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07-29-2013, 03:10 PM
im currently looking for offers on these guns if you have any questions message Cltuchcocobean

frc magnum
ego 1702
nano corrosive
stock and barrle unlock and add with right synergy
synergy cannoneer
XP: +30% DMG to cars
X1.15 melee DMG
15% self revive...
x1.10 fire rate

FRC assault carbine sold for 200k to a friend
ego 656
no nano
first the mod slots unlocked stock and mag are filled
synergy outlaw
xp: x1.15 melee DMG
x1.15 melee DMG
!%% slef revive...
X1.10 fire rate
corosive melee nano

FRC auto Scattergun
EGO 1696
syphon nano
First the mods unlocked and filled
synergy machinest
xp: +10% health on a reload

VBI GL-X IncineratorSOLD
EGO 293
all but mag unlocked
XP: +45% speed boost for 5 seconds after
X0.90 reload
15% self revive
X1.10 fire rate

FRC sludge RL
Ego 3328
barrel and mag unlocked and filled right synergy
Synergy rolling thunder
XP: +3% ammo on reviving player
X1.15 melee DMG
+25% speed boost for 5 seconds after explosive kill
x1.10 fire rate

VOT infector
EGO 4523
all unlocked all but sight filled correct mods
synergy grenadier
XP: +3% ammo on reviving player
X1.10 mag
+200% melee dmg for 5 seconds after self revive
x1.10 fire rate

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auto-scattergun full stats?