View Full Version : Looking for hard core guild/clan or like mind individuals.

03-29-2013, 07:49 AM
I am looking for a guild/ clan or individuals that will be playing this game like me.

I plan on doing PVE and PVP doing PVE to farm gear and levels to do PVP mainly shadow war.

I am looking for a clan or guild that will have all boosts running in their clan section and will have members running the boost with me, if their are none that are going to be doing that ( clan/ guild) I will just do it myself.

I plan on running with all boosts all 3 sections clan,group,personal and would like to find people who will be running the group one's at least and a clan running the clan one at least seeing as they stack and you could be looking at like a 50% bonus to everything makes leveling up a lot quicker.

I am also looking for active hard core people not the casual gamer who put's 1 or 2 hours in I am looking for people who I know if I am in a group with them I will be running with them for several hours, also people who have mic's use tactic's and want to win and see the game like me PVE is to get gear to crush people in PVP with, if their was PVP only gear I would not have to waste time in PVE farming unless it's a raid format to get gear.

I am also looking for adults who like to have a good time joke around and don't get all but hurt if a joke is made or something is said, not looking for the thin skinned can't take a joke get offended at everything go cry to mommy think participation awards are a good thing and are just as good as a first place medal type of people.

I am also looking for people who have or understand people have lives so we all can't be on every day we have job's, kids, things to do, and people to see, but after all that is done we like to game and have time for it not the 30 minutes here or their or a hour or two, no when we get on it's for a while just like anything else we do in life we make the time for it and do not half step when doing it.

You have a guild/clan like this respond here or if this is how you like to play also respond here if I do not find a guild or clan that is like this I will just make my own in game and if this sounds like how you want to play I will send you a clan invite in game.

03-29-2013, 09:58 AM
You seem like a very serious player. That's good.

Check out Tactical Gaming. Our main goal is to bring like minded gamers, like you, together to play game and work together as a team . Sounds like we're a perfect match for you. We have a military structure and have mandatory practices every Sunday and Wednesday.

The link is in my signature.