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03-29-2013, 12:21 AM
Heres a little getting started to the Defiance TV show"

Firstly, the show is set in the town of Defiance, built on top of what remains of St. Louis, which is only some rubble and the arch. The town is a mining town where large deposits of Gulanite are located and is inhabited by at the very least 6 different species - Human, Castithan, Irathient, Indogene, Sensoth and Liberata. At least some of the town is protected by a large shield fence called the Net. Defiance was named after the Battle of Defiance as it represents what that battle did - unity among the races.

The cast is as such:
*Joshua Nolan - A Human, a former EMC soldier who was in the Bay Area and stole the Libera Nova Gem, using it to retrieve a Terrasphere, a piece of terraforming technology
*Irisa Nyira - An Irathient who was adopted by Nolan at a young age and serves as his right hand. Usually has several knives on her.
*Amanda Rosewater - A Human and new mayor, she took over from the old mayor who got sick.
*Datak Tarr - A Castithan and the mobster of the town
*Stahma Tarr - A Castithan and Datak's wife, she is very good at manipulating her husband
*Rafe McCawley - A Human and the owner of McCawley Mines, the largest mine in Defiance, distrustful of the Votans
*Kenya Rosewater - A Human and sister of Amanda Rosewater, she operates the NeedWant, a brothel/bar

We also have:
*Alak Tarr - A Castithan and son of Datak and Stahma who is in a relationship with Christie McCawley.
*Christie McCawley - A Human and daughter of Rafe. She marries Alak at some point despite the objections of her father.
*Tommy Laselle - A deputy lawkeeper in Defiance.
*Quentin McCawley - A Human and son of Rafe. Works with his father running the mines.
*Nicolette Riordon - A Human and the former mayor.

Now the show has several storylines which take place over its run such as the protection of the town from outsiders such as the Volge, Nolan and Kenya's relationship, Nolan and Irisa relationship, Alak and Christies relationship, the clashing of the many different cultures as well as many Shakespearean elements thrown in there.

All trailers including the making of show us that the show is as immersive and complex as the game is turning out. So we are in for one hell of a treat!

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why ?????

03-29-2013, 12:37 AM
why ?????

Because I'm sick of the whole "how does this boring thing work in the game" threads.