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07-11-2012, 03:55 PM
So as most good idea are stolen and or borrowed. I would like to see what the community would think about this being added in to Defiance.

What I am talking about is the option to make your own quest or time trails with in the Defiance universe. These could be found by anyone in the main city after they hit a certain point in the game. Weather its only for your guild or that you have to front the reward or just doing these unlocks achievement that unlock skins for your characters and vehicles. This could add tones for extra depth to this game since no quest would the same and the range of idea is limitless.

I would like everyone’s idea on this

07-14-2012, 05:17 AM
We haven't seen this type of thing for a while in games, which is a shame. These things still do happen in current games (RIFT, SWTOR, Vanguard) but mostly within the RP community. Games like SWG, EQ had better capabilities to actually make quests most of the time with written scrolls by the player or placing objects in the world. In a game where there is an actually player economy and not loot driven this sort of thing holds a lot more value as there is much more need for supply and demand.

I don't see this making it in because I do not expect a full player driven economy and I don't think it fits Defiance its target group. Meaning I expect a majority of their player base to be into FPS first and RPG's later. That aside I love the idea of true player driven content (actually I prefer it over "dynamic" content)

It can be implemented in many different ways, the most easy way and less straining on resources would be to just allow players to create their own books, papers in game where they can write stuff in. From there the RP community can pretty much do whatever they want.

However I believe that is not what you mean, what you describe would probably work really well if a lot of stuff was crafted and there were LOADS and LOADS of different components & resources that could be harvester or scavenged. Much of SWG's player generated content worked based on this where players set out on quests to survey the planet for resources in popular demand being paid for their locations or in some cases the resources themselves. Or set out to scavenge certain important materials that were sparse and time-consuming for just one crafter to obtain.

You could take it a step further than that, and create and actual interface to create quests. With decision trees of what the player needs to do and generate a custom script with objectives that act just like any quest. This would certainly be a first in a MMO, but would probably not make it in even if its kinda cool. Which actually is a bit of a shame as I think many players would waste a lot of time making content for the world. It could be pretty cool if the rewards of these quests were randomly generated and would offer supplies that are in demand in the world.

Loads of pitfalls with stuff like this though, I am sure many people have thrown the idea around over the years in gaming studio's but with problems as:
- You'd need to moderate the quests text....
- You'd need to make sure people cannot take their own quests (would be too easily exploitable).
- Then ya have the problem where people just make quests for one another (again too easily exploitable.)

These are just the 3 issues that pop in my head instantly I think there are plenty more, yet stuff like this is awesome to dream about. And well many of these things often make it in future games in one form or another just as soon as some designer figures out how to do it with minimal resources and in a way it doesn't have to many pitfalls.

07-14-2012, 01:45 PM
not that i'm against the idea, per se, but that seems like it would be a colossal amount of work to implement