfalls. And most times I have to restart the game to get sound back. This has also been happening since launch. Cmon devs, this is silly that it isnt fixed by now.

Vicious VP
08-09-2013, 12:54 PM
I submitted a ticket on this and here is what I got.

The subject says it all. About 40% of my major ark-falls are a bust because I get dropped from the server on either the next to last, or very last part of a major hellbug ark-fall. That means: 20+ minutes of hard earned gameplay is wasted each time. I do not recall getting dropped any other time. PLEASE fix this! I know I have missed out on MANY MANY MANY great weapon drops do to this issue.

There is also the occasional issue of not receiving any rewards after completing an ark-fall.


Their reply ...

I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with connection issues with Arkfalls ...

There is a known issue that is causing low performance in major Arkfalls. Our development team is aware of and working to address this issue, and we hope to have a fix in place soon!

Please know that it is important for the bug report to come from your character. Not only does it allow you to explain the issue in detail, in your own words, it will also automatically attach critical pieces of character information to your bug report for our QA team to review.

Unfortunately, with the nature of coding, it takes a while to get things just right. I do understand that this is a frustrating process, but I promise you that we are working diligently on getting a fix in place. Thank you for being patient with us, we do truly appreciate it.

If you can provide us with any additional information in your bug reports, we'd be very appreciative. They truly do assist us in the process of performing repairs.