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07-29-2013, 03:00 PM
Post mod and what your willing to pay. high end mods obviously go for more be reasonable

many more mods than this post with what you want

*denotes which character of mine it is on

AR/SMG/LMG Fast Action Reloader x0.85 reload (Stalker)
AR/LMG/SMG Controlled burst magazine + 3 burst x2
AR/SMG/LMG +10% Effect trigger
AR/SMG/LMG Ionic Barrel III x1.15 Crit *
AR/SMG/LMG Stabilization sight III -0.30 Acc x0.85 movement accuracy
Ar/SMG/LMG Sustained Power Muzzle III (Stalker)

infector Strain reducer x1.10 Fire Rate(rolling thunder)
infector Strain reducer x1.10 Fire Rate(run n gun)
infector Strain expander III mag x1.15
Infector Strain reloader III reload x0.85 x2
Infector Strain Reloader x.085 reload (cannonneer)
Infector bio stabilizer III x0.85 bloom/recoil (Cannonneer)

BMG Bionetic Amplifier III link range x1.15(grenadier)x
BMG Syphon suppressor III x1.15 DMG/sec

Sniper Rifle Catalyst injector x1.10 Effect Trigger*
Sniper rifle Scope (Assassin)

shotgun CQ buttstock x1.20 Melee Damage(stalker)
shotgun Shot pod III x1.20 Mag (run n gun)
shotgun Rapid Shot pod III x0.85 Reload (Cannonneer)
shotgun Rapid Shot pod III x0.85 Reload x2
shotgun Incendiary converter (run n gun)
Shotgun Power retention choke falloff DMG III (Brutal)
Shotgun power retention choke fall off damage(run n gun)
shotgun incendiary shot converter

detonator Proximity overthruster x1.07 damage*

pistol Maximum force barrel x1.07 damage
Pistol Prescision Scope III -0.30 Accuracy (Stalker)*
Pistol Advanced Scope III -0.30 Acc. (Brutal)*
Pistol Incindiary Converter (grenadier)*
Pistol Incindiary Converter (Cannonneer)*

These are the mods i need!!!!!

rocket Stalker damage radius barrel and scope